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Need Concealment Suggestions for my job...

This is a discussion on Need Concealment Suggestions for my job... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here are my thoughts; Back in the day, I was a pizza guy too. My buddies family owned the place, and I delivered for them ...

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Thread: Need Concealment Suggestions for my job...

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    Here are my thoughts;

    Back in the day, I was a pizza guy too. My buddies family owned the place, and I delivered for them to make some extra money one weekend. It turned out to be pretty easy (or so I thought), and ended up signing on for longer. It paid for my first truck and I'll still do it on a very rare occasion if my buddy needs help and I got the time. In a very similar part time job I also had, I delivered prescriptions for a local pharmacy. I eventually moved on to work for a Rx distributor, delivering the drugs to the pharmacy. I still do this on a rare occasion to. I did the latter in rough areas, like D.C., Cleveland, Baltimore to name a few. All that led to fairly decent paying high risk high value courier jobs that I still do to this day. ( have you ever delivered methadone to the methadone clinic?... it gets a little sketchy sometimes) There have been several attempts to rob me, none have been successful to date.

    Anyway, here is what I learned.

    DO NOT carry an extra bag, like a fanny pack or murse. If you get jacked, the first thing they are going to take is any bags. Chances are, they will have a jump on you, so thats no good. Do nothing that makes you stand out or draw attention to your goods. In the case of the pizza man, everyone knows who you are, but don't draw attention to the money. Carry as little as possible. Each time you go back to the shop, make a drop.

    I've found that carrying in a 5 o clock position is best for deliveries. Carry the bulk of your items in your left side (assuming thats your offside) and do everything possible to leave the right hand free.
    Get a good holster and belt combo, this will help tons. Crossbreed, High Noon, Comp tac are the brands I use, but there are others as well. See our sponsor board.

    And for the love of God, carry a dang flashlight! They make mighty small and powerful ones these days that are very inexpensive.

    Practice drawing in and even shooting from your vehicle if possible. Most confrontations take place in or at least near your car.

    For the other items you already carry;

    Don't carry your knife in your right pocket. Although most people do, thats bad juju. Switch it to your left back pocket.

    Keys; put them on one of those climber clippy things, or get a key keeper and have that on your belt. Just have your car keys with you. I made another set just for delivering. That way, I always had my normal key set at the shop in case they got lost, stolen or whatever. If they do get stolen, you gave them your car key and not your house key.

    The rest can stay the same... but what did I just do? Your right front pocket is now open and an option to carry there now too.
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    As a former pizza guy, fanny pack. High noon alter ego appendix also works for a pistol that size. Cargo pocket carry is a little uncomfortable and slow on the draw with that size pistol for me.

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    I was going to suggest a fanny pack as retsup99 did. For a gun I prefer a Glock 26. If too heavy get a light J frame .38 S&W or Ruger LCR. Walther PPS is a very nice choice also.

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    "Practice drawing in and even shooting from your vehicle if possible. Most confrontations take place in or at least near your car."

    Good luck drawing from a pocket holster while seated in your car.

    To heck with company policy. Since I am right handed, the left side of my shirt would not be tucked, but strategically bloused over a cross draw holster.
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    I pocket carry my P3AT at work. I love pocket carry because it's simple, very deep concealment, comfortable and there's no excuse not to. I forget it's there, literally. And when I remember I'm carrying, I feel the need to physically check to see if it's there... that's either a good or bad thing depending on who you ask :) But on the other hand, I HATE it because no matter how much a I practice, drawing is never smooth, drawing for my cars drivers seat is difficult, on occasion, the holster comes out with the gun and sometimes, the gun gets hung up in my pocket. Though, it's my only option during the work week. It's either that, or don't carry. Sorry, I doubt this is helpful :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadDawg34 View Post
    I have my CCL and always have the gun in my car, under the drivers seat. However, I am not real comfortable with that idea seeing as my most vulnerable time is when I am OUTSIDE the car.
    So is your gun's.

    Quote Originally Posted by mkh View Post
    When you are back at the store put the gun back under your seat.
    Don't store an unsecured gun in a delivery vehicle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skeeter64 View Post
    That sounds good to me. A j frame in the pocket works really well.
    If one's hand is on the grip or one has very high SA and his hand is on the grip.

    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Practice drawing in and even shooting from your vehicle if possible. Most confrontations take place in or at least near your car.
    Including carjackings where you are only a few feet from your gun (that is getting jacked with your car).

    Quote Originally Posted by Carvin66 View Post
    As a former pizza guy, fanny pack. High noon alter ego appendix also works for a pistol that size. Cargo pocket carry is a little uncomfortable and slow on the draw with that size pistol for me.
    Never carried it, but I would go with super-tuck type.
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    Keltec PF-9 in your strong side cargo pocket.
    Extra Magazine in your weak side cargo pocket.
    Get the PF-9 that has the hard chromed slide....

    If things look hinky or when you go to the door, undo the buttons on your strong side cargol pocket.

    Get a cheap Buttpack to carry the extra things for the Pizza in.

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    IMO, pocket carry is it. If you get the stick up, it's not unnatural to put your hand in your pocket. Create a window of opportunity by dropping your cash, or yelling at an imaginary person coming up to the scene. Move laterally, draw, and exterminate the roach. We will toast you instead of shaking our heads wondering how a man making a living can be victimized by dirtbag scum.

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    +1 to a number of suggestions here: SmartCarry! Empty the right-pocket and pocket carry there. Fanny pack with condiments. No fannypack because the bad guys'll want to take it. Comp-tac C-TAC tuckable IWB.

    Here's an option that no one's mentioned yet:

    The Kangaroo carry holster (Kangaroo Carry). This has a cloth band and a cloth holster. It's like a belly band but you wear it around the chest with the gun high under the armpit like a shoulder holster. There's no restraining strap with velcro or snaps to slow you down during the draw. Here's the novel advantage to this holster for your situation: If you leave the front of your polo shirt unbuttoned, you can reach right into the open front of the shirt to draw your gun! This can be fast and reliable standing or sitting, outside or in your car. The only part of it that prints for me (with a compact, Kahr CW9) is the end of the gun butt: but I wear very thin, flexible polo shirts. You said your polo shirts are thick, so it would not show so much. Also, if you have a pocket or badge, etc. on that side it tends to hide any bulge. It's not very expensive to try.
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    I own a Smartcarry for the gym, I would never use it for carrying my EDC though... too long a draw with anything besides sweats, shorts, and pajama pants.

    My MTAC conceals as well with a dress shirt being tucked. I dress in slacks and a dress shirt (tucked) every day. I conceal a Springfield XD-40 subcompact, about the same size as your M&P Compact. it's invisible, and I've carried with a polo several times as well.

    I wouldn't be a fan of pocket carry if I was in and out of a car, it's going to be too likely to shift.

    My $0.02 :)

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