Dealing with PESTS

Dealing with PESTS

This is a discussion on Dealing with PESTS within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sorry forgot the link Here's a article by Randy Harris Suarez International Staff Instructor on the fight, before it starts to the end. I ...

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Thread: Dealing with PESTS

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    Dealing with PESTS

    Sorry forgot the link

    Here's a article by Randy Harris Suarez International Staff Instructor on the fight, before it starts to the end. I feel it is a very good read, it hasn't been put into the blog so you will need to go to Warrior Talk to read. Hopefully you will not need to log in to read, but if you do it's worth the trouble to log in. Very long you need to read the first 3 post to get it all.

    When we look at delivery systems we really are looking at what we will use to end the fight. As our friend Sonny Puzikas says most people spend 95% of their time working on the last 5% of the solution. Having spent most of my life in pursuit of martial excellence I find this to not only be true, but also profound. No matter how hard you hit (which is important) and no matter how well you shoot (also important) the point where these attributes come into play is not at the beginning but rather well into the fight.

    So who makes a good victim? Someone who is not aware of their surroundings, and someone who is less likely to fight back effectively makes a much better victim than a prize fighter who is paying attention. This usually means that people who are either injured, elderly, obviously not a physical threat, and unlikely to be armed and unlikely to offer resisitance are going to be right at the top of the list for victims. Why? The likelihood of success is high and risk of injury is low.

    Who here likes to watch boxing? When does a boxing match start? When the first punch lands? How about when the first punch is thrown? No? When does it start?

    When the bell rings. "Well that is obvious, but the bad guys are not going to tell me when they are about to assault me" you say. I say if you know what to look for they will tell you by their actions. Let's say we are deaf boxing fans that cannot hear the bell ring. Even though we cannot hear the bell ring can we still determine when the match starts? Of course. How? We see the two fighters approach and begin MANUEVERING on each other.

    The fight does not start at the first blow. It starts when the manuevering begins. Often out in the real world the victim never sees the manuevering or when they do see it they do not recognize it for what it really is and do not realize the fight has started until the first blow lands.

    At this juncture I will unveil our structure for dealing with people who approach you on the street. We would largely consider those people to be.....PESTS.
    I also add a few more "T"s to cover a few more bases. We will.....


    Pretty self explanatory. Take it to them HARD and don't stop until they are down and no longer a threat.


    Did it work? Are they down?


    Do they have friends? Are they behind me? Is he still down? then we

    TOP OFF your weapon (How's my ammo?)

    TREAT INJURIES (How am I? How are my friends/family?)

    TAKE COVER (what here can I get behind that will stop bullets?)

    TAKE OFF (Can I safely escape now?)

    TALK TO WHO NEEDS TO BE TALKED TO (You, Go call 911!, You, get down! , "Ma'am , you appear to be injured, Officer, that man tried to kill me! I was in fear for my life, etc)
    Just a few quotes from the article read to get it all.
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    Thanks Bill, it can also be found in its complete form here at .....
    Randy Harris
    Suarez International Tier 1 Staff Instructor
    NRA Certified Instructor
    IDPA Master class SSP ,ESP,CCP,BUG

    TRAIN with me....

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