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Great FEMALE Carry VID. I'm A GUY & I Really Liked It Too!

This is a discussion on Great FEMALE Carry VID. I'm A GUY & I Really Liked It Too! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by QKShooter Has her female carry vid been posted here before? I posted that same video you have in another thread. It wasn't ...

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Thread: Great FEMALE Carry VID. I'm A GUY & I Really Liked It Too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    Has her female carry vid been posted here before?
    I posted that same video you have in another thread. It wasn't the thread starter, but merely one of the responses. I believe the topic was specifically regarding thigh holsters. I just can't remember the title of the thread but it wasn't that long ago. Sometime this summer.

    I've been one of her channel subscribers since she was just getting started because I have several female friends who look for carry ideas.
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    Very good video, with great information. However, most of us know who she is!
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    Great video, thanks for posting, going to watch some more of her videos.
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    That was an excellent video.
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    Great video, one of the nurses in Cardio Rehab has been asking me about concealed carry and I will forward it to her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    Forum Rules Page Rule #5 5. There is zero tolerance regarding this particular rule.

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    Good stuff, thanks for posting. My wife's CCW is in the mail, so I am forwarding the video to her.
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    Great video. I'll have to show my GF, so she will understand her carry options.

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    Thanks for this video. The thigh thing intrigues me since it looks like it can solve some CC issues I have when dressing up. And, the ankle holster might be useful to me also. I hadn't considered these out of ignorance but I know now what they can accomplish for women's dress. I had regarded ankle holsters only for BUGs but I see it's usefulness as a main carry. I can see a larger holster drawer in my future. And, more training!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fastk9dad View Post
    The video maker is also a member here.
    beat me to it... GREAT videos. She has definitely got it together & is a godsend for other females looking to CC!
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    I sent the link to this well done video to my sister, niece, and youngest daughter some time (over a year I think) ago. It was instrumental in helping them to pick both guns and holsters. (They all have their CCW in NY now.) I've sent the link to other women who have asked me about how they might CCW as well - they have "all" found it useful.

    Well done Sonja.

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    Yes, everyone be very careful of comments you make. I received 5 infraction points for this comment on one of her videos. I still can't understand why but maybe this will help guide people as to what is not permissible. That being said Falia and Limatunes have some of the most informative videos out there.

    Link to an example of what is not permitted

    She Knows Her Stuff (vid)

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    Carrying concealed in shorts and a tight T shirt seems to be an issue for the ladies - while she claims her Minituck and P3at are concealed, I could clearly see the grip printing. That would not pass muster with my wife - she wears a loose top, or an overshirt of some kind.

    Good video - at least, what I could see of it before an error message popped up.
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    As a general rule, I find the women's instructional videos much more informative and helpful in that they don't gloss over things that the men must believe are obvious. The men's videos tend to be a variant of, "I'm wearing large loose clothing and you can't see my carry. Now watch how fast I can draw."

    Like this video, my primary rig is a Super Tuck but I've adjusted it through trial and error and I've often wondered if I'm doing it right. In particular I've found that while wearing it closer to 3 o'clock makes the draw easier, it presses against certain muscle movements when walking that builds up to a pretty substantial ache after about 20 minutes. I've found a spot farther back at around 5 o'clock where it seems to nestle between muscle movements and walking is comfortable. I noticed from this video that shows the clip positions relative to the jean seams that she uses a similar position. Similarly she shows how the ankle holster attaches and walking with it on where comparable men's videos show only demonstrations of their draw.

    Thanks for a great video!

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    I absolutely love these videos! Her videos and Lima's make me feel more confident in being able to conceal on a petite frame, and have even helped me decide what gear to use.

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