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Trauma Kits: Do you have one nearby?

This is a discussion on Trauma Kits: Do you have one nearby? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; + 1 on 10thmtn's mention of Dr. John Meade. He and "Sua Sponte" have just issued BEATING THE REAPER, Vol 1: Trauma Medicine for the ...

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Thread: Trauma Kits: Do you have one nearby?

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    + 1 on 10thmtn's mention of Dr. John Meade. He and "Sua Sponte" have just issued BEATING THE REAPER, Vol 1: Trauma Medicine for the CCW Operator. I have been putting together first aid kits, and reading up on the topic as part of some volunteer work I am doing, and was particularly interested because of my defensive carry concerns. I've found the book very useful, very practical, and focused on non-medical users who need to deal with gunshot and other traumas fast. I got it from I'm interested in what others think of it.

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    I usually have a trauma kit in the car. Here physicians (and for that matter other emergency/health care providers) are expected to stop and aid in the event that EMS hasn't arrived on scene. Most of the other docs and paramedics I know keep kits ready to go as well. I keep my kit pretty full from bandages to airway intibation and fortunately havent had to use it for anything major.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bklynboy View Post
    So, lesson learned, I built myself another, smaller blowout kit for the range bag and for hunting/hiking. This one consists of two pair of gloves, EMT scissors, a tourniquet, an Israeli bandage, two rolls of Kerlix and a 10 ft roll of duct tape, a Celox chitosan bandage, a Hyfin chest seal and a Nasal airway with lube. The total investment was about $70 and half of that is for the Celox bandage (which you could add later or eliminate). The kit fits in a gallon ziplock that measures 8x5x3 when folded and it can fit in either a pocket of my range bag or in a cargo pocket.
    You have assembled a perfect GSW/Blowout kit!

    Good Job!

    One thing I also recommend to have in a range bag is a separate, minor first aid kit (Boo-Boo kit) for minor cuts and scrapes. You will more than likely use that much more than your trauma blowout kit. Boo-Boo kits you keep stuff like assorted sized band-aids, antiseptic towelettes, maybe some triple antibiotic packets, over the counter meds like Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl, antacid, alka-seltzer. Maybe some steri-strips and something to pick out splinters.

    Keep the size small to consolidate space in the range bag, and keep it packaged separate from your Trauma/Blowout kit. Under stress, and when time is of an essence, you don't want all that superfluous crap from your Boo-Boo kit, cluttering up the items in your Blowout kit.

    Having a small Boo-Boo kit just makes things more pleasant at the range when you get a random nic, cut, scrape, hangnail, splinter, headache, the bad meatball sub (you had for lunch) barking at you or whatever. Again, you'll use that much more often, and it may keep you from packing up and going home early.
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    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Bark'n you are right about the BooBoo kit. I have one of those in the car trunk as a module in my larger car bag with all of the things you mentioned. I could certainly walk to the car to get a band aid, but you are correct that while I have never needed (and hope I will never need) the Blowout kit, I've gone through my share of bandaids on the range. I think I will drop a couple of bandaids and wound prep towelettes into the range bag as well

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    First Aid Kit Locations (Including Quick Clot):
    -master bedroom
    -floor of backseats (also has a carabiner to connect to shooting gear
    -shooting bag for handguns
    -bugout bag (recently inventoried its contents)

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    Lets me see:
    Trauma Kits
    CC weapon
    Back up gun
    Pepper spray
    2 Mags for primary
    1 extra for back up
    50 round box of ammo in case Mgas run out
    Flash light
    Man this back pack is getting more like an Army Ruck.
    I understand you point but there has to be limits to what you can pack. I have kits in Car and on the bike but there comes a time you just have to take your chances.

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    I have three kits. One in the car, one with me in my purse/diaper bag and one that stays in the house.

    Two of the kits have Quick Clot gauze one in the car, the other on my person.
    Two CATs (tourniquets), one in the car, the other on my person.
    Stacks of 4X6 sterile gauze in each kit.
    ACE bandages
    Israeli bandages
    petroleum gauze
    flash light
    regular bandaids all sizes and including some with cartoon characters for the kids, neosporin, butterfly bandages, sterile gauze rolls, gloves, multitool, emergency blanket. And because my bag is also a diaper bag I have wipes, diapers, feminine products that can all be used in a pinch for various things.

    Since I am also in EMT school, these days I find myself with a blood pressure cuff, EMT sheers, window breaker, pen light and stethoscope in my bag too just because I don't take them out when I go to and from school.. they will most likely not be a permanent thing.. lol.

    I also purchased one of those EMT pocket guides.. again, more for school than anything, but a good little booklet, especially for remembering all of the quadrants of the abdomen, etc. I will probably keep that in my bag even when school is out.

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