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Why do you carry? (A serious discussion)

This is a discussion on Why do you carry? (A serious discussion) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry because I can see Mexico from my front porch...

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Thread: Why do you carry? (A serious discussion)

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    I carry because I can see Mexico from my front porch

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    what he said and my avatar speaks for me.
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    Right-to-Carry debate in Congress ties in with our discussion:

    BATTLEGROUND: Concealed carry debate heating up nationally, locally

    Days after a federal judge ruled in a New York case that Empire State residents do not have a constitutional right to carry concealed handguns in public, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee yesterday took up the debate over whether states should be required to recognize and honor valid concealed carry permits or licenses issued by other states.

    BATTLEGROUND: Concealed carry debate heating up nationally, locally - Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com

    National reciprocity should be on the same basis of driver's license reciprocity/recognition in other states. IMHO, this is a no-brainer.

    The legislation is H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011

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    I carry to protect my loved ones and myself. The world we live in today is a violent world. Everyday, someone is getting shot, stabbed, burned, car jacked, and I don't want to be a statistic. I agree with the many others on here who hope that all of the money spent on firearms/training is gone to waste for I never have to use it in a self defense situation, but I am glad that I will be prepared just in case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brady View Post
    Why do I carry a gun?

    here you go.

    Yup, I know whatcha mean..... Worth words right there.
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    My wife and I both carry every day for the same reasons. We have 5 children and no one is going to take them from us, harm them, use them for their twisted violent sexual gratification or in any way endanger them. And, in reverse, no one will take us away from those 5 children to leave them parent-less for any reason. At least not while we are able to fight.
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    To protect myself. There is a small possibility I would use it to protect others.

    The circumstances under which I'd use my 9mm over other options is limited. I have trained in defensive shooting, continue to do so, however my main choices for defense are retreat or avoid (and being observant enough up front to do so).

    I doubt I will ever use my gun to dissuade a mugger with a gun...I'll hand over the goods. I dont believe that 99% of firearm carriers can outdraw a drawn gun. And I'm not trained in close quarters combat (as much as I wish I was), which I consider the only reasonable way to resist that.

    My likeliest scenario is being somewhere isolated, like a parking lot or street or park and being approached and not being able to retreat.

    Dave, I've met your wife and son at the Puyallup gun show....nice folks, sorry you werent there with them to say hi to.
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    A firearm is a tool that allows me to better control my destiny, during a situation in which another tries to unlawfully control my destiny by force. I can choose to extend this protection to others, and in fact have sworn an oath to do so, which was the original reason I started carrying a handgun in the first place. Texas had virtually no provision for private citizens to legally carry handguns when I started carrying. Since that time, private citizens in Texas gained the right to carry handguns, and my employer relaxed the rules that I must always carry a handgun. I now carry a handgun, on my own time, by free choice.

    Freedom of choice. Controlling my destiny. Liberty.

    This may all sound silly after I have had my first dose of caffeine for the day, but at the moment, it looks good, so I will shut up now. I have probably borrowed some words and terms from Mas Ayoob, the late Col. Jeff Cooper, and perhaps others I have forgotten.
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    I carry for the same reasons as most others, to protect my family and myself.

    Also with my job, there are crazy people out there that don't really like me. I work security at a hospital that has three psych units.

    For some strange reason, some of the patients don't like us and we get death threats once in a while. Not too worried but you just never know.

    I've met several people, even ex cons that don't have a care in the world about doing something bad. There are a lot of disturbed people out there.

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    Nice to see you here on DC, Dave.

    I carry to address the scenario where having a pistol saves my life. A cell phone just doesn't do it for me.

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    "Do you make it a point to show people you carry a firearm, or do you feel it is none of their business if you are armed?"

    The latter, so no, I won't be using a Facebook interface to post a comment on this article.

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    I carry because I have had my life threatened on several serious occasions, and I will not let them take my wife's husband or my little girl's father away from them. (actually just one of the many reasons, but this one comes to mind at the moment)

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    Because I refuse to go quietly,
    and I will not let anyone harm those I love.

    Because this is America, and i can.
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    Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why I carry. One day, my husband decided to take the Utah CFP class, and said he'd pay for me to go too. I said why not. Then a few weeks after I got my permit, I thought, well, I've got it, maybe I should use it. So I did.

    I guess once I started carrying I felt safer. I don't have a family to protect in the conventional sense. The dog and the man can take care of themselves just fine.

    I also realize that in many situations the gun is providing only a false sense of security. But, I'd still like to be as well-armed as a potential attacker.

    I carry concealed and often do not hide this fact from people who know me. I discuss it openly on my Facebook.

    I carry concealed and don't discuss it in public.

    My husband carries both concealed and openly in public, and we don't discuss it.

    I carry openly in a thigh holster in the back country.

    I have thought about open carrying around the yard to let the violent neighbors know to stay away.

    I live in an area where I can open carry in most places.

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    I carry simply because the law allows me to. I have family, so suppose I had never bothered to get licensed, and something happens to one or more of them in my presence. I would have to wonder if I could have made a difference if I had been carrying. Getting licensed and going to the range regularly is the least I can do on their behalf.

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