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Does She Carry? If So What?

This is a discussion on Does She Carry? If So What? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm amazed at my gf's penchant for carrying weaponry. I got her the smaller version of the Spyderco Tenacious and she took to it like ...

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Thread: Does She Carry? If So What?

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    I'm amazed at my gf's penchant for carrying weaponry. I got her the smaller version of the Spyderco Tenacious and she took to it like a bear to honey and carries that everywhere. We spent 1/2 looking for it in the house the other day she missed having it so much (it was in her purse). I said 'sweetie, you already have your push dagger and a Ruger LCR...," but I got the 'glare', lol. A couple weeks ago I asked her in the car, 'where is your Nug(*)?' She says 'which one?'. She had a BUG in her purse and the Ruger on her cross-draw hip. Lest you think she's another Bonnie Parker, she's 60 and a grandmother. I bought her a shotgun at the last gun show and if they'd let her, she'd carry that.

    I like the poster's comment above. She is fast 'on the draw' (meaning quick to assess and react - I'm slow) and covers my six and my nine. :)

    (*) our code for gun in public.

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    Yep, a Taurus 85. She has a S&W 638, a Charter Arms Pink Lady, and a Charter Arms Bulldog to choose from in her collection, but always goes to her little Taurus. It's by far her favorite.
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    Yep,Glock 26,stoked with gold dot 124 short barrel,meprolight sights, g17 back-up mag.benchmade (purple) griptilian,surefire g6 defender,large can OC,so she's good all day long.

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    Mine carries a Glock 26 with OEM NS in an Isotope 7 by Secret City Weaponeers. When dress doesnt allow she carries it in a MIC Holster attached to her purse strap. On occasion she will pocket carry my M&P 340. She actually took it right out of my pocket the other day.

    She has IWB carried my P228 as it is her favorite in the collection, but slighlty bigger than she wants to hide in anything but winter. Her backup is a Kershaw Ken Onion Scallion with Speedsafe and a Surefire E2D.
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    Mine carries a Walther PK380 or a SIG P238 depending on her mood and clothing for the day.
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    She has a glock but doesnt carry it. She has a weird philosophy i've been trying to ween her from. Maybe cause shes only 22 but she thinks since nothing has happened to her/ us in the past then most likley nothing will so carrying is unneccessary -_-. I carry for the both of us

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    So far... spray and a Kershaw Skyline.

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    Mine carries a Glock 26 that she picked out herself. Her BUG is a Seecamp .25 that I got for her. Her usual carry knife is a Bud Nealy Pesh Kabz and she keeps an old nasty Spyderco in her purse for utility stuff, prying things, turning screws, cutting tape and other knife wrecking tasks.

    She has her own AR now, and a Ruger 1911 will replace the Colt of mine that she keeps borrowing. That should be sometime around Christmas. And I just got a threaded barrel adapter for her S&W 422 because she wants a suppressor now.
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    Mine packs a Kel Tec P3AT with CT laser which she shoot very well and fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    JD...Lima....quite arguing or your going to get sent to your rooms!! LOL
    Hey, if you'll watch our son we will GLADLY go to our room!

    See you in a few hours!

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    My wife carries the Ruger LCP .380 but is drooling over the LCR in .357 magnum. Her birthday is coming in Oct. So there may be a surprise for her.
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    My wife does not carry and refuses to do so, so until the day comes (if it does) when she realizes how vulnerable she is, I am her bodyguard.

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    Mine carries a 9MM Pro Carry II with a S&W 642 for a BUG.
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    My wife carries a Beretta .32 mostly. Sometimes a Beretta .380. She has a Glock 19 that she shoots very well, but she does not like to carry it.


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    Wife carries everyday, everywhere, even at home.

    Primary is SP-101 with a Ruger LCP as back-up. She also has OC spray as a less lethal option.

    Usually in the house, it's just the LCP.
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