Anyone know what's happening? Anyone know what's happening?

This is a discussion on Anyone know what's happening? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I normally read there , and here, almost every day. (I rarely post anywhere - need to get riled up or really interested first.) I've ...

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Thread: Anyone know what's happening?

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    Question Anyone know what's happening?

    I normally read there , and here, almost every day.
    (I rarely post anywhere - need to get riled up or really interested first.)

    I've noticed that packing has been much more stable for the past month or so, and the worst of the stupidity seemed to have faded away also.

    Now, I can't get in, and can't get a ping to work either.
    Anyone know what's up?
    I figured someone must have been there about the time it fell off.

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    Server or software problems? has been down for a day or more, and the same thing has happened in the past. I don't know of any other gun chat sites that have so many problems keeping the site running. They do use a rather antiquated, home made type of software that may be giving problems, or they could be running on a second hand server in Mark Solomon's basement that keeps breaking down. Its hard to tell what is going on there.

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    This is not the first time this has happend, We will have to wait and see when it comes back on line. Mark does a good job keeping the site up, but with that said we will have to be patient.
    quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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    I like the site: it's a great source of information about what you can carry with you, how and where.

    I've noticed that it sometimes has trouble staying online and I think it's a shame.

    Good luck to Mr. Solomon.

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    I wish Mr. Solomon all the best but, honestly, I do not go to PDO very often any more.
    The fact that the site is down so much combined with the stupid rating system and juvinile actions of several members on the gunchat section make the site just not worth looking at. Add to that the fact that the actual gun law info is not being updated like it used to when there were more people working on the site and that takes away all reasons to go there.

    PDO used to be my home page but no longer. Now this site is my home page and I find myself spending far more time here than any other site on the internet. I'm glad I found this site.
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    I haven't seen that site for several months. IMHO it has been replaced by

    Same information, with links to state websites, easier to verify information. I think is a goner. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    Even though I have the site bookmarked...I did a "fresh" Google search & clicked on that & got a UNKNOWN HOST Error message so the site sure is down again.
    That site has been Up & Down recently like a virtual elevator.

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    It Changes...
    Sir, you are currently on Convoy with the best Gun site smoking,,,Hoorah.....
    Listen, Think and React.....Nuff Said.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueLion
    Sir, you are currently on Convoy with the best Gun site smoking,,,Hoorah.....
    I am new here to this site... and I agree! Glad i found it!
    as for +1 ^
    This has happend before... i tend to think my puter is broken til i see someone post something!

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    2,387 was the first CCW website I've ever joined and that is only because I didn't know of any other. I enjoyed it for awhile but like others have said, the rating system and juvenile antics have left little to be desired. The one good thing I took from PDO was a reference to COMBATCARRY.COM.

    I enjoy this site MUCH more than PDO. The members are friendly, informative and I've never had a problem siging on. I realize that many of these members also log onto PDO, but I haven't seen any hostility or juvenile behavior on this site.

    I haven't been on PDO since I've joined Combatcarry. And I will probably never go on PDO again.
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    As others have said, pdo was my first gun forum too.
    It was a good start, but unfortunately, the admin does not seem to communicate with members.
    Technical issues are many, but I appreciate the spirit and intention of the site.
    I go there occassionally now, but tend to frequent this site regularly.

    I wouldn't want to "bad mouth" any forum that is offered for free and supports principles that I believe in.
    So, all in all, I am grateful to PDO and I hope that it will not "die on the vine".
    I'm also grateful for this site.

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    Exclamation Thanks for the responses

    So the answer to my question is that no one has any specific information about what may have gone wrong at the PDO site.

    Thanks - I like that site as well as this and others.

    Perhaps the moderators will lock this thread before it veers further into the "I used to love her, but it's all over now" chorus.

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    spencer - I think most folks know that we endevor to not besmerche other boards and so are economical with opinion sometimes. I know some folks have been more than upset at the problems, having been there a long while.

    That said I really doubt anyone has the whole skinny, and your suggestion to close is probably appropriate at this stage.

    Thx to all for posting.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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