Need Concealment Suggestions for my job...

Need Concealment Suggestions for my job...

This is a discussion on Need Concealment Suggestions for my job... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Need some ideas I can research... I have a part time job as a Pizza Delivery man for a national chain. Since day one I ...

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Thread: Need Concealment Suggestions for my job...

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    Need Concealment Suggestions for my job...

    Need some ideas I can research...

    I have a part time job as a Pizza Delivery man for a national chain. Since day one I have thought that we are easy targets for your local evil doer. Now a days, most companies have policy against how much cash we can carry, and if I could trust a BG to accept my $20 cash and walk away, then that would be a no-brainer, but in today's world BGs continually escalate even over $20.

    I have my CCL and always have the gun in my car, under the drivers seat. However, I am not real comfortable with that idea seeing as my most vulnerable time is when I am OUTSIDE the car. So, given the following conditions, I need some suggestions for conceal carry.....I currently own a M&P 9, which I can conceal normally, but not easily with the following...

    1. I live in Texas, so 9 months of the year, I am working in shorts. (ankle carry is out)
    2. Our uniforms consist of heavy golf shirts that must be tucked in at all times.
    3. I typically wear cargo shorts and don't carry my wallet. Just my DL, CCL and cell phone. So here is my current carry load to help those of you that work well with all the details.
    - Front Right Pocket: Keys and Folding Knife (cliped to pocket)
    - Front Left Pocket: Cash for delivery change, cell phone
    - Right and Left Cargo Pocket: Common Delivery Sides that customers may ask for (cheese, crushed pepper, seasoning. You'd be suprised how many people don't think about those until you show up at their door.

    I don't normally have anything in my back pockets, so I have been considering a pocket .380 (S&W bodyguard or LCP) but I don't have any experience with those guns or available holsters for rear pocket carry.

    Any help would be appreciated, especially from other delivery drivers out there.

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    Keltec PF 9 in pocket holster works for me
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    The LCP would probably work well for pocket carry with the advantage that you can casually have your hand on the gun if something doesn't feel right. For a more substantial weapon, tucked IWB should work for you. Of the IWB holsters I've used, the Crossbreed Supertuck is my favorite. The problem with tucked IWB carry is the speed of the draw.

    Of greater importance than the gun is situational awareness and procedure. Does your business verify call back numbers on orders from other than established customers? In my neck of the woods, most delivery rip offs send the driver to either a vacant house or a house where everyone is asleep. Have a good spotlight to checkout the carport and bushes before you approach and use the callback number if the setting concerns you.

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    Is your M&P the compact model or the full size?
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    I have an M&P .40c that I conceal at about 4:30 in a Crossbreed Supertuck, with a tucked in polo. I do it every weekday. Just last Friday I did it in slacks and a button-up dress shirt when the wife and I went out to dinner.
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    I carry a S&W 360 357 magnum (scandium j-frame 13 oz) in my strong side pocket or a DeSantis Tuck This 2 (strong side) if it is the only weapon I am carrying. It will conceal in the clothing you described easily.

    You may want to look at the DeSantis Nemesis holster for cargo pants.

    As for the M&P9, if it is a 9c, I tuck an M&P 40c in a Minotaur M-TAC or a Milt Sparks VersaMax 2 consistently. A good solid gun belt is the thing that makes the difference. My work attire is business casual most days (dockers / oxford shirt & neck tie) Other days it is dockers/tucked in polo shirt. Typically I carry two weapons M&Pc (hip) and 360 (pocket or ankle).
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    Crossbreed Supertuck or equivalent hybrid holster. Tuckable and unbelievably comfortable. You should have no problem concealing even a full size gun with that.

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    I carry an M&P 9c in a "Kholster" @ 3:30 and tuck a polo. The only drawback is that tucking does slow the presentation. Otherwise no problem.
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    Check out the "smart carry" or the "belly band" from Active Pro GearModel 12 Ankle Double Magazine Carrier
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    Here's a holster option that might work for you. I just recently bought one and so far I've worn it with jeans w/belt, cargo shorts w/o belt and elastic waistband pajama pants. So far I really like it, it's very comfortable, easy to tuck in and it stays put. I'm liking it even better than my MTAC., FusionPac Video.

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    I have been carrying a M&P 9c (and full size) in a Comp-Tac MTAC holster for over a year now with no problem. It is designed to work with a tucked in shirt and I have never had a problem with it while wearing a tucked in shirt or not. Hope this helps.

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    How does your employer feel about you carrying on the job? Most pizza outfits frown on it. If it were me, I'd carry anyway and if I ever had to defend myself, they can fire me. There is no amount of money worth risking your life over, especially for a lousy pizza. The last thing we want to do is get into a shootout, but if it becomes unavoidable, I wouldn't want to get killed for lack of shooting back.

    Having said that, there is nothing new about some doped up piece of s--t killing you for $20.00, or $10.00 for that matter. Violent criminals do not think like we do. They don't care about their victims and exhibit other sociopathic behavior. You my friend, are in a very hazardous occupation. Pizza dudes and cab drivers are right at the top of the victim list. I hope it is just a temporary situation for you.

    Looks like pocket carry is a good option for you. Is there any way to put the sides in a shoulder bag of some sort and free-up a cargo pocket? Better yet, instead of a cargo pocket, I'd recommend your strong side pocket. I've seen draw tests and the cargo pocket draw was the slowest way to deploy a pistol. You may want to check out Crossbreed Holster's Super Tuck Deluxe holster. They are designed to be worn under the type of clothing you described. I've never worn one, preferring OTW holsters, but some very trusted friends highly recommend them. Good luck and stay safe.

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    Get something like a carpenters apron. The are short and go around your waist with small pockets for nails. You could put the condiments in some of the pockets. You could then put an LCP or an LC9 or some other small gun in one of the pockets.

    You could Velcro the top of the pocket or something to help hide the weapon. with condiments in the other pockets then no one would pay attention to the pocket with the gun. When you are back at the store put the gun back under your seat.

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    I have a S & W Bodyguard I carry in a Nemisis pocket holster, love it. You can NOT tell I'm carrying.
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    You could consider a fanny pack.
    Easy to access your firearm and it would look like something for change.
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