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Youth Faces Possible Six Years for Air Gun Misuse

This is a discussion on Youth Faces Possible Six Years for Air Gun Misuse within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know where everyone is coming from on this issue and I can see the dangers associated with this kind of activity. On the other ...

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Thread: Youth Faces Possible Six Years for Air Gun Misuse

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    Kids and toy guns.

    I know where everyone is coming from on this issue and I can see the dangers associated with this kind of activity. On the other hand, I also remember when I was a kid. Playing war and cops and robbers was fun. As I remember, I was still playing with toy guns at 13 or 14(just before girls got important.) Maybe it's just me, but this sounds more like a case of the sheeple making laws and us as ccwers agreeing with them. I know gang bangers are getting younger and it's always a possibillity that I could be shot by what should be a child, but I also hate the thought of seeing every child as a threat. Honestly, how many of us that are comfortable with guns could not have had something like this happen as children. If they threatened the people, it's different, but if they were playing, and pointed a toy gun in an "unsafe" direction, so what? I don't know, maybe I've just got my head in the sand.
    Rant off.
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    Sights? What are those?

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    55 or 60 years ago, I was deeply into cowboys/indians and wouldn't think of not picking up a box of caps with part of my 50 cent a week allowance. And I would get (some specific part of the anatomy) kicked if I pointed that cap gun at anything that was 'not to be shot'. My parents' story was that everything that was a gun, looked like a gun or was being 'imagined' as a gun - was a gun, period. (And, sonny, we don't point guns at things that aren't supposed to be shot.)
    Throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall we had a loaded shotgun or two by the back door, also beside a slide-open section of one bedroom window, we had a loaded rifle usually in the kitchen.They were used when they were supposed to be used, the way they were supposed to be used and that was it. I got my first rifle very shortly after my bicycle. No one ever got hurt by a gun in that house or came near it. My point is that a set of parents there did the thing right, did it consistently and did it supported by a society that then had little toleration for either bureaucrats or show-offs. (The tools did disappear when relatives from the city 'downcountry' showed up but that was an exception to the rule.)
    As far as this particular case goes, I guess I see the point of finding fault with the authorities and finding fault with the kid as well. But, at the bottom of it all, I question where these kids parents (and the parents of a lot of other kids in a lot of other situations) were for months and years before this incident happened.

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    Whoa, way way WAY too harsh. Maybe take him down to the station, sweat him out a little bit, scare him so he won't do it again, but really people, it's crazy what kind of penalties the law tries to hand out for stupid stuff.

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    Yes, almost as stupid as the "slap on the wrist" sentences for very serious crimes.

    There is little balance in this.

    Political Correctness has now "evolved" into Political Cowardice.

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    I dare say that if he pointed it at someone who was carrying, it'd have been the last thing he ever didi...
    "Ray Nagin is a colossal disappointment" - NRA/ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox.

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