We could use more Sheriffs / LEOs like this

We could use more Sheriffs / LEOs like this

This is a discussion on We could use more Sheriffs / LEOs like this within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; While this may be old news to some in Shenandoah County VA, to Sheriff Ray Carter and his department for supporting concealed carry. Two weeks ...

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Thread: We could use more Sheriffs / LEOs like this

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    Thumbs up We could use more Sheriffs / LEOs like this

    While this may be old news to some in Shenandoah County VA, to Sheriff Ray Carter and his department for supporting concealed carry. Two weeks ago his department sponsored, free of charge, a concealed carry course through the county Parks & Recreation Department. It was 4 hours long and qualified for a VA CHP. It was taught by SGT J. Armatrout who did a great job for his first time teaching the course.

    Another is being offered in October and is already booked full -- as this one was. Sheriff Carter made a cameo appearance and stated that he fully suports the Second Amendment and citizens' right to carry.

    It was refreshing to hear of a local law enforcement officer make such a statement!!!.
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    I wish they would do something like that down here in Alabama. I know if you call 911 for an emergency the first thing they ask you is do you have a gun ?

    I can understand them wanting to know if you have a gun in any situation. I also understand if you do have a gun and have already shown it to who ever is bothering you that you have escalated that situation to the extreme level. They tell us down here to immediately unload and secure your firearm until police arrive but i find this could go either way for the good or the bad. Good thing is if your aggressor is not armed, nobody is going to get shot or killed. However if the aggressor has a gun and you have managed to get him to drop it and all you are doing is holding him/her at gun point to prevent them from either getting their hands back on their gun or becoming violent then i think you should be allowed to hang on to your gun. Provided that as soon as police show up, you put your firearm down as well so that NOBODY is a threat to the police.

    If you are just keeping your gun on someone to keep them from getting away its a little different. I mean if they get up and run then they likely have their back to you and are no longer a threat to you. If all they have done is something minor to you are you really willing to shoot them if they get up for something that is not worth taking a life over ?

    It can be confusing at times and when your in that situation there are a lot of variables and who knows how you will be thinking at that exact moment. I am just saying that if you feel threatened enough to get your gun then you should be allowed to do so. But you should ALWAYS let the police take over the situation and follow directions once they are on site.
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    and smart...

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    Once you get out of NoVA and away from the Beach area VA is very gun friendly. Even here in the Richmond area (state capitol) the police are pro-gun and don't bat an eye over CC or OC either one.
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    A 'High Five' to your sheriff!
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    Vote Him in for 50 more years ; )
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    That man can think!
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    You have plenty like that... what you need is more politicians like this.
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    Now if only we could figure out how to clone him and get the clones to take over NoVA and toss the riff raff out...

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    Sounds like the rare type for whom I would endorse re-election.
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    If the Sheriff's department would offer shooting classes to those who want to learn, it would give the Sheriff a good feel for the citizens he can count on in a real SHTF situation.

    The citizens would supply their own ammo, guns, gear and targets etc. county would supply range and training officer.

    Course would be for X number of weeks with safety first and moving on up to defense shooting to tactical shooting etc.

    What a call up posse pool this would give the SO in the event something really bad comes down.

    As to budget for this, I would as a citizen be willing to pay a reasonable amount for extra work hours and expenses occurred by the SO.

    Hope the idea catches on and becomes the norm in our nation.
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    Every once in a while, common sense prevails. Good on your Sheriff.
    "The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it".
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    By shear coincidence, the CULPEPER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE is holding a course like this one on 15October

    "On October 15th, the Sheriff's Office will hold a gun safety course. Successful completion will result in the certificate needed to get a concealed carry permit."

    You'll have to call the Sheriff's Office for the particulars. (540) 727-7520

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    I agree with Sixto's comment, more politicians with this same mentality would go a long way!!!
    "Don't start none, won't be none!"

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