LCP and LC9

LCP and LC9

This is a discussion on LCP and LC9 within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Currently carry a XD9. While this is a great weapon it is a bit thick and has been a bit difficult to conceal at times ...

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Thread: LCP and LC9

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    LCP and LC9

    Currently carry a XD9. While this is a great weapon it is a bit thick and has been a bit difficult to conceal at times during the warm months. I am looking for something thinner and easier to conceal. I have narrowed it down to either the LCP or LC9. When I starting looking I thought LCP was what I was going to go with but after handling it a few times it is so small in my hand but great on concealablity. LC9 seems to feel better in my hand. It is still small, still 9MM and yet concealable. At some point I need to make a final decision concerning these guns and yes I can just get them both and issue is solved... but before I do I am looking for some input and thoughts concerning these two weapons from you folks. Thanks, V

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    I have no experience with the LCP, but do with the LC9. Picked up a LC9 for my wife when she was looking for a small 9mm for carry. Absolutely hated the trigger on it, excessively long. If you haven't shot it yet, I would suggest you do before buying it.

    I sold it and went with the Kahr CW9 for her. Trigger is extremely smooth and crisp. Great shooter.
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    I have the LCR for carrying in shorts and deep concealment at work in dress pants. Yes, the gun is small in my average sized hands and the trigger pull is long ( but not too long for me ). The downside is it is "only" a .380. Shoots fine and never a mis-fire.

    Like was mentioned above, hold them both in your hand!

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    Ive never shot the lc9, but I did own an lcp for about a day before I dumped it. Its only good for in your face distances in my opinion and is not comfortable to shoot for any length of time, so you probably wouldn't put the practice on it you should. Not to mention the ammo is pretty pricey for it For about 100.00-150.00 more than the lc9 you could buy an M&P 9c which is a great gun. I have one and am very pleased with it.

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    The LCP is what it is and that would be a self defense pistol, it won't be something you shoot much at a range due to it's size. It does indeed have a long trigger pull and is miniscule in your hand. Yet, in a self-defense situation, you won't be thinking how small it is, or how long it takes to pull the trigger. My wife carries the LCP and can use it well.

    I don't have experience on the LC9 so can't help you there.

    You may want to consider a revolver such as the LCR or SP 101. Wheel guns are easier to opperate and the LCR has a very unique and good trigger pull. That will be the one my wife will want to compliment her LCP.
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    Wow, I couldn't disagree more

    I have both, in fact, I have 2 LCP's and a new LC9. The LCP's are very dependable and quite accurate for such a small gun. I guess the trigger is long but I don't notice it when I am shooting it the way it was meant to be shot, which is quickly at short distances. I have no problem drawing and firing with my offhand at 7-10 yards and keeping all shots in the vital area of a B-27 target. It is not a target gun. If you stand there gripping it with two hands slowly squeezing the trigger the way you would with a target gun you will be disappointed. Bring the gun up quickly and pull the trigger the way you would in an IDPA match. You will be surprised how quickly and accurate you can hit. The LC9 is about the same, though on mine at least, the trigger is even more stacky. Past about 10 yards hitting the vitals is a crap shoot for me right now, though I only have afew hundred through the gun. Either of these guns is a keeper.
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    I typically carry one of two configurations depending on the day:

    1) Glock 26 @ 3oclock with 2 G17 mags in an ankle rig.
    2) LCP (w/ CT laser) in the right front pocket (holstered of course) AND LCR .357 in an ankle rig.

    If I am in jeans with an untucked shirt the G26 is very concealable, but as you said about your XD, it can be a little too thick in some cases. The LCP is a true pocket gun. I like that I can put my hand in my pocket and get a firing grip on the gun without anyone being the wiser in those cases where your SA is telling you something isn't quite right. The LCR in .357 mag more than makes up any power deficiency in the LCP. Getting to it in a hurry on my ankle is certainly a problem, but hopefully the 7 rounds of .380 give me the opportunity to get away or seek cover so I can draw the LCR.

