BG w/knife vs Cops(abroad)

BG w/knife vs Cops(abroad)

This is a discussion on BG w/knife vs Cops(abroad) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Maybe it is a repost.. so if this already was discussed mod can close the.. thread It is from latin american, it seem like the ...

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Thread: BG w/knife vs Cops(abroad)

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    BG w/knife vs Cops(abroad)

    Maybe it is a repost.. so if this already was discussed mod can close the.. thread

    It is from latin american, it seem like the cops had a bad mindset or they thought the BG with a knife couldnt harm 5 cops with pistol and ak47...

    it show how dangerous can be a guy with a knife and how fast he can approach or what happen if you try to run away and give your back...

    you can forward until min 7. I know many people cant understand.. but there is not so much to understand...


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    I cannot understand why they did not shoot his butt. He goes at them numerous times with the knife. You try to hit him with a nightstick? He obviously was not going to cooperate.
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    Incredible. That hurts just watching it.

    Nope. I wouldn't have played that game. I would have asked him one time to put down the knife.

    Notice how the cop with the AK, grabs a baton, jumps the fence and then gets himself hemmed in. Not a very smart move. Looks like one cop has a taser or something similar, nails him, the whacko falls back, gets back up and keeps running around stabbin'.

    I have a few kitchen knives similar to the one the whacko is using. All I can say is they are extremely nasty. At close quarters, easily the equal or better than a firearm.

    I translated the caption. Apparently two of the cops died, and the whacko died at the hospital as well. You just got to love the ambulances down in that part of the world. The bed of a pick up truck.

    It's the Dominican Republic. Not on my travel itinerary anytime soon. Unless they're willing to pay me a very large sum to hold a training class for law enforcement or something. I expect to be heavily armed and escorted by Angelina Jolie.

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    Another example that "hesitation kills", if your going to brandish a weapon then be ready to use it.
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    Theres a world of difference in different countries Police force techniques,AK guy should of been designated thumper,instead he gave up his advantage put a close quarters weapon in his strong hand,and realised too late the guy with knife could close faster than he could transition to his rifle
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    That piece of fecal matter should have been shot the moment he made an aggressive move with his knife. Where the hell was the law enforcement training there?
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    Sad....but this proves how much damage a determined man with a knife can cause. Why the PO w/ the AK would go inside the fence is beyond me. Even good hits at that distance may not have stopped the BG before he pinned him to the fence and stabbed him.
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