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Anybody ever carry an empty gun?

This is a discussion on Anybody ever carry an empty gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by msgt/ret Gotta love the military, did the same thing in USAF. Down side is it was in RVN, had to call command ...

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Thread: Anybody ever carry an empty gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    Gotta love the military, did the same thing in USAF. Down side is it was in RVN, had to call command post for permission to lock and load.
    Same here in RVN, whenever in base camp (Di An, 1st ID) always required to carry M-16 empty, but also always had at least four full mags. However, since holding a CHL, I've never had the gun other than with a full mag +1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdprof View Post
    You mean, maybe, going out with an empty holster?

    Not that I know anything about that.
    No comment.

    Thats what BUGs are for.
    Try not to screw up so bad they name the screw up after you. (Station 15 saying)

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    My two carry weapons are NEVER unloaded unless they are in the process of being cleaned, and as soon as I finish cleaning, I reload them. But I still check them EVERY morning when I put them on. I can see the cartridge heads in my snubby, but I still swing out the cylinder every morning. I check the "loaded chamber" indicator on auto-loader and drop mag and re-insert, every morning.
    It's just a 15 sec. habit to form, doesn't take long before it's ingrained. I do it as I say a little prayer, in the morning..."Father don't let me have to use this today". and at night as I take it off..."Thank you Lord for not having to use this today"

    Just my $.02 but it works for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene83 View Post
    The only time that I have ever carried an empty weapon was when I was in the Army. Go figure.

    In basic training, other than trips to the firing range, those rifles were never loaded. We just lugged them around.
    I can top that! When I was with the 101st at Ft Campbell back in 1963, I actually had to walk guard duty at the ammo dump one night with an empty M14! The only time our weapons were loaded was when we were at the range. All other times we had no ammo! The ammo dump was out in the boonies, and if anyone was to try to break in to steal anything, I was supposed to butt stroke em with the rifle! Didn't even have a radio or any means to call for help! Made a whole lot of sense! But then, that's the military mind for you. Don't trust the privates with a gun and ammo!
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    I'm pretty obsessive about checking (both when I think it's loaded or when it's empty). I'll unload it, check it, start to dry practice and have a compulsion to check again for it's condition. Similarly, each time I get set to carry, I'll double check it's status as well.

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    I attended a carbine class a year or two ago and forgot to top my pistol up before I left. I had used it throughout the day on transition drills. It started raining at the end of the day and it was getting cold too. I hurried while packing up my stuff and got back in the car and headed home, pistol still on my belt. When I got the pistol out to clean later that night I realized I had 3 rounds of FMJ in my M&P. I did have a full spare mag on me though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    I carried my S&W 442 with the internal lock engaged once...not sure how long it was like that. Loadad, but might as well been unloaded for all intents and purposes. Shortly thereafter, I removed the lock flag and did a spring and trigger job while I had it apart. No more internal locks for me.
    I did the same thing with my 360pd once. We were going to an open carry lunch and I was about 7 months pregnant with our son and I didn't want to carry anything heavy so I threw that on at the last minute and didn't check the internal lock. Ooops.

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    Nope never have.
    The 1911 is an antiquated weapons system but then again, so am I.
    Retired SF(SP) CMSgt 1979-2005

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    Not completely unloaded but I have accidentally carried one time with a full mag and nothing in the chamber. Always having one in the chamber, I thought at the time the surprise I would have had when the gun would have said, "click!" I would have had a negligent non-discharge.
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    Yes, intentionally when I went out to the bar. It is unlawful in ct to carry a loaded weapon capable of firing a shot when your BAC is over 0.001 so i carried empty with a loaded mag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    You know accidentally?

    I carry an sp101 pretty regularly. A couple months ago I got home, pulled out the gun and realized that it was completely empty. (And this is extra embarassing because its a revolver and I can see the rounds). I had carried the gun all around town for two days... empty. The last time I went shooting one of my friends wanted to see the gun, so I emptied the bullets into the console of my car and then handed him the gun to check out and completely forgot to reload it. Luckily nothing bad happened during those two days, but I was carrying around a completely useless two pound hunk of metal everywhere I went.

    Ever happen to anybody else? Or am I the only one to be a fugg up?
    I have not done this before. It is however something I have worried about doing and as a result, I always do a press check before holstering just to be 100% sure there is a round in the chamber.

    When I initially read the title of this thread, I have to say I thought to myself, "Why would you carry an empty gun? They make such poor striking weapons. Why not just carry a hammer?".
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    Haven't done that one yet!
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    First year on the job 1968.

    Came home from working a midnight shift at 0800.

    Had to be testifying infront of the Grand Jury at 0900.

    Changed out of uniform and into suit and tie.

    Put off duty S&W Model 36 and Buckheimer-Clark cross draw holster on.

    Went and testified.

    Went out afterwards for breakfast.

    Came home and took off holster and pulled out gun.

    I had not loaded the off duty S&W.

    First,last and only time it has ever happened but it did happen.

    "Violence is seldom the answer, but when it is the answer it is the only answer".

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