Particular kind of waist pack needed

Particular kind of waist pack needed

This is a discussion on Particular kind of waist pack needed within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We live in the Denver area. My sister is handicapped, is working on her concealed carry license and will carry in a waist pack. The ...

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Thread: Particular kind of waist pack needed

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    Particular kind of waist pack needed

    We live in the Denver area. My sister is handicapped, is working on her concealed carry license and will carry in a waist pack. The original plan was to carry a .38 Special Lavender Lady, which was factory modified to have no hammer spur, for her, but it turned out hard to shoot for her and she couldn't shoot it accurately. But we found a Coronado waist pack for that, which was very nice looking - dark brown leather, with the concealed compartment in the back and other compartments up front for her big wallet, sun glasses, etc.

    The problem with it was that the concealed carry compartment was covered by a stiff leather flap, supposedly to conceal it ( makes no sense to us ) and it was very difficult to unzip in a hurry. ( poor design? ) We would have rather that they had no flap over the zipper and it be fast and easy to open.

    Anyway, because of the problems with the Lavender Lady, we need to sell that now, and the ammo we bought for it.

    Meanwhile, she tried my old Springfield XD-9 with standard 4" barrel, which is accurate and a pleasure to shoot, and it works very well for her, she just needs practice with it.

    So now we'd like to find a slightly larger waist pack for that pistol, but similar. She loves the dark brown leather, but NOT the difficulty of opening the zipper on that Coronado we bought. The dark brown leather, worn by a handicapped woman, walking with a walker or cane, at least does not scream "concealed carry!" when people see it.

    She also needs the additional compartments up front for her "stuff", like the Coronado has, BUT the concealed carry zipper compartment needs an easy and fast zipper.

    But for the XD-9, the inside compartment dimension needs to be about 10" horizontally and 6-7" vertically to hold that pistol.

    Does anyone know of a good waist pack that fits the bill for all this? ( Under $100 please. )

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    modify a zipper with a length of leather type shoe tie and or a trip to a seamstress or shoemaker.
    as for the item itself, measures close to camera cases i have handled. lots of rearrangeable compartments.
    good luck
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    Ambidextrous Fanny Pack Medium - BAGMASTER - Quality Bags, Cases and Holsters

    The above link takes you to Bagmaster. I bought one of these about 12 years ago. Most of these gun bags are going to be pretty obvious to those who know these things but mine hasn't seemed to have gotten any notice when I have used it. Access to the gun is easy and ambidextrous and there are pockets for additional items too. Mine will accomodate a G19 or an XD9 Service.

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    Take a look at: Concealed Weapon Fanny Packs

    Good luck
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    Just a quick web search for leather handgun fanny packs, turned up these 2 places. There were more but I just picked the first 2 for you. I'm sure you'll be able to find something she will be pleased with.

    Fanny Packs and MORE
    Concealed Weapon Fanny Packs
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    Just to add to the list, carries a line called Roma Leathers, which includes a decent sounding fanny pack available in black or brown. They have several other interesting looking products, too.

    Good luck to your sister and glad she's taking the initative to keep herself safe.
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    Also note that because of the type of carry, she will need to practice practice practice ...adding some zipper pulls may be required, or possibly adapting a current product to suit her needs. I believe the reason for the stiff section of the fanny pack is to allow you to open the fanny pack without the gun printing through the leather.
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    Try looking at these and I also agree with retsupt 99's suggestion on the Tommy Packs.

    Hawkepak Micro GunPak-1

    PS...I have a brother in a wheelchair and the smaller nylon packs like that can easily pass for "needed" medical supplies and necessary items.
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    I think some of our ladies have suggested ? cornered cat ? I think that is the name.

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    Hello Melissa. I'd like to help you but I don't know of any stock items that meet your sister's requirements. If all else fails, you might want to contact Jim Murnak. Jim Murnak of FIST holters makes a great variety of holsters and other leather goods. I've purchased holsters from him, as well as a beautiful case for my pool cue. You might contact him to see if he can make a suitable case for your sister. FIST's phone number is (800) 443-3478.

    I hope this helps.


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    Here's one that I like the look of.

    Select Carry Pistol Pouch | Concealed Carry Bags & Backpacks | 5.11 Tactical

    Seems low profile and versatile.

    Good luck.
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    If your sister has a Coronado Stealth Pak, it should have two leather "ripcords," one on each side, that you simply pull outward (away from the body) to open the pak. No zipping needed.

    P.S. I'm disabled myself, and often use a wheelchair. The Coronado works great for me!

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