You CCw, Don't you?

This is a discussion on You CCw, Don't you? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've never been asked and those people I choose to inform seem very surprised that I carry. But to be fair, as a percentage of ...

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Thread: You CCw, Don't you?

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    I've never been asked and those people I choose to inform seem very surprised that I carry. But to be fair, as a percentage of the population, so few people carry that the majority don't seem to think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PB2 View Post
    Perhaps it's the badge on his belt? J/K
    Or maybe it's the sash!
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    I've never been asked and I don't volunteer the information.
    "The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come." ~ Confucius

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcon67 View Post
    Around here, guns are just part of everyday life. Unless its about a gun brand or what have you, the subject of carrying, using guns is typically not an issue.
    Same here.
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    Family members, a neighbor (who owns guns), and a few friends (who also have CHLs) know I carry, but very few others. I don't really advertise it and I've never been asked.
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    I have colleagues who are aware of my feeling about carrying, but it is never an issue of discussion. Due to the environment in which I work (college campus where carry is prohibited) it mostly remains a non-issue on a daily basis and although I carry at all other times - including off-campus social functions, it is never discussed. I can only think of one time it was mentioned and that was when someone commented, more or less, "At least he is not armed now", to which I smiled and said nothing. I think most of my colleague simply do not think about the fact that people can legally carry is not part of their reality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpencerB View Post
    Carry what?? A gun oh heck no those things are dangerous.....
    I really like that one

    Family knows

    I can count on one hand how many close friends know . ( most of those carry also ).

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    Peoples mouths will take you were your feet dont go. The less that know the better.
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    You would never suspect that I carry a gun.
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    I have long hair and wear socks & sandals most of the time(PNW thing), I suspect most people think I am on my way out hug trees and squeeze bunnies. Most of those who know I carry,(family mostly) don't care enough to discuss it. No one else would suspect it or ask about it I am guessing.


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    Most likely you're correct, and it is your demeanor or outspoken statements whereby a reasonable person may assume that you're armed. If the subject of crime comes up and you point out how important it is to have some level of protection, then there you go. I know that I’ve been too expressive in the past and now I take a more subdued approach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpencerB View Post
    Carry what?? A gun oh heck no those things are dangerous.....
    Best response ever. LOL.
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    Do I what? Why? Do you think I should?
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    I usually say, "I can" and leave it at that unless they come back asking for more.

    If they ask "are you", my reply is simple: "maybe."
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    My wife has been known to 'out' me if it comes up in conversation.

    'Not much I can do but remind her again, but for the awkward moment, I just shrug it off and keep the conversation going in another direction.
    'Clinging to my guns and religion

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