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Hurt my back! Now what?

This is a discussion on Hurt my back! Now what? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I hope you feel better soon. When I awake, I'm careful to limber up slowly, crossing legs to put on socks instead of bending, and ...

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Thread: Hurt my back! Now what?

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    I hope you feel better soon. When I awake, I'm careful to limber up slowly, crossing legs to put on socks instead of bending, and easing into the day. Sometimes it's frustrating that the problem seems to get worse for a day or two, before it starts getting better. If it doesn't get better, you might consider the chiropracter, but how bad can you lock your back up napping? Find the most pain free positions for rest, like the armchair in front of the tube, and let the left media try to numb you down. I think a loose fanny pack might be easiest on you in the house, and simple pocket carry out and about. If you going to take controlled pain meds, you'll need a designated shooter to accompany. You'll be pushing the shopping carts at wallyworld, or use your AR with a bbl extension for a crutch. At least with a MN permit, you can carry a long gun here in public. Best of luck.
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    Thanks for great suggestions and for letting me feel that I am not alone.
    I am trying the 10:30 crossdraw position today and will practice this more if it works out.
    Ibuprofen is a good thing. Heat/cold is working well, also.
    The chiropractor thing in a couple of days if no improvements.
    Today is day 3 and movement is getting better. I now see a need for the .380
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    I now see a need for the .380 :-)

    the value of training with multiple platforms can have benefits beyond the immediate.

    as we age and or experience injuries, we may find it necessary to change our preferred manor of carry.
    perhaps even change our primary gun to a different caliber or style. so for the time you are young and able
    the one platform new york re-load may be viable. but abilities change and it is easier to vary your training
    when you are young than learn something new when you are older and in need of these skills NOW.

    good luck with the hurts and will mean that careful is your new motto.
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    Bad Back!

    Wow, sorry. Totally agree with Bigfish. Chiropractor until healed. Follow the advice after and get once
    month adjustment-they will keep you moving much better. Most now have roller table massagers they use after adjustment-ask them to crank it to the maximum height (it will raise you about 6" up and hurt as it vibrates and rolls along the spine gently). It will loosen all those muscles up. BTDT...I walked out and went to work after that. Normally the roller table puts you to sleep! They also have the quick version of a Vax D table that gently stretches and allows the spine to heal back-takes pressure off the discs. My local has a thing called a Cold Light Cathode Laser that looks like a big magic marker and was developed to heal scar tissue in surgery. It penetrates about 4" and a few treatments will mostly eliminate carpel tunnel syndrome of the wrists and make that bum shoulder feel no pain anymore. You must come up with some exercises to strengthen those lower back muscles &
    prevent them from causing problems.
    Try lying flat on the floor some while watching tv and such. Vietnam vet friend actually sleeps in the floor on two blankets and he's constantly working/moving wide open. Says it really helps and has no more pain. Aleve seems to help tremendously for me over anything else.
    Carry: have you considered a Ruger SP101 in .357 or perhaps the new, lighter-weight LCR in .357?
    That thing weighs "nothing" and hides really well...even without a holster in the pocket.
    Maximum firepower, a Kel-tec P11 holds 10rnds in factory mag or takes S&W 5906 mags as well.
    Also around the house, a good can of Wasp & Hornet spray reaches about 10+feet and will blind the bad guy-hospital has the antidote-until escape. Lots of older people carry it now instead of pepper spray...and the liberals really can't say too much if you tell them you are very allergic to bad things.
    Good luck-hope you are feeling better.

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    I agree appendix or belly band, I've used both with success.
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    Something I didn't see mentioned is a rig like the SmartCarry, I've used one with allot of luck when my back was bothering me in the past. Thankfully I haven't had trouble with that in a while, but I've found that it carries the gun and doesn't seem to put weight in a place that hurts, I've carried a Taurus PT145 with 10+1 of 45 in front in a smartcarry when I couldn't carry a .380 in my pocket. While I prefer a strong side carry for most any other time(other than deep concealment) it's an option that's worked well for me, and sure beats being unarmed.

    Take care and hope you feel better!


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    The SR9c should be fine for appendix carry. You might try an inexpensive nylon IWB holster with clip for this since it may be short term and the soft sided style are comfortable to wear appendix too. Might be a good excuse to buy a snubnosed revolver. Everyone needs one and they are suepr versatile as far as carry methods goes.
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    Yep, injuring yourself while napping is definitely a sign of getting old. Actually I did something even worse than that, I injured myself golfing. (I know, ***)? LOL! I tore some cartilage between two ribs trying to smash the ball on a long fairway. Want to talk about pain, man I played Football and Lacrosse and accrued all kinds of nasty breaks, sprains, and concussions, but I have never been in the amount of pain I was in during the healing process from my golf injury. It was like I was constantly being shanked with a rusty nail every time I moved wrong. I guess over 35 is the new 70. HAHA!

    I second the members who recommended AIWB carry. I don't choose it as my #1, but for certain circumstances it is very discreet. I use Dale Fricke Holsters as well, very good rigs.

    Feel better soon.

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