Wife Pro Gun & Carry now

Wife Pro Gun & Carry now

This is a discussion on Wife Pro Gun & Carry now within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife & I were married about 2 months ago. When we started dating she was very scared of guns, had never touched one, etc. ...

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Thread: Wife Pro Gun & Carry now

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    Wife Pro Gun & Carry now

    My wife & I were married about 2 months ago. When we started dating she was very scared of guns, had never touched one, etc. Also the thought of someone carrying a gun was quite scary to her. So one day I took her to the firing range and had her shoot my Ruger .22 (Mark II). She absolutely loved it! She was a bit frustrated at first but I worked with her and she began to hit the target. So after that she was not afraid of them anymore and saw how they were fun and useful. She was still against me carrying. Fast-forward about 2 years and we were sitting in a movie theater waiting for the movie to start. Then all of a sudden she just asked me "what is to stop someone from just walking in here and shooting people?". And I responded "me, the police would only be here to clean up the mess otherwise.". After that she was pro-carry and saw how the police aren't always going to be right there for you.

    Oh also she took the quiz that someone posted today and her score came to a 60, while mine was a 20. So now I will be teaching her how to change a tire, and maybe someday she will be packing too... but that is a stretch. I bought her a loud personal siren thing and mace/pepper spray and she doesn't like to touch the pepper spray because she thinks she will spray herself. So I still have a little ways to go, but just because you meet people who think you are nuts for carrying a gun or even owning one... don't worry I think it only takes time for them to think about things rationally.

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    My wife is much more accepting of my carry than she was a year ago.

    She's even asked me a few times if I had my gun a few times, when someone unsavory was walking by or we were in a less-than-great area of town.
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    Sounds to me as though a progression thru logic and realism is winning the day - which is great. Bit by bit - good results.

    My wife has always been haunted by the death of her grandad due to her bro shooting him in an accident - which was inexcusable when analyzed but - it happened.

    It made her somewhat anti-gun, despite when a kid her dad always answered the door armed!

    Over time - the 6 years we have been married - she is still not a gun lover but - has accepted my carry these last 5 years nearly, now got her own gun and CCW last 18 months and, if I could get her to carry more regularly, I'd reckon the transformation was complete - but thus far it sure ain't bad!
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    Hmm.. sounds familiar. When my wife and I met, she had a fear of guns because her grandfather was murdered by someone with a gun. I don't remember exactly, but she says from the start (even before I knew about her grandfather) that I was very firm about being able to own firearms, so she let the subject go. But gotta give it time. After two coworkers who I brought to the range on different occassions said positive comments about my instruction and professionalism in front of her she said "maybe i'll go next time." Hasn't happened yet, but I can see she's starting to see the value of owning a firearm. Still working on it..

    Can't always convert someone on the first try. I like to influence my circle with little suggestions and facts steadily over time. Seems that slowly they become more open to the idea and eventually even believe in the Second Amendment. just gotta be calm and reasonable in the delivery.

    As for concealed carry, most seem unaware that 40 or so states even allow it. I remember one of my friends exclaiming "it'll be like the wild west!" Recently, however, he mentioned that he thinks having one would be a good idea (especially after Katrina) but now his wife is opposed to it. We just gotta keep pluggin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3sh
    So I still have a little ways to go, but just because you meet people who think you are nuts for carrying a gun or even owning one... don't worry I think it only takes time for them to think about things rationally.
    The question is how do we get people to think about things rationally?
    Timmy Jimmy

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    My wife was never a fan of firearms in the house but she didn't make an issue of it. Now after we had kids she was all about saftey, gun safty of course put home safty, and she wanted to learn how to handle one. I took her to the range and she loved my 1911 but it was too heavy. She ended up appropriating my 38 to keep handy around the house. Last weekend a buddy of mine came over for dinner and afterwards he related some stories about his job (he's been a LEO for 10 years). Well that (like the quiz) had her reanalyze things and now she wants a "better" weapon (she really didn't like the revolver) and is thinking about getting a CCW.

    Just remember information is a powerful weapon.
    There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11? (Yuri Orlov [Nicolas Cage] Lord of War)

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    I am one of the luckiest guys I know of. My wife has always been and pro 2A as I am. She is very pro-carry and in fact, she carries a nicer gun than I do. (have to d o something about that damn it). She carries every day and is a great shot.

    We have 5 kids and we all go to the range together. We are a family that shoots together, and we stand together.
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    Nice to have a Pro 2nd signifigant other. My girlfriend is the best. She believes very strongly in our gun rights.
    "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Thomas Jefferson

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