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Do you carry ALL the time?

This is a discussion on Do you carry ALL the time? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You only need to read this story, see link to know the answer to your question. It's about the 3 teen agers running loose on ...

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Thread: Do you carry ALL the time?

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    You only need to read this story, see link to know the answer to your question. It's about the 3 teen agers running loose on their Bonnie & Clyde spree. Where were they yesterday, where will they be today or tomorrow? Are you ready to meet them?

    Always be ready![/QUOTE]

    I argree completely. My niece was recently murdered in her own home. Would it have been different if she carried?

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    YEP,all the time,that is one reason I chose Glock,"they don't rust in the shower."

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    Quote Originally Posted by natimage View Post
    I come from a small town (Mayberry like) where violence really isn't ever seen, in fact in my lifetime I can't recall a single incident of random violence. At any rate, do you carry EVERY chance you can or just when going into larger cities or where the risk is slightly higher?

    By the way, thank you to everyone answering my noobie questions...WI just getting CCW means I need to pick the brains of all of youwith more experience carrying.
    Are you gonna wreck your car today? Will you get a flat tire today? Will you hit a whitetail on the road today? Will you trip on the sidewalk and break your ankle? How about tomorrow? Maybe next week? Or does that stuff not happen in your town?

    Although it hasnt happened to your town, it can at anytime. You will rarely ever be prepared for the above unfortuante incidents and you will most likely never EXPECT a situation to occur when you need an SD firearm.

    I just read a very interesting article on "warrior mindset". It related the samurai warriors of feudal Japan to modern day police officers (LE magazine). The lesson IMO translates to citizen CCW carriers, as well. The samurai regardless of day, time, or place carried their short sword and long sword with them, or within arms reach even when sleeping and bathing.

    Carrying an SD firearm is not a hammer or screwdriver, you go get when you need it. It is something you have with you at all times in case you need it. It is a mindset and a way of life. Period.

    If you get complacent about when you carry, you may very well get complacent while you carry.

    Given the choice of guns and holsters available their is no reason to not have one at all times it is legally able, and do so comfortably.
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    My homeowner's friend (shotgun) is never out of arm's reach until I leave the house, then I switch to my EDC and BUG. An 8mm rifle stays loaded behind the seat of my pickup, along with 5 spare stripper clips. But then, I believe you can't be too well armed when you're disabled.

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    I am only carrying if I a dressed!

    Well not exactly. If I am checking out the bump in the night I will not get dressed, but I will pick up the light and Sig from the night stand.
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    My problem is that I live in a CCW state......PA, however I work in a MD which doesn't recognize my permit......further more I work on a Federal post.....APG, so the only time I can carry is when I stay in my own state or one that recognizes my CCW. Therefore I carry when I can, but can't all of the time.

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    I carry at all times. Only times I dont is if Im riding my bike to somewhere I cant carry (ie school). It really annoys my wife for some reason (who normally has no problem with guns as she grew up around them). I keep trying to tell here that if I dont carry all the time then whats the point of carrying at all? Her mother agrees with me but cant convince her so I just ignore it.

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    If you check the averages of population, as to crime, in small towns and large cities you might be very surprised.

    BGs are out there and if not living in your area then they can drive in.

    Many BGs see small towns as a easy target but they are not that easy, neighbors tend to know each other, and many are volunteers in fire department with radios in their truck that are linked to Sheriff office dispatch.

    This gives a good number of eyes on the road that know their area very well who are willing to call in and report.

    A bank robbery in our area of the only bank in town and the robber was followed by a volunteer fireman who gave Sheriff office info as to vehicle and route so Deputies could get him before he was 5 miles from bank.

    As times get harder look for city BGs to show up, therefore carry everyday and train and be willing.
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    All the time. Just like I always wear my seatbelt, I am always armed when not in my home. It comes with me just like my wallet or keys or cell.
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    HotGuns said it best, there isn't a time I don't carry while out of bed.

    You see and hear what makes the news, we see and hear everything else. It may not be the same everywhere, but around seems that only 20% makes the news. And that isn't the worst 20%.
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    I grew up in a small town. There were more really disturbing crimes there than in the city where I currently live. People go weird in small towns. On the other hand, my area seems to be a magnet for really creepy serial killers, the most recent being John Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo (DC Snipers). I came face to face with John MOhammed at the gym back in the days when I wasn't armed but wished I was.

