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Great advice from police on informing officer.

This is a discussion on Great advice from police on informing officer. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Sky Pilot Sounds like we had the same instructor! If that fellow in the Canton/Harless video had received the same lesson from ...

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Thread: Great advice from police on informing officer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Pilot View Post
    Sounds like we had the same instructor!
    If that fellow in the Canton/Harless video had received the same lesson from his instructor and followed it, he would not be infamous now. Good or bad, reasonable or unreasonable, the Ohio law to promptly inform is quite clear. This video would be a worthwhile addition to every NRA Basic Pistol Course taught in Ohio. Dash Cam: Canton PD "Notification" Arrest & