Of all the shops to do this one...New reality show on Colorado gun shop

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Thread: Of all the shops to do this one...New reality show on Colorado gun shop

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    Of all the shops to do this one...New reality show on Colorado gun shop

    Wheat Ridge [CO] gun-shop owner having bang-up time filming reality series

    Referencing Denver's FOX 31 hackjob on CCW [NOTE - Follow up link at the end of the thread of another news story of the same guy], the shop owner and CCW instructor IMO is a, well, moderators won't allow me to use the best description. Suffice to say that the guy is all ready full of himself, and I DO NOT recommend the shop (overpriced) or the CC class (absolute bare minimum, and mostly this guy ranting about his own political agenda).

    I have encountered several of his students at my local IDPA where I RSO, usually with the new shooters. If there was ever a cut and dried example of a person who has never owned or shot a firearm, gets issued a permit, and has no clue what to do now that they are carrying...They are it. Spooky to say the least. Vague ability of the "safety" aspect of carrying/shooting a firearm, and even more vague memory of the laws.

    Anyhow, I've no doubt that his ego is even more puffed up.

    I pray that it is not scripted like most of the other reality shows. This could be bad.

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    Reality shows are not reality.

    Orange County does not make great bikes while fighting, Ice road truckers are not in danger every moment,
    The deadliest catch is not always in a storm.

    Reality shows began a few years ago when the Hollywood writers went on strike.
    Producers found they could make cheap programs, and people would watch ANYTHING!

    There has to be turmoil, stress, and resolution.
    The shows are FAKE. Producers trump up interest.

    "Sons of Guns" is the latest, tying in interest in firearms.
    Look at the premise, Will is the almost starving owner, Stephanie is the kind of trashy,
    but lovable sex symbol.
    Back in the shop are guys who will be tested, fight, and succeed.
    "We've got 24 hrs to make this work."
    "Boss I can't think with this camera in my face!" (No, you won't hear that.)

    Then they go and blow things up.Perfect.

    My policy is to just don't watch.

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    Sticks---if they filmed in Hartford they would have picked as poorly. going for the 3 generation ( or 4?) just moved in new location, large and bright with wide ( easy to film in ) aisles and a indoor range.
    separate rooms for teaching---looks so good.
    but they are not even the 2nd best in the area.
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    I agree it is garbage programming. When I think of "reality TV" I think of nature documentaries, or something like Survivorman. Survival isn't about getting voted off of a game show.

    Regarding the OP, I sure hope that new show doesn't further tarnish the reputation of honest gun owners. *** Discovery Channel? (You too, History Channel)
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    Yep, for the most part I hate reality shows. Mostly because they are boring, but I also know that what you see on TV is not exactly what took place. I watched a video once where they showed how editing makes all of the difference in the world. For example, in this one show the writers wanted it to appear that two people had a romantic relationship going on so they used camera angles and showed specific scenes of them touching that were taken completely out of context. They also would cut out audio snippets of something somebody said at a completely different time and to a totally different person and use it in different parts of the show when that person's back was turned to the camera or out of the scene so it made it appear they were saying something in part of the discussion that never actually happened. Many of these people who participate in these shows have their reputations damaged for life because they were so horribly mis-represented.
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    They have done work on several of my guns with no problems. They always contribute to my Concerns of Police Suvivors poker run and picnic. I admit Wyatt is a little wierd.
    Semper Fi

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    The only true reality TV show is COPS.

    No scripts, just LEO, a sound guy and a cameraman. Of course they have to edit around some stuff but it is the closest thing to reality in terms of "reality" television.
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    What!!! You mean reality shows aren't REAL!!! Tell me isn't so!! (Heavy sarcasm, in case anyone couldn't guess.) I watched Orange County when it first came out, but got sick and tired of all the fighting, arguing, and childish antics. I still watch Surivor, mainly because of the chicks in bikinis. But I realize it isn't real "survival". The best "reality" show is Survivorman. Les does some pretty cool things and what is the most amazing is he does a lot of the stuff twice, because he films himself, then has to go back to retrieve his cameras! You can learn quite a few tricks from him. Bear Grillis is a total phony! No one in his right mind without a complete backup crew would run around and jump off boulders and crap like he does in a real survival situation. Only watched him a couple of times and realized he was a fake.
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    I don't have cable, so half of this crap we don't catch.

    Sounds like a stupid idea, but then, reality TV is stupid anyway.
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    When I want reality, I turn to the WWE! Hulk Hogan is my hero! He don't need gunz! He's the baddest of the bad...

    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    The only true reality TV show is COPS.

    No scripts, just LEO, a sound guy and a cameraman. Of course they have to edit around some stuff but it is the closest thing to reality in terms of "reality" television.

    UMmmm NOT!!!

    Much of what is seen on Cops is staged. They rode with my department during one season. We refused to make rediculas car stops, chase people for a stem, and to ridicule domestic violence victims... They ended up with footage of an EDP (Emotionally disturbed person) jumper on a bridge, and an EDP female heartbroken over losing the love of her life. They begged out saying that the department just didnt have enough going on... yeah right.

    Just look at some of the nonsense these cops get involved with for the camera.


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    The only one that I like is 'Swamp People'.

    Choot 'em!
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    I hate them all, yet I watch them because there is nothing better on.

    ...Whenever South Park isn't on, that is. ...Or Wheel of Fortune.

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    Never seen a real reality show. If you want reality show jon & kate + of camera. It may double as a horror flick. Kate seems a bit OCD. John has lost his Man Card. Tune into to nest week show where we visit Disney Land a place we could not afford to go with out these cameras and scripts.
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    I like searching for Bigfoot with those experts crashing through the woods at 2 am screaming like gutted pigs and whacking trees with a big club. They tell us backwoods people they are calling him in
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