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This is a discussion on 30.06 sign at gun show within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I heard that there's always a chance to find a great deal at a gunshow, and for that reason I was patiently waiting for the ...

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Thread: 30.06 sign at gun show

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    I heard that there's always a chance to find a great deal at a gunshow, and for that reason I was patiently waiting for the Fort Worth Gun Show..about two weeks before though I found a great deal online for the pistol I was looking for, a Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded Parkerized. After debating for about an hour in my head I went ahead and purchased it and it arrived within a week. I'm glad that I stuck with my gut feeling, because at the show I only found the Mil-Spec, a step down from the Loaded model, going for more than what I paid for my Loaded model. It definitely made me feel better, because I would of probably kicked myself if I found a better deal.

    I did however make off with a few magazines.
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    The last couple I went to were like that.When I carry it's concealed.I just go on in.

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    I don't go to gun shows very often anymore--found that too many vendors were gouging on ammo prices, and ammo was the main reason I went. But the last one I went to in the Dayton, OH area was posted no loaded guns or magazines. I just took out the mag, unloaded the bullets, put them in my shirt pocket and the mag in a different shirt pocket before I went in, and had my 1911 checked at the desk then reholstered. When I stepped outside I reloaded the mag, inserted it into the gun, and went on my way to my truck. I don't really have a problem with it. While I have been handling guns safely for well over 50 years, and most on this forum are probably very safe as well, it is amazing how many jerks show up at these gun shows! And there was a post here a few days ago about TWO negligent discharges from the same gun at a gun show! That is why some of them are posted. And I really don't have a problem with it for that reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adric22 View Post
    I decided to go to the Fort Worth gun show today. I've never been before. I was shocked to see a huge 30.06 sign forbidding concealed carry right at the main entrance. There were people all over carrying guns around, everything from handguns to assault rifles. Yet, concealed carry is banned? I found that very odd. So I had to walk half a mile back to my car so I could leave my gun in the car, then walk all the way back. While I was inside the gun show they were constantly announcing over the loudspeaker that concealed carry was not allowed at the gun show.

    Am I the only one who thinks that is crazy? It is like walking into a gun store and there being a "no guns" sign on the front door. What is the logic?
    They are just keeping their bases covered for the anti's. Think about the national news anytime something bad happens at a gun show. A few months ago, some guy carried into a show and accidentally discharged his .45. No one was hurt, but it was plastered all over the news. Yes this stuff shouldn't happen, but not everyone who carries is as educated as the people on this forum.

    The police greeted everyone at the door of the eastman show when I visited. They asked every person that entered if they had a loaded firearm or any loaded magazines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranburr View Post
    In Houston, the reason that you can't carry is due to where the events are held.
    Most of the gun shows in Houston are held in government owned buildings which means that the 30.06 signs carry no weight. However, I have yet to meet anyone who is willing to be the test case for that. :)

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    We have a local gun show here about once a quarter. They recently started posting no concealed carry signs for the last couple of shows, so I just don't go anymore. Problem solved. I can get just as good of prices if not better off of gunbroker.com without the anti-cc hassle.

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