Anybody change or modify their "carry gear" after taking an Advanced Class?

This is a discussion on Anybody change or modify their "carry gear" after taking an Advanced Class? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've heard of holsters being "tweaked" or replaced during or after classes; just curious if other items haven't made the cut as well......

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Thread: Anybody change or modify their "carry gear" after taking an Advanced Class?

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    Question Anybody change or modify their "carry gear" after taking an Advanced Class?

    I've heard of holsters being "tweaked" or replaced during or after classes; just curious if other items haven't made the cut as well...

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    You don't need to know
    Many folks find through taking serious self defense training that their choices in firearms, carry methods and choices of kit don't work as well in practice as they do in theory. Training classes are an excellent way of evaluating your gear.
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    I went to an appendix carry after a Suarez class. I changed my draw after a Pincus class. I quit using handloaded defensive ammo after an Ayoob class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK Dan View Post
    .. I quit using handloaded defensive ammo after an Ayoob class.

    Please explain?


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    I sold my three Kimbers and switched to all Glocks after a point shooting class. Only had one Glock at the time, I now have five.
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    Oh yeah, of course! I've made countless changes and tweaks over the years
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    Quote Originally Posted by zonzin View Post
    Please explain?

    Ballistic forensics.

    Mossad Ayoob's take on using handloads for self defense.
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    Holsters and what happens to the belt

    I just wanted to throw this into the mix,sometimes the holster is not the whole problem check out your belt this might be the answer the hoster not sitting right. I have had problems finding the right belt to fit my needs and so many belts will start to roll or sag then the holster goes south on you. For a long time I could not find a belt tuff-e-nuff to get the job done so I would take 2 belts to the boot shop and have the 2 stiched togather and the holster stayed and I found out I had several great holsters. Now comes the new problem of get a belt on line and sometimes they really what they are supposed to be and back the go. My lastest problem is I order a belt the first of Aug. and I thought that it would be here in time for my team assigment on the 1st of Sept but no it got back ordered and not much help on when I mignt get it. Well now I find out that we have been moved up and I had to borrow a black dress belt from a team member, my advice if you are ordering on line and its a duty assignment allow more than 30 days for it to get to you or call and see if there will be a delay before you pay for it. I guess I deserve the heat from my team one if them offered my a length of rope and told me they would help me on my next online order. God bless all of you out there and thanks for the good info and humor, by safe and I will be off line till the 17th of Sept and the Creator willing I talk then

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    I learned much from Mas Ayoob's classes then added with Marty Hayes classes and developed my gear accordingly.

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    Absolutely, the chances you got everything just right on the first try are very slim. If you find something that isn't quite right and DON'T fix it, that's just negligent.
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    A recent low light class "proved" my gear - no changes. But, I did surprise myself, in that I thought I would prefer the Harris flashlight technique, but actually ended up liking the Rogers method best.
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    I sold all my other guns (1911s, Sigs, Walthers) and went all Glock.

    Also bought different holsters.
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    The only change was that I swore off revolvers forever. In the class we carried our own weapons plus they issued small revolvers as backup. I found out me an revolvers don't get along. I guess like anything else, with practice I'd get better, but brother that thing felt very unnatural in my hand, just MHO.
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    Slightly Off Topic but, after taking an advanced Tactical Carbine I switched to Red Dot optical sights & I'm never going back to Irons Only.
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    why the switch to all glocks, I currently have a glock and a kahr both in 9mm

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