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This is a discussion on IWB Carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I never had to buy special clothing to carry IWB. I would like to have some of the "tactical shirts" that are made but with ...

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Thread: IWB Carry

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    I never had to buy special clothing to carry IWB. I would like to have some of the "tactical shirts" that are made but with a 26 inch neck and 65 inch chest they just don't come in my size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G19inLV View Post
    You don't need to go up a size or two larger. If you have to, you are wearing your pants too damn tight in the first place. I never once bought a pair of pants bigger than normal since carrying, and no I don't wear loose, baggy pants. I dress very European. Having to buy bigger pants, and changing your whole wardrobe is not needed.
    The truth spoken here, Amen bro. I don`t know where the garbage comes from one needs to go baggy to IWB carry.
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    Thanks for the tip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mastercapt View Post
    If I elected to carry a full size weapon,like a 1911
    I actually find my 1911 to be the best gun at fitting in tighter pants. The length is long, but the width of the 1911 is less than the wheel on that 642 you carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene83 View Post
    If I'm repeating a previous post of someone's, forgive me. I often see people saying they avoid IWB carry because they don't want to buy a new wardrobe a size or two larger. I can relate. It kept me away from IWB also. I barely have enough money to buy one wardrobe, let alone two. Like many people (look around), I wear khaki pants to work. Consequently, a lot of times whether I'm working or not, you'll find me in a pair of khaki pants. They just tend to dominate my wardrobe. Several makers produce khaki pants with elastic hidden in the waistband. Wrangler makes some, but they are also available at Sears and Walmart. I like the ones from Sears because they are creased and permanent pressed so they look a little neater for business wear. At about $22 a pair, they also fit my budget. With the addition of the elastic, my IWB holster slips right in. However, I can wear the pants without the carry rig and they still fit. They solved my wardrobe problem so I thought I would pass the info along.
    I too, carry IWB and have found the Wranglers you speak of to be just the ticket. I wear them in both Khaki and Blue Jean styles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trip20 View Post
    I can't tell from just the pictures, but the Tru-Spec 24/7 pants appear to be cut as a "tapered leg" pant. If anyone can chime in and confirm I'd appreciate it.

    I'm looking for similar styled pants, but prefer more of a boot cut pant with a flat front.
    I wear them almost every day. If you like the tactical look, these are great pants. I wear "brogan" type work boots with them. Great pants. Lots of useful pockets. Even a knife pocket.

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    Originally Posted by ArkhmAsylm
    ...As an aside, I do wear my extra mag pouch OWB.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cowbilly32 View Post
    Excellent idea that I hadn't considered! No concerns about accidental exposure of a mag and could pass for a cell phone or old fashioned pager to the casual observer. Thanks.
    I was dismayed by the lack of covers for the IWB & OWB mag holsters to both protect your skin (IWB) & better conceal (OWB) until I found this number on Amazon:

    Amazon.com: Single Magazine Pouch - 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP: Sports & Outdoors

    I wear mine horizontally, which rides about as high a most molded OWB holders. At most, you might see the head of the top hollow-point from the side of the pouch, but most of the time I'll have an untucked tee or polo limiting those brief exposures. I even get two of my single-stack PF-9 mags to fit (w/extended plates - one up, one down) & still allow for reasonably quick deployment. They have regular twin-holster pouches in this style as well.
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    I don't wear jeans, Dockers, cargo pants and such. The vast majority of my pants fall into the "casual dress" category and are, for the most part, pleat-front.

    I have never found the need for a larger size than I normally wear. I carry in a Crossbreed MiniTuck when I carry IWB.
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