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How often do you place your hand on your weapon?

This is a discussion on How often do you place your hand on your weapon? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you find yourself an underground parking lot that is not well lit & seems "empty" or your vehicle breaks down at night on ...

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Thread: How often do you place your hand on your weapon?

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    If you find yourself an underground parking lot that is not well lit & seems "empty" or your vehicle breaks down at night on a dimly lit street or some similar scenario then I see nothing wrong with pre-clearing clothing/cover garments away from the concealed self-defense firearm in order to gain easier/quicker access. Use your "common sense" as well as your Spidey sense though.

    In Winter when I am carrying in a shoulder rig I'll sometimes unzip the coat and pop off a glove if things (AKA the environment) potentially does not look so hot.
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    If anything....I use my elbow...I don't want to be mistaken as drawing my weapon....
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    Well, I did put my hand around the handle of my Glock 19 many years ago. At that point, I was carrying small-of-back and had a group of thugs surrounding me with my back up against my car. All they saw was my hand behind my back. I don't think they had any idea why. I kept my eyes locked on them, and their eyes were locked on my face, so I don't know if they even noticed my arm. I was pretending to be very "sorry" for what had happened (this was a road rage incident). In the end they took my apology, and it is a good thing for them that they did. With the disparity of force they were presenting and the threats of bodily harm they were making, I would have been justified to shoot them all.

    As for normal circumstances, I do sometimes re-position my gun throughout the day if I'm out and about. Sometimes it will work its way into a less comfortable position and I need to move it back. Or sometimes I'll noticed I'm printing more than I should be, so I need to correct it. I'll look around to make sure nobody is around, then fix it. Sort of like when you need to scratch an itch in a private place. Sure, there may be some security guard watching me on a camera, but what is he going to do?
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    I would have been justified to shoot them all.
    I'd use caution with statement... Your Idea of justification may differ from that of a Grand Jury...

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    Pocket carry? All the time!

    When I worked at a gun store I'd often just stand around with my hand on my gun. Gun events I also have no problem putting my hand on my gun. It's just as natural as putting my hand on my hip.

    Now, as far as shady times? Well, I must be the most boring person in the universe because I honestly cannot remember the last time my spidey senses were tingling. The scariest places I go are the grocery store and play group with my 2 y/o. I'm back home before 8 most of the time and simply haven't had an instance in a very long time where I felt even remotely threatened.

    That being said I also see nothing wrong with preemptively getting ready to draw if you feel a little uneasy.

    I have, in the past, drawn my gun from my holster and put it with my hand still on it, in a back pocket of my open purse so that all someone would see would be a woman with her hand in her purse (NOT unusual).

    Some people don't think it's a good idea to get used to putting your hand on your gun because you might "telegraph" or give something away. Personally, I kind of think the more intimate you can get with where your gun is and how it's carried the better off you are. If your hand naturally and easily finds your firearm (without being unsafe or fiddling with it to the point of making it unsafe and provided you are carrying in a holster that holds your firearm securely and does not allow any unsafe access to the trigger) I might even go so far as to say that's a good thing.

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    On duty, fairly often. Off duty, only once, and I did draw.
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    Not to much I pocket carry.

    And they are all small pocket carry weapons I sometimes have to make adjustments in pocket but not that often

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    I prefer to slide my holster closer to the 2:45-3:00 oclock while driving and more at 3:00-3:15 position while walking around. I will slide the forward and back between the belt loops.

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    In 5 years of packin I can think of one situation where I was in a parked vehicle passenger seat in a bad part of town and I slid my 1911 out of the holster and under my leg in case somebody thought they could mess with the middle aged white guy.I had a little talk with the driver afterwards
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    I touch my gun every chance I get; but that's just because I love the ol girl.
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    Putting it on and taking it off. Otherwise I leave it alone. One of the things you watch for to assist in identifying a possible weapon is the bending of the elbow. To draw a gun or access most other weapons it requires that you bend your elbow, it's something to watch for.
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    Occaisionally, when walking the dog late at night, if I see stray dogs roaming, i keep my hand on my gun. A couple of times I have had a dog rush me and I actually drew on one, but didn't have to fire because it finally ran off.
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    There have been rare occasions at work that I cleared my shirt, exposing my sidearm after seeing someone suspicious come in through my security cameras. One time a hooded guy came in with his hands in his pockets and the outside temp was in the mid 70's. So things like that have happened, but so far, no touchy the gun. Now at home it's a different story.
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    Ooooh, you meant my handgun.... Once a man gets into his 50s, he has to touch his weapon more often than in earlier years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    If I'm carrying in a front pocket, the brief answer is "often." On the belt, either IWB or OWB, the answer is "almost never."

    The big difference is that no one gives a second look to someone with their hands in their pockets. But bringing the hand up to above belt level to get a firing grip on a holstered weapon does NOT look natural.
    Excellent post ....agree 100%
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