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Thread: Capacity!

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    I have been for the last several weeks been thinking about the capacity or some would think the lack of in my carry 1911's.

    My commander hold's 8+1 in .45 and an 8 round back up mag.

    My Ultra Carry has 7+1 in .40 and I use a 9 round back up mag.

    I have been thinking that I might like to carry a larger capacity firearm and have been looking at the Para 13.45 13+1 4.25" Bbl or 12.45 with 12+1 3.5" Bbl.

    The pro I see to this is more capacity! I am not sure I see any other pro's that I am aware of.

    The con I see is the thicker grip (double stack) harder to conceal or would like to buldge out more and maybe a bit harder to carry an extra double stack with me. Not carrying an extra is not a option, I would carry atleast 1 extra with me.

    What else? what do others think about capacity and is it important enough to buy another carry piece that really is not a 1911. (I can't believe I am saying this)

    For the one's who have/carry a Para LDA feel free to comment if you would, like on the LDA trigger for sure, any problems, how you like them, did you replace the grip safety with a drop in bever tail? etc.


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    The lure of higher capacity

    I have also thought about the handgun capacity issue, and have gone back and forth on the question.

    For years I have read the "Armed Citizen" columns in the NRA magazine American Rifleman, and these stories of citizens using their guns to counter an attack by criminals generally give enough detail to estimate the number of shots fired by the citizen. It is my impression that a small number of shots are generally required - perhaps something in the range of 1 to 4 shots. And in some cases no shots are fired - the sight of the citizen's gun is enough to deter the criminal attack. So I tend to believe the often quoted number of "3 shots" being adequate in most cases where the citizen uses his gun. If this is the case, your average revolver or single stack 1911 pistol is plenty.

    But sometimes you read of a citizen getting involved in a more serious gun battle with either more than one attacker, or very determined attackers who don't easily give up. In these cases you could quickly run the average revolver or 1911 dry of ammo and still face a threat. Although rare, we all know that such situations are possible. And that is where we start to think about large capacity magazines (10 rounds and more), backup guns, and spare magazines or speedloaders on the belt. But this extra capacity comes with a cost - greater weight to carry, and more complexity and training.

    It comes down to a personal decision and tradeoff between your comfort with a certain ammo capacity and your willingness to carry more weight and pieces of gear on you. There was a time when I felt best with a Glock 19 (15+1 rounds) or a Glock 23 (13+1 rounds) and a spare magazine, plus a mouse gun in the pocket.

    But nothing happened to require all this, and I became more casual about capacity. Today I'm sitting at my computer wearing a 6 shot .357 magnum snubby and a speed strip with 6 more rounds in my pocket. When I go out I might take a lightweight 1911 with 8+1 rounds and a spare mag. I feel fine about this amount of ammo, and figure it is one in a million that I would need more.

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    Honestly (imho) if you need more than the 9 rounds in a Commander your prefft much ______. I carried a p16 and a p16 and eventually decided that the girth was not worth the added capacity. As a duty weapon for LE or Military applications there would be no better than the p14, but for concealed carry I do not see the need for the doublestack .45.

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    I carry a para 12.45.LDA. I love the trigger and the magazine capacity. I also have a mag for a 13.LDA if I needed the extra ammo.
    The grips fit my hand perfectly, and I have not changed anything except a HD extractor (the older models extractors suck).
    Control of the handgun is easy. I can put a triple tap where it counts quickly.

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    I have a mil spec .45 and rarely carry it. It mostly does work as the house gun. However, my normal carry is a .38 special of the snub nose type loaded with +P Gold Dot and a extra strip. Now, if I need to let off more than 5 shots of .38 or 7 of .45 then I am in deep do,do. Because the reality is that someone will be leaking and someone will be leaving. I do think that Hollywood and other outside factors tend to cause us to think that we need a 15 to 16 pistol and three mags to feel protected. But, hey thats is just my opinion.
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    I agree with BlueLion, most emphasis on mag capacity is hype. I carryed a six shot revolver for many years and did not feel out gunned. I learned to reload quickly. If you are concerned that you don't have enough ammo there seems to be two choices. Choice 1 - get a high capacity 9mm. Choice 2 - get more 45 mags and learn to reload quickly and smoothly. I'm sure there are other options and someone will mention them. If I were you I'd spend the money for that high cap 9 on more ammo, magazines and time on the range.
    Now I carry a high cap 9 on the job (department issued Beretta) but away from the job I carry a K or L frame .357 Magnum or my Colt Series 70 .45. The duty gun has 15 round magzaines but my bosses only allow us to carry 10 in them. I'm not outgunned, I usually hit what I shoot at. To paraphrase the snipers' code - one shot one hit.
    Their code - one shot one kill.

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    Capacity can be an important feature, but it is rarely the most important feature.

    If you have an accurate and reliable weapon with which you are proficient, I see no need for you to change.

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    I am a big fan of Para Ordnance, and the high cap versions are reliable and accurate. I use the single stack Para, but that was because I wasn't given the option of using a double stack, like some others were. Or, there is always the XD-45, both of mine have the same capacity as the Para LDA's and are lighter, accurate, reliable and much cheaper. If I was to purchase a Para for personal use, it would be the Tac-4.
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    I would I admit if looking out for another .45 semi be going for more capacity. I do however like double stackers for feel and so this would not be a problem.

    I had a P12-45 and after an extractor problem was cured by a replacement got to like it a lot - it did tho finish up in a trade against my now SIG 228. I might these days tho be seriously considering an XD - 13 on board is good and the gun does not feel oversize for me.
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    I like the 12+1 capacity of my USP45 and it is my "nightstand gun."

    But when it comes to a CCW, if you need more than the 16 rounds that you have on you, then you are out gunned.

    Unlike LEOs, you do not go on the offensive, which may lead to that number of rounds being dispensed. You need enough to disable your attackers and by you time to get the heck out of Dodge.

    my .02

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    There's a saying we use to justify having CCW: "I'd rather have a gun and not need it, then need a gun and not have it."

    Well, I'd rather have 15+ rounds of ammo and not need it, than need 15+ rounds of ammo and not have it.

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    Have Para. Single stack.
    My local dealer handed it to me and said "Try that trigger."
    I took it home with me.
    Carry it regularly and love it!

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    I would stick with what ya have the double stackers in a 1911 feel to wide for my taste.

    Ammo capacity is a personal thing you either feel ya have enough or ya don't I'm comfortable with 8+1 of 45

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    I was raised to say nothing, if I couldn't say anything nice. So, I'll say that the LDA trigger, was the sweetest I ever squeezed to date, and my former Para 7.45 LDA was the most accurate single shot 45 I ever owned. I went to the 4563TSW with the proceeds from it. Regards 18DAI.

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    not to rain on the 1911 parade... have fired a few and loved them. can't wait to add one to the collection but for capacity's sake, gotta take a good hard look at the Springfield XD .45, 13+1 but not something you need bear paws to get around.

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