    Needless to say, I am always armed when I leave the house, and sometimes I carry in the house too.

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    Armed always.

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    natimage, I'm always carrying (largely concealed) when it's legal & permitted. I live in Saint Paul & work in Minneapolis.

    While I do carry to & from work, I am not allowed to carry on premises & keep my firearm secured in a car safe during the work day. If I visit a business that has a sign prohibiting firearms, I'll generally ignore it as the violation is only a ticketable offense if I'm discovered & refuse a request to leave. I also carry full-time when I'm in my home or on my property, because you never know when trouble will come your way.

    By the way, thieves & badguys know about towns like yours & are likely planning to visit any day now! Be safe!
    "Historical examination of the right to bear arms, from English antecedents to the drafting of the Second Amendment, bears proof that the right to bear arms has consistently been, and should still be, construed as an individual right." -- U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings, Re: U.S. vs Emerson (1999)

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    Quote Originally Posted by canav844 View Post
    All around the house, every second I'm in public and it is legal to do so. If I get made and asked to leave, I do and don't return so I can stay armed. If I'm not carrying around the house it's in arms reach and I'm asleep or in the shower. My girlfriend of 4 years that I live with is the only person that knows me that knows I carry, and only a handful of close friends know I own a firearm. I maintain vigilance and alertness perpetually (known as "code yellow" state of mind on a scale of white, yellow, orange, red, black); I don't know when trouble will strike or where it will strike, but statistically I am five times more likely to need a gun to stop a home invasion than a fire extinguisher to stop a fire in the home, and when I have only precious seconds, first responders are at least minutes away. The average non-police involved gunfight lasts 7 seconds or less and takes place in the dark so I always carry a flashlight as well even in the daytime there are dark places. It only takes one unannounced shot from one bad guy to change or end a life forever, vigilance really is the price of freedom.

    Take a look in the books section here, there are many materials out there that can provide basic knowledge of concealed carry (Massad Ayoob's Concealed Carry is a good start as is a book by Chris Bird), then look into an NRA Pistol or Utah/FL carry classes (which is a good idea to get those permits make you legal in more states than the WI permit will anyways, making travel more comforting) to develop a specific understanding of carry and use of force issues, then supplement your range practice with IDPA ISPC and any other competition shooting you can find in your area, to enhance the perishable skills that you'll be called upon to use under stress, should the worst case scenarios ever come to bear. Also take the time to become an expert on the laws where you carry, or will be traveling to and through; it's your responsibility to know them, and follow them.

    I used to live in NE WI and plan to carry when I return to visit, it'll be nice because while I OC'ed, I often found myself needing to be selective, and it was the choice of carry or not; with CC it's the choice of OC or CC, but I'm effectively always carrying here in IN (I don't spend much time in jail or court or secured airports). I've got a few holsters so I can use one to match about any situation I find myself presented with. I get that a carry gun, holsters, training, permits, ammo all add up (quality comes at a price), so I'd recommend spreading it out between now and November.

    Do you have a carry gun/guns selected? Looking at specific models? Travel out of state with any regularity?
    Yeah I think you all have laid it out pretty easy...Just carry! I need to get a more concealable firearm unfortunately my only pistol is a Full Sized M&P .40 and I'm 5'11" 145 so it'll be a little tough to conceal. But luckily since it doesn't kick in until November I have until about May before I will be wearing warm clothes again, that's plenty of time to save up for a new gun. My Fiance and I both took the class allowing us to carry and I will be sending my paperwork for Utah permit this week. Then November 1 I'll send in for my WI permit.

    Thank you for all your replies!

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    Armed almost all the time

    I am armed all the time when I am not at work. I am not allowed to carry at work or even have a firearm inside the vehicle. When I am not at work, I carry pretty much everywhere...even at home. At bed time, I have one of those nifty crossbreed bedside holsters next to me. A firarm is always at arms reach...except when I am at work.
    Remember as a rule of thumb in defensive carry...your intention is always to STOP....not to hurt, however; in a gun fight, its either me or them.....and Im sure as hell that it will NOT be me.
    -joey rh

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