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Thread: CCW list

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    CCW list

    My buddy and I were talking last night and he asked if i knew that anyone can go on a website and check who has a CCW permit in your city. I was wondering if anyone knew that site and is there a way to have your named taken off the site? I saw on a forum about names being printed in local news papers but there was no web site to find the names.

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    I have heard some states release this information, but don't hold me to that. I am not sure for Ohio.

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    Not sure if there is such a website. But in my state your permit is put on your drivers license so if your able to look that up you'll be able to see who has a ccw permit.

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    Any body that puts a list of ccw holders on public display for all of the world to see needs to have his fingers smashed with the butt end of a 45.

    That is totally ridiculous. In this age of information thievery, it ought to be against the law...just as it is against the law to publicly display the info on a drivers licsence.
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    In Texas, it is not public information.
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    It is public information in Colorado (or it was last time I heard), and one of the local newspapers ran the list because they felt it was their "civic duty"...
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    New Hampshire
    In New Hampshire the only way this info can be obtained is the following-
    New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated RSA159:6-a - Confidentiality of Licenses. – Notwithstanding the provisions of RSA 91-A:4 or any other provision of law to the contrary, all papers and records, including applications, pertaining to the issuance of licenses pursuant to RSA 159:6 and all licenses issued pursuant to said section are subject to inspection only by law enforcement officials of the state or any political subdivision thereof or of the federal government while in the performance of official duties or upon written consent, for good cause shown, of the superior court in the county where said license was issued.
    In other words-
    A. New Hampshire's public right to know law RSA 91-A:4 cannot be used to get this information. This information is safe from the general public, anti groups, political parties, the media, etc.
    B. Local NH, State of NH, and, Federal Law Enforcement CAN access this information in official performance of their Law Enforcement duties.
    C. If Law Enforcement is denied this information by a city or town, they may Request Written Consent of the New Hampshire Superior Court, showing the court good cause.
    D. Records and information ARE NOT kept at the State level. Each city or town in New Hampshire issues "license to carry" which are good for the whole state. Each city or town keeps their own records. So, even if a list WAS compromised somehow, it would only be for a single city or town.
    E. A license to carry is required to- 1. Carry a loaded pistol or revolver in a motor vehicle, or 2. To carry a concealed loaded pistol or revolver. If you have the license, you are covered for both.
    F. New Hampshire is a "shall issue" State.

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    It varies from state to state, thankfully PA. isn't one of them. Check your states attoeney general's website and/or state police. Between these two websites you can get almost all ccw related info for your state including retrorprocity.

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    CCW List

    In Missouri you have the option of putting the CCW endorsement on your drivers license, or purchasing a Missouri State Identification Card for $10.00 with the CCW permit on the ID card.
    I like many other Missourians chose the ID card, because I believe it makes the information a little harder to obtain by the general public.
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    Until July 1st this year it was available in Florida.

    No more!!

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    In Iowa, you can go down to the Sheriffs office and get a printed copy of that county. Now all you need to do is visit all 99 counties to obtain the entire list. You can also get the entire list from the States Public Safety Office. It's the open records law we have, but you have to do it in person and at times, pay a small fee.
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    In MA it is confidential info and can not legally be released to the media or public.

    This topic has been covered in detail before . . . back when the Tampa area newspaper published the complete list for their county in FL.

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    Here is the Texas Law

    GC 411.192. CONFIDENTIALITY OF RECORDS. The department shall disclose to a criminal justice agency information contained in its files and records regarding whether a named individual or any individual named in a specified list is licensed under this subchapter. The department shall, on written request and payment of a reasonable fee to cover costs of copying, disclose to any other individual whether a named individual or any individual whose full name is listed on a specified written list is licensed under this subchapter. Information on an individual subject to disclosure under this section includes the individual's name, date of birth, gender, race, and zip code. Except as otherwise provided by this section and by Section 411.193, all other records maintained under this subchapter are confidential and are not subject to mandatory disclosure under the open records law, Chapter 552, except that the applicant or license holder may be furnished a copy of disclosable records on request and the payment of a reasonable fee. The department shall notify a license holder of any request that is made for information relating to the license holder under this section and provide the name of the person or agency making the request. This section does not prohibit the department from making public and distributing to the public at no cost lists of individuals who are certified as qualified handgun instructors by the department.
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    I don't believe you can in Nevada!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    The Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland prints the names for the five or six county area in NE Ohio for everyone to see.

    I heard that a couple of crooks found out the name of a convience store owner that carried through the Plain Dealer newspaper lists and when they went in to rob him the first thing they did was shoot him dead with no warning.

    In Georgia I don't think it is public knowledge.
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