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A rant about places you can't carry

This is a discussion on A rant about places you can't carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When a rule or law is considered wrong, you work and lobby to change the law or rule. That is the only legal option at ...

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Thread: A rant about places you can't carry

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    When a rule or law is considered wrong, you work and lobby to change the law or rule. That is the only legal option at your disposal. Civil disobedience only helps if you have a large mass of the population in jail with you at the same time that brings media attention and public support to your cause (not likely to happen where gun control is an issue) or you are financially able to support yourself in a lengthy trial to prove the law or rule unconstitutional.

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    If I remember correctly, this one is already in the queue. I think it may be HB 111. The problem is that it has been held in committee review for several years.

    My intent isn't on civil disobedience. My point of confusion is the statement in the handgunlaw.us section that I referenced in my previous post. I realize that the 'opinion' of the editors isn't the law, but undoubtedly the statement has precedence from something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noway2 View Post
    I would like to follow up on one aspect of this discussion, restaurants, and in particular does a place where alcohol is purchased and consume mean the bar area or the whole facility? Of course this state dependent and in my particular case I am referring to NC. According to NC law (per handgunlaw.us):
    However, from a latter portion of the NC pdf, it says NO on restaurants that server alcohol, but then right below it says:

    This seems contradictory to me. When I was in the CC class, the instructor pointed said that he carries in restaurants, even though you were technically not supposed to and said "if you see me in there, don't call me out and I won't call you out either." This leads me to believe that the official answer is that restaurants are for the most part off limits or does this mean that just the bar area is off limits?

    In NC the straight answer is do not carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol for on site consumption. Out Back, Red Lobster, Applebees are ALL off limits for carry.

    I'd love to know what instructor was bragging about carry in that type of restaurant. He was 100% in the wrong.

    The NC statute is as follows.

    The PDF file from handgunlaw.us is only an interpretation by someone, not the actual law. Handgunlaw.us is a great source but it is NOT the word of law, to verify you need to go to the state statutes and verify.

    If you have any other questions on NC carry please feel free to PM me. I teach the class myself.

    ETA: The Handgunlaw statement is meant to cover many states, not just NC that is why it says "This may or may not mean...."

    If you read other states PDF files you will find the same statement verbatim. Just an easy way for him to maintain consistency among the documents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathanimal View Post
    My biggest problem is college campuses and bars. In Washington state we cannot enter any establishment(or part of) that holds a liquor license. So now I am forced to not go to dinner with friends/classmates/colleagues because I don't have a car to stow my weapon in. If I were to carry on my college campus I would be breaking policy and face expulsion/termination. In the state I am going to school next year I would face criminal charges as well. I am not worried about needing my weapon at school as much as I am during my travels to and from. The school is relatively safe. However, I use public transportation and walk to do all my errands and my commute.

    I am dealing with this in the short term as best I can, school is temporary (hopefully, unless I end up teaching). I don't like the fact that to better my life by going to school I have to put it in more danger than if I sat at home on unemployment, or in my old low wage manufacturing job.
    If you're going to rant about the WA laws regarding carry, read up on them first.

    RCW 9.41.300: Weapons prohibited in certain places

    (1) It is unlawful for any person to enter the following places when he or she knowingly possesses or knowingly has under his or her control a weapon:
    (d) That portion of an establishment classified by the state liquor control board as off-limits to persons under twenty-one years of age; or

    In a later post you get closer, but you're still off. The only part of an establishment that you can't carry in is the part deemed by the state liquor control board as "21+", not by the owner. Only the portion where they have that black and red on white sign from the State is actually prohibited.

    To the OP: In my state the signs, policies, and rules posted by a local business (including state Universities) carries no weight of law. If I carry into ANY business or post-secondary school, all they can do is ask me to leave.

    Where it gets tricky is if I carry into a business who employs me, or a school I pay tuition to. I also have no protection if they fire me for carrying. I would rather be unemployed... that's my choice, and I can understand if someone makes a different choice. Also, I can't be arrested for carrying onto a college or university campus, but if I pay them tuition I have more on the line since if I get kicked out for violating their policies I forfeit my tuition, and probably my transfer credits.

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