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Does She Carry? If So What?

This is a discussion on Does She Carry? If So What? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; she does carrie all the time just its hard to say what she will be packing she has a LCR 38sp with CT site with ...

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Thread: Does She Carry? If So What?

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    she does carrie all the time just its hard to say what she will be packing

    she has a LCR 38sp with CT site with her at all times either in her bag or in a crossbread holster, but some days it might be a tarus pt709 slim9 or a PK380 with bonus mag's ,then around the house you can fined her with a Pink P22 strapped to her side. or you might fine her on the 4 wheeler with a double barrel 4:10 or a 20gauge auto hanging on her gun rack.

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    Well gentleman, Does your significant other carry? Why Yes she does....

    What does she carry? Ruger LCP, in Raspberry of course

    Does she carry a back up? NO

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    Unfortunately no, my wife isn't against it, but feels it's unnecessary due to where we live and all. I've tried for years to change her mind, but to no avail. After our last discussion and incident, I pretty much gave up on it. The incident being; I bought her a new Smith 638 and after cleaning and oiling it up, I took it to her and ask her how did it feel. She took it and without thinking pulled the trigger while it was pointing in my midsection. When I look back on it I laugh, but after that I decided that firearms and my wife just don't mix, so I loaded the 638 and staged it in our safe room for her in the event she needs it and I'm not home. All the other firearms are safely locked away in the safe.

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    Mine doesn't carry often...but when she's her Glock 21SF.
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    S&W 638 and pepper spray........

    Does She Carry?  If So What?-photo.jpgDoes She Carry?  If So What?-photo.jpg
    click image to enlarge.....

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    "[Does your significant other carry?]"

    What does she carry?

    Does she carry a back up?[/QUOTE]

    #1 Yes- My Wallet
    #2 Yes my Credit cards
    J/K Not on her in her veical 380 ppk ; )
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    Seecamp .32 but also has a Lcp/ct

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    An LCP w/CT laser (that was mine until she realized that it was much easier for her to carry and draw than her LCR) and pepper spray. Her family has no idea who she is anymore!! Her father has often said that her mother would kill her and me if she knew that I "got her into guns". Her mother passed away when my wife was only 18. I would like to think that she would thank me for helping and encouraging her daughter to be able to defend herself if her life was ever threatened!! I sometimes joke with her that even though I hope and pray that she never finds herself in a spot where she ever did have to defend herself, I would love to see the face on the person that was messing with her!!! I don't think anyone would ever expect her to be packing!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IAm_Not_Lost View Post
    My wife wears "well fitting" jeans and doesn't carry a purse so it's hard for her to carry comfortably, but in the colder months (there's like two) I can usually get her to throw the LCP in her coat pocket.
    I wear hip hugging jeans and comfortably conceal a LC9. I just have to choose certain shirts or cover garments.

    As a wife, I carry a LC9 with a spare magazine, multi-tool, pepper blaster, small recorder (when I remember to charge it) and whatever else I can cram into my purse or my husband asks me to put in it. I have a couple empty pockets on my purse so I might add a flashlight or a new recorder.

    I also have a 442 to carry in my purse when body carry isn't an option.

    My husband picked up a LCP yesterday, and boy that is one small gun! I understand how easy it is to conceal, but do the ladies who carry them actually like to shoot them? I think I finally found a handgun that I don't like to shoot at all. I'd rather have to work just a tiny bit harder to conceal my LC9 or 442 than carry the LCP.
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    A Taurus 85, all of the time. Purse carry. Load is Federal 125 gr. Nyclad HP.

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    Just her mouth. That in its self will make you run. It is non-stop once it gets going.
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    My wife takes me about everywhere she goes, and I'm always armed!
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    Wify carried a XDM 9mm in a back pack or Sig P238 or Beretta Bobcat in a jacket pocket.

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    Depends...some combination of a Kel Tec P3AT, a taser, a pepper blaster (or some other pepper spray) and one of her knives - she loves knives and is constantly buying new ones (flashlights, too). She has been considering either a Taurus Judge or S&W Governor for her "at home" gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombsaway View Post
    Here in the south we call that wearing the britches.

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