Night Time Readiness??

Night Time Readiness??

This is a discussion on Night Time Readiness?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK this is kinda one of those things i need advice on so I am going to see what everyone else has to get my ...

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Thread: Night Time Readiness??

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    Question Night Time Readiness??

    OK this is kinda one of those things i need advice on so I am going to see what everyone else has to get my advice..

    I was wondering two things, first off I am a heavy sleeper i mean i dont wake up for anything most of the time, is there any way to become a lighter sleeper..

    Second thing is what all do you have by your bed or readily accessible if SHTF in the middle of the night, as of now i have

    HK USPC .40 with a 10rnd mag + 1 in pipe and 2 extra 10 rnd mags
    SureFire 6P Flashlight
    And a Kershaw easy open blade, what else should i have..

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    I am a heavy sleeper too, but my wife has real sharp elbows that can wake me real quick.

    For the middle of night I keep my 12 GA Winchester Defender real close without one in the pipe because racking the shell into the chamber is a very loud noise when the house is quiet.

    The Kimber is also on the nightstand but I still take the 12 GA
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    Hello. I'd have a cell phone in the room as well and if not impractical for whatever reasons, my first choice as the ensconced defender would be a shotgun. With regard to handguns, my current bedside guns are a Ruger GP100/3" bbl loaded with Corbon .357 DPX and a Glock 17 loaded with Winchester 127-gr. +P+.

    If you can "buy" enough time (and noise to awaken you), you can deal with the problem but if the "problem" is able to get to you quickly through an unlocked bedroom door or a door that can be easily and quickly defeated, things could go downhill in a hurry.

    In my opinion, don't skimp on making the bedroom door tough as can be to get through. I also use a burglar alarm religiously. I have two "watch dogs"; you wake them up and they'll watch and watch and watch, but the alarm doesn't sleep and my wife hears everything and she will rouse me if scared.


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    I am also a heavy sleeper but my wife is a much lighter sleeper than I am. She tends to wake up when she hears one of the kids make an odd sound or she hears something not quite right in the middle of the night.

    We have an alarm system for the house that monitors the windows and doors and sets off one hell of a shrill alarm if a window or door is opened / broken after the alarm is armed.

    But by far, the best early warning system we have is our Basenji named "Shep". He's a good watch dog and good with kids. For a small dog he has a lot of heart and will bark and raise all kids of ruckus if someone or something that isn't supposed to be there shows up.

    I have the Mossberg 500A 12 gauge close by in the safe, loaded with #1 buck shot.
    But, mounted right on the bed I have a holster for the PT-99. It is mounted to the box spring, right where my arm would hang over the edge of the bed if I was to roll over onto my stomach. It is very easy to get that gun. In the gun sits an extended 32 round magazine stoked with Gold Dot hollow points. On the night stand is a Surefire G2 flashlight, a cell phone (something everyone should have on the nightstand. If the bad guy is coming in while you and your family are asleep, they are going to cut the phone lines.) and just under the edge of the bed, a Kevlar vest already straped closed on one side so I can just slide it on from the side and close the velcro straps on one side. If I have time to get up and arm myself after Shep alerts us, I have time to slip on the vest. Might just save my life or my families lives.

    We also have a good, fully stocked first aid kit in the master bedroom. If I every do have to shoot someone, God forbid, I want to be able to render first aid if it is at all possible. I do not want to give the scum any ammo for a civil suit after everything settles down. How can the bad guy claim I was just out to kill him when I rendered first aid until the EMT's arrived. And, if one of us is injured in the fight, then we have the kit. If it is a choice between one of my family and the bad guy getting first aid he is going to loose there.
    Now, I would of course only render first aid if the bad guy stopped all aggresive acts and then only while the wife still holds him at gun point while I administer first aid.

    Maybe that is over kill so to speak but that is what we have at the ready.
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    I am a rather light sleeper. I do not know how I got o be this way, just born with it I guess. I have a military Riot gun in 12 ga pump Mossburg, eight 00 bucks in the magazine. Something about the noise of racking a 12 ga pump in the quiet of the evening that seems to turn the hardest of hearts into prayer time converts.

