Have you convinced others to carry, how?

Have you convinced others to carry, how?

This is a discussion on Have you convinced others to carry, how? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering how people go about making converts of their family and friends. Ironically I recently had to have a discussion with my father ...

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Thread: Have you convinced others to carry, how?

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    Have you convinced others to carry, how?

    I was wondering how people go about making converts of their family and friends.

    Ironically I recently had to have a discussion with my father about why he should carry; it is ironic because he is the reason I carry. I've known him to carry my entire life and have followed in his footsteps. One day we were at Walmart and I realized he wasn't carrying (he prints G22 OWB). His excuse was that "if its going to happen, it's going to happen" I argued with him on every point I could think of ultimately if he was right if someone has decided to do you harm they are going to try but doesn't he at least want to have a fighting chance. He came in the house the other day and showed me he was carrying and I just smiled.

    There are a few other people in my life whom I would like to convince to carry (and carry everywhere). One being my roommate, he laughs when I bring my weapon to the gym or somewhere that "you're not gonna need it/no one is going to jump you at the gym". His application is just sitting on the counter waiting to be handed in, talking with him again (about having a 12ga in the house) today about it I told him "it's going to take something bad to happen to you for you to want to carry". He just stared at me blankly.

    The other person I want to bring it up to is a colleague, friend, a single mother, admitted abuse/rape victim. I don't know how to bring up the subject to her. Maybe try throwing her in and just bring her to the range with me?

    My question for you is how, if at all, have you convinced another person to carry? Or if you were convinced by a third party how so?

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    I'd be careful about 'convincing' non-family members to carry, for rather obvious reasons. It's really something they have to come to on their own. You can provide information, how to get the CPL/CHL, where to practice shooting, what kind of guns you think might suit them and so on.

    Just be a good example, carry responsibly, talk about how it made you calmer, more polite, and put you into 'de-escalation mode', lowered your potential for road rage.

    Then when they're ready they'll come to you for information.


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    Unless someone is receptive to it, your not going to convince them to carry. There are many, who although they recognize the dangers out in society, may never be ready or willing to carry a gun.
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    I have talked to people about doing it, or at least going through the process even if they do not get a permit or carry. Some folks are still squeamish about firearms because of what they read by anti-firearm people in the media. I don't try to force it upon them, if they are receptive, I just give them the information and let nature take it's course.

    I finally got my permit in November 2008 and my wife wanted to get hers the following year. I didn't have to convince her, she could see the benefit of it especially when she travels alone sometimes. Usually that is what it takes for some people, seeing it as a benefit rather than a necessity.
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    Since citizens here in Jersey aren't allowed to carry, there's little to be done here with that specifically. (I do my share of grumbling though.)
    What I have had a lot of success with is getting people interested in firearms, shooting and self-defense thinking.
    There's a whole network of us now in my church; and I've actually been surprised by how quickly many people warm to the subject.
    My teenage kids are especially effective in changing/opening minds concerning all things firearms related.
    What I've found is that if you can just get the naysayers to the range to do some shooting with you... you've got them.
    (Of course, knowing, teaching and requiring the '4 safety rules' is mandatory for such an approach.)
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    I have to buddies that now carry. Neather one were ever handgun guys. But big time hunters. Both own there own business and get payed cash enough it did not take to much to get them to under stand the finer points of haveing CCL. Both used a couple of my older carry handguns for training and the class. Both now carry along with buying a handguns for hunting too.

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    My children, Brothers, and nephews carry, and I instigated it!
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    I haven't convinced anyone, nor have I tried. I don't really believe in talking about it. I don't want people to know I carry (even some of my family doesn't know) and I believe it's a very personal decision. In my mind, it's most certainly something you would have to decide on your own. The last thing I would want to do is "convince" someone who wasn't ready, have something stupid happen, and have them blame me or blame myself. If someone asked for my opinion, I would give it, but that hasn't happend yet.

    Just my opinion, it's worth what you paid for it.

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    Have you convinced others to carry, how?
    I was wondering how people go about making converts of their family and friends.
    I would advise against handing out unsolicited advice. Answer questions asked by interested people and be helpful but don't proselytize.
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    Only family and close friends/co-workers (i.e.: shipmates) have fallen under my discourse regarding 'why' to carry. In nearly every instance, the topic came up during 'other' conversation topics. Some have 'seen' me carrying but mostly just "...that's why I carry a gun". For the most part, that turns into 'what, how, where, legal ???' kinda questions, which then leads to a range day, which turns into a trip to the local gun store/pawn shop, which then happens to end up at the court house submitting their 'application' for a licenese.

    Some fall right into the above route, others have not. I don't 'try' to convince anyone to go that route. I just place that 'bug' in the back of thier mind and let it go. Push it, and they'll resent it. Let 'em come to you, ask questions, maybe go shooting with ya, and another expensive 'vice' is concived.

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    Be careful what you wish for.... you might just get it.

    I am very outgoing when it comes to carry but I have never tried to convince anyone to carry or told them they should carry a firearm. That is an extremely personal decision that requires a lot of thought and preparation. The furthest I might go is asking, "Have you ever considered concealed carry?"

    On the other hand, because I am so open about it I get people who come to me and brag about their carry. They give me scenarios where they would "Just pull their gun and shoot" and I have to stop them and question whether or not they understand the legalities of the scenarios they are bringing up.

    I won't say these people aren't ready to carry because, again, I am not the judge of that. And, blessedly, most people who carry will never have to use their firearms in self defense. BUT, I think about some of these people and what might happen if they used their firearm carelessly or irrationally and the responsibility I would feel if it were ME who pressured them to get their permit or carry.

    Sure, on the other hand, they could use their firearm in a just manner and defend themselves and I could feel good that I was someone who encouraged them to arm themselves but, again, that's not my place. It's not my place to make those kinds of judgements.

    I have a very good gal friend whose husband is currently serving in Iraq. She is spending his entire deployment traveling around the country with her two kids visiting friends and family. She has a permit to carry but very seldom does because she does not feel trained enough to be effective with her firearm. I respect her self evaluation and before she left her state we had many discussions about what she felt she could and would use in self defense and I sent her some pepper spray and a small neck knife she could wear on her husband's dog-tag chain. I was pleased to find her carrying both when I saw her last.

    I care greatly for her and her safety but if she does not feel ready to carry a gun than that is her decision and I'd rather spend time concentrating on what she will use and feel more comfortable using and carrying than trying to brow-beat her into choosing something she's not confident with.

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    I have convinced co-workers... but then, one of them I was convincing got mugged, stabbed, beaten, and left for dead on the way home from work one night... That pretty much convinced a lot more people.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    I have never actively "convinced" anyone to carry for any reason.

    I have been the catalyst that started someone down that path several times. And I did this without trying at all by being a good carry ambassador tot he non-gun non-carry public out there. I don't fly off the handle. I don't road rage. I don't get into stupid arguments. I am respectful and calm. And if someone asks me about guns or carry, I will discuss it with them in the same calm and logical manner.
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    interesting question....I've talked about it with friends, but I've never really tried to convince anyone. It's funny, a lot of my friends (all 3 or 4 of them haha) say they feel much better if I'm with them b/c they know I'm carrying.

    Actually I take that back, I'm kinda pushing my wife to finally apply for her ccw permit. So maybe I have tried to convince her...thought provoking, great post!

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    Introducing somebody to the sport of shooting, or arguing the pros and cons of gun control is one thing. It is entirely another to argue that somebody else should carry.

    I just do not feel that it is my place to tell them how they should, or should not, live their life. On the other hand, I also do not want them telling me how to live mine.

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