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Cringed watching the news tonight

This is a discussion on Cringed watching the news tonight within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by natimage 'Ladies' Night' targets women shooters - TODAY'S TMJ4 Check out the video...I love the fact that these women are arming themselves...but ...

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Thread: Cringed watching the news tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by natimage View Post
    'Ladies' Night' targets women shooters - TODAY'S TMJ4

    Check out the video...I love the fact that these women are arming themselves...but it scares me how poor their gun handling is and more importantly the fact that they aren't being corrected. Fingers are all over the triggers, guns are being pointed every which way, literally just made me cringe watching. When I'm with someone new to shooting I ALWAYS teach them to keep their trigger finger outside the trigger guard and always keep it pointed in a safe direction BEFORE I hand them a gun. That firearms instructor isn't someone I would ever want to go to.
    You're fussin over minor stuff - they are THERE TO LEARN.

    AND YES - I have seen guys do MUCH WORSE STUFF ON A RANGE.

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    Maybe some "safety" training upfront would be really really really wise.

    Wow. I wouldn't want to be there, I would probably be laying on the floor or getting cover. NO finger/trigger control, dry firing without clearing / checking the gun, no muzzle control .... OMG Dorothy.

    And purse carry = the worse method to carry a gun known (IMHO).
    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsrule View Post
    You're fussin over minor stuff - they are THERE TO LEARN.
    You teach the 4 rules BEFORE you put the guns out to be handled. Hardly minor to know you shouldn't point any muzzle of any gun (loaded or not) at anything you don't want to destroy. And as Clint Smith says "keep your stinking finger off the stinking trigger unless you are sure of your target and backstop!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabkiddin View Post
    Funny, I didn't see where the OP implied anything that should be considered gender biased.
    Probably the parts I've bolded:

    Quote Originally Posted by natimage View Post
    'Ladies' Night' targets women shooters - TODAY'S TMJ4

    Check out the video...I love the fact that these women are arming themselves...but it scares me how poor their gun handling is ......

    I supposed he might see new male shooters the same, yet that's not what he posted. So I'm just goin' on the post.
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    I'm in there with "Dadsnugun's" concept with a considerably more sinister assessment of the actual purpose of this so-called "news report", and I base the merit of such subliminal craftwork (by a generally ultra-liberal news media) from the effect it has created in successfully seeding a noticeable degree of misaligned thoughts even in the ranks of such a closely-knit group of licensed CC firearms proponents. Ladies and gentlemen, wake up to the realization that this news report had nothing to do with gender, race, sexual preference, firearms safety or to promote concealed carry for self defense.

    You must remember this "report" was put together for airing to the general public to view as an "informative news item"; and whether or not the whole thing was orchestrated or just a clever manipulation of purposely having the camera search for all the worst possible scenarios, the end result was to purvey the concept to all viewers that everyone interested in carrying a concealed firearm is a bumbling incompetent who would scare the hell out of anyone around them as they obviously did all the wrong things with every aspect of responsible firearms safety.

    If anything was "sexist", it was the news report itself that tried to imply that a major component of new CC licensees are a bunch of "dumb broads" who aren't sure which end of the pistol to hold. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't have a couple of the women simultaniously talking on their cell phones and a few more wet-nursing a baby cradled in one arm while all of them were pointing their pistols in all directions as they listened to "Bubba" the instructor (with a beer-belly hanging out from under his dirty t-shirt) showing them how to open a can of beer with an empty magazine while twirling his pistol overhead on one finger - ahhhhh, but all of that would have made their biased goal too obvious wouldn't it?

    All of us with even a spark of intelligence know there's no gender or sexual preference factor involved whatsoever when it comes to a trained, practiced, responsible adult safely, efficiently, and effectively managing a firearm. We should also realize that the liberal news media seldom mentions anything about the daily dozens of respectable CC people who've saved their lives (or thwarted an attempt thereupon) by the responsible and justified use of their weapon; but it instantly makes national news when some psychotic or clinical moron does something despicable or totally irresponsible with a firearm.

    Bottom line is to always expect the news media to focus in on every possible negative aspect they can find, manipulate, or purposely orchestrate to achieve their liberal goal of slowly turning the general public's view and opinion against firearms ownership and concealed carry laws while using every means within their grasp to make those who own and carry firearms always look like paranoid, irresponsible, careless, uneducated, bottom-feeding, radical anarchists who shouldn't be trusted with anything more dangerous than an empty water-pistol.

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