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    Rangerman, I have the exact same set-up, minus the knife, sitting next to my bed every night. Excellent choices. haha

    I'm a heavy sleeper, too. My roommate jokes that I would sleep right through a robbery. In fact, I have slept through 4.5+ mag earthquakes. BUT ANYHOW.... I would suggest getting a dog or a house alarm. Those members lucky enough to have a light-sleeping spouse are probably the luckiest. After that, I think your next best bet would be to string up a line of trip flares across your perimeter. j/k

    Though I actually know a guy who supposedly HAS trip flares across certain parts of his property. The reality is questionable and may be something closer to the idea of an assualt wheelbarrow.
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    I am a very lite sleeper and believe me you don't want to become one. Every little sound wakes me. Always been this way. Ever body has pretty much covered what we need to keep close by. The only thing I would add is if you need glasses keep them handy at night also. I have 911 as a voice tag on my cell so I can call and keep my eye open and not on the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PT-111
    I have the Mossberg 500A 12 gauge close by in the safe, loaded with #1 buck shot.
    Now, I would of course only render first aid if the bad guy stopped all aggresive acts and then only while the wife still holds him at gun point while I administer first aid.
    I'd get the scattergun out of the safe, and keep it handier than the pistol. After trying out some 3.5" magnum 00 at the range this weekend, all I can say about the other part is that if the bad guy doesn't stop all aggressive acts upon being hit with one of those monsters, he can give himself first aid, 'cuz I'm using the rest of them to make a new back door and leave.

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    It Changes...
    First, the wife and I sleep with the door locked because I would just hate to wake up with my pistol in my face. However, I keep my light, pistol, knife, and cell phone nearby. I am in the process of getting a shot gun and better light.
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    It doesn't really make you a lighter sleeper, but one interesting method that I've heard is to set an alarm in the middle of the night so you know how you react when you wake up from a deep sleep....the recommendation was to unload your bedside weapon, set an alarm for 1:30am (or a few hours after you fall asleep if that is a different time for you). Upon hearing the alarm you see how long it take you to get up, ready your weapon, etc.... I never did this but it does remind me of something that happened last week...

    OK so we just moved into a new house (well not NEW but new to know what I mean)...anyway we're in this new house with our new alarm that we aren't quite used to using yet (see where this is going?). So we go to bed at around 8:30pm because my wife has to get up early the next morning. At 1:15am the alarm starts this thing is LOUD. I bolt up in bed, wife's light goes on, grab 870, rack, grab flashlight, hop over bed on the way to the door. This took me much less time than I had figured on before. I'll say 5 seconds until I was armed and another 5 seconds until I was on the other side of the bed. I've never woken up that fast in my life...or so I thought...once I got to the other side of the bed got dizzy and almost fell over because I got up so fast. Lucky for me my wife grabbed me and held me up ...another couple seconds later I was good and ready to go out the door. Now I'm usually of the mindset of don't "clear" your house if you think someone is in it BUT I had to make my way to my baby's room and by the time I'm there I've seen 90% of our small house so off to the baby's room....sleeping soundly through the 130dB alarm...figures ...anyway, I look around and see that the back door is open. I check the door and shut off the alarm. It seems that I had locked the door but not closed it all the way...I also left a window open a crack for a breeze...seems the door got sucked open by the window. Tripple checked everything and went back to bed...BUT not before the batteries in my flashlight died...lucky for me I had a few 123As right next to the bed.
    That one big shot of adrenaline lasted me for the rest of the night...which meant that I didn't really sleep all that well...which meant that I was really tired the next day

    Things I learned:
    -Put a cellphone next to the bed. (we didn't have one there)
    -Make sure your flashlight has GOOD batteries in it
    -Take your time, even when in a potentially "urgent" situation, to make sure you are fully awake before trying to walk so you don't fall over
    -Double check all of the doors/windows before going to bed and/or arming your alarm

    Things I keep next to the bed:
    -Good quality flashlight
    -Spare batteries
    -Remington 870

    so there's my dumb move for the week heh heh

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    cell phone, knife , body armor, pistol w/ light next to the bed. 3-4 steps away a AR15 w/ light and loaded mags next to it.
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    raysheen, Thanks for posting the deal with getting up too quick. I have that sometimes as well but it would suck tro remember that from the floor after falling down while trying to respond too fast.

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    PIstol grip Remington 870 with "00"buck and 1 slug. Jeans close by, set with empty holster and extra mag for the G27 which is very close at hand. Stinger rechargable flashlight and cell phone come along when I check the house, should something go bump in the night. I leave the 12 g in the bedroom with my wife.

    I am a fairly light sleeper, but I have a German Shepherd that hears EVERYTHING and would wake me if I didn't get up on my own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy Jimmy
    For the middle of night I keep my 12 GA Winchester Defender real close without one in the pipe because racking the shell into the chamber is a very loud noise when the house is quiet.
    But isn't that the point? The sound of a racking shell can can act as one hell of a deterrent.

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    Another heavy sleeper - but that said I have noticed a tendency to wake with ''odd'' noises - so I imagine ''normal'' sounds get ignored.

    My only consistent and regular system is carry SIG (with CT's), on floor just where my arm dropped down to floor will find it instinctively. Flashlight near that too, and another under pillow.

    Shottie is under the bed but would take significantly more time to access than handgun. Outside front and rear are motion lights which light things up before any prowler gets in too close.
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