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This is a discussion on Code Red Not A Drill within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's a good thing Pebbles alerted you in case you needed BAM BAM,then BARNEY woulda showed up and I BETTY you woulda needed a lawyer...

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Thread: Code Red Not A Drill

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    It's a good thing Pebbles alerted you in case you needed BAM BAM,then BARNEY woulda showed up and I BETTY you woulda needed a lawyer
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    LOL ^^^^^^Nice duk^^^^^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    It's good that you were on your toes, but back when I lived in an apartment, it was not unusual for someone to occasionally go to the wrong door by accident. They do often look alike.
    That's what I was going to say, and don't open your door, stay inside the locked building. Other than that you got your weapon out fast like it was second nature.
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    Sounds like you did just fine. If that area is that bad and you can't move anytime soon you might look into a DIY security system. Often can be had really cheap and it is better than nothing, although it sounds like Pebbles has you covered in that department. Also, a new peephole can be had for under $5 and it's easy to pop out the old one and pop in the new one. Stay safe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xsigma40cal View Post
    Well...apparently you didnt get Irene's messages and she's been aching to here from ya. she stopped by your place on her way up to NY where she's makin life pretty tough for her new boyfriend. You need to find better taste in women my friend.
    Now thats funny

    My Ex is from Minnesota and yes my taste buds where some where else on that one

    Oh well never again this one and only took everthing .

    I hope she leaves the sunshine state

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    Even in my home, I won't shoot unless I have both identified a target and a threat. If my door is kicked in, that's a threat.

    But if I forgot to lock the door, and someone walked in, just because I don't know who the person is, does not mean I'm automatically going to shoot without asking any questions. They will likely be starting down the barrel of my gun, as I always have my gun on me when I'm awake. But I don't intend on shooting someone for mistaking my house for one of their friends house.

    Both of those are pretty unlikely situations. I really can't remember the last time I forgot to lock my door. It's just an ingrained habit. Still, I can't discount the wife forgetting to lock the door, so I still keep my guard up.
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    Sounds like you did what you should have done. Given the day and time, I would be willing to bet it was just a lost person or a distracted neighbor walking up to the wrong door. When I lived in apartments in my early 20s I know I did the same thing at least once or twice (even going so far as sticking the key in the door, then saying ***?! before realizing it was the wrong door, lol).

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    A dozen years ago, my 85 year old Tampa neighbor shot and killed an intruder coming through her back door at 2 am. It was another neighbor, drunk, lost keys, and trying to get into his house. Unfortunately, he was one street off. It always reminds me that if given the proper opportunity, it might be prudent and polite to offer a warning before blasting away at an unknown threat. No charges were ever filed, but she was completely distraught and died two years later.

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    You did just fine

    Depending on the layout, you may want to look into the security cameras that fit in the peep hole of the door and just require you to hit a button on the remote so you're not having to go to look at the door; I live in an apartment and about once every 2-3 months I wish I had one so I'm not getting up to go look and then ignore the TV or magazine or religion sales person that ignored the soliciting sign, if the layout is right it may be putting time and distance between you and a threat, giving you options to react and think, but is completely a luxury. Again don't know the layout, but you've got some concealment and no cover, someone drives by and shoots the place up to settle something with your neighbor that fridge is not going to stop bullets, a book case full of phone books might go a long way toward giving you something to hide behind until he gets evicted or arrested. Where there's drugs, there's guns and money, and when you combine guns with people dependent on chemicals and short on money only bad things happen.

    Good luck, I remember your posts from a while back; it'll get better with time and eventually the divorce stuff settles and you can get back normalcy in life; in the meantime continue to keep your wits about you and hope nothing that the people around you do brings trouble back your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Wing View Post
    Sunday evening I was home in apartment makeing dinner 5:00pm

    This apartment is small I was in kitchen at stove I heard someone try and open front

    door that was dead bolted . I was startled and jumped but My right hand found my

    .380 and was ready to draw . I stayed at full attention to front door for about .20 sec.

    I then went to front window to look out and see who was at door ?

    No one was there I then opened door looked in parking lot for any one this is a small complex

    9 units I saw no one and went back inside .

    As this was going on my 3 pound dog was barking it got her attetion to.

    This is the deal as I have been divorced for about two months I am not dateing any one

    And know of no one that would try and just open door at 5: 00 pm Sunday.

    I think I did pretty good with whole deal If that door had opened I would have drawn

    and empty mag no question . The only thing that has me spooked is I wish I could have

    seen who was at door . This is not a great hood lower end rent but has to do for now.

    Pebbles got extra treat for being a good dog last night.

    How did I do , and what should I have done differant ??

    The same thing happened to me once, I was sitting on the stairs with a 12 Ga SxS pointed at the front door. Fortunately for both of us, whoever it was decided to go away.
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    I'd add a 12 gauge to the list of tools for a home defense situation over a .380. But sounds like you were ready and that is all you can do.

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