    I don't have any experience with the CW9 that was mentioned in a previous thread, but I do own an MK9 of the same size. The MK9 is a very nice form factor for concealed work. It was too big for me to pocket carry (too thick and too heavy), but with a FIST #1K it was essentially invisible. My MK9 was never 100% which is the reason it sits in a safe now, but the form factor was very compelling.

    The LC9 sounds like a pretty good option, but I have been burned by brand new models in the past.

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    Of the two you narrowed it down to I'd go with the LC9. Had the LCP and sold it for a Kahr PM9 and never looked back.

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    I bought an LC9 for the wife (although I end up carrying it a lot, it's easier to conceal when wearing coaching gear :D ). Both of us really enjoy this weapon. It's made for close encounter self defense. When doing practical simulation drills, you don't notice the trigger at all. If you are looking for a tack driver range queen, you probably won't like it, but if you want something safe, reliable, and will more than get the job done. I suggest the LC9.

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    The XD is not hard to conceal with the proper rig.

    You have to have a good belt, too.
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    Why do people continue to insist that a "pocket" pistol have all the attributes of a full-size range gun and complain when it doesn't? Face it--a pocket pistol is a tool of last resort and at that point "grip" and "trigger pull" have pretty much become irrrelvant.

    You want a stand-off firearm capable of fending off a gang of drug-crazed zombies, get something that carries 15-20 rounds and an ammo box full of spare mags. You want something that will conceal under almost any clothing and will be more than ample for when some BG accosts you on a street corner, then get a pocket pistol and quit cripping about how it's tough to put 50 rounds thru it. That's not what it's degined for and that's not the ontent of the firearm.

    My choice would always be the 9mm over the .380, even at the sacrifice of a few fractions of an inch in size.
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    Get both, I have an LCP. I Sold it and bought it back because it is just perfect for south texas and loose shorts. Fits right into cargo pocket, back pocket, front pocket, anywhere and is barely noticeable. I had a Kahr CW9 for the little more umph but I almost shot myself putting it into a IWB hoslter and decided that not having a manual safety wasn't an option anymore so I sold it. My next gun will be the LC9 for my reason. It is the in between of my XDM 40 3.8 and the LCP and I am anxiously looking forward to it.

    My perfect in between gun that I can't afford is the Kimber Solo II.

    So if shorts are good the majority of the time and you want to wear a firearm for all occasions then "for me" all 3 is the correct choice.

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    Thumbs up LCP and 709

    I agree with a previous poster's comment about the LCP. It is what it is, it is a BUG. I keep my Crimson Trace-equipped LCP in a Recluse-plus holster (trigger isolation design), with 102gr Rem GS rounds. The trigger is long, takes some practice to get used to it. I also put a Pachmayr tactical grip on it, makes it more comfortable in my hand.

    I probably would have also purchased a LC9 when they came out. However, I bought a Taurus 709 over 2 years ago.... (I know, the wave of Taurus-bashing will ensue) It was an early model and had teething problems with continuous failure-to eject issues. I was thinking of getting rid of it, but rather decided to go the Taurus warranty service route. I was pleasantly surprised, good and quick service. The ejector was replaced. Since then, it has performed flawlessly. I like the thumb and trigger safety features of the Slim. It is in my CCW rotation with Hornady CD rounds in it, and Pearce mag extensions.

    I am satisfied with both pistols, for different reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cz223 View Post
    The LC9 is about the same, though on mine at least, the trigger is even more stacky. Past about 10 yards hitting the vitals is a crap shoot for me right now, though I only have afew hundred through the gun. Either of these guns is a keeper.
    Remove the mag disconnect, get a few snap caps and put about 500 trigger pulls through it.... it will clean up.
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    Between those 2, I'd recommend the LC9. I sold mine because I hated the trigger, but it never failed to function. I also am not comfortable carrying a weapon with a magazine disconnect. That is a ridiculous laywer safety feature that could easily cost dearly.

    May I recommend checking out the Walther PPS? Ours has been rock solid, and it carries easily. That, or a Kahr CM/PM/MK9... my MK9 carries VERY easily, its small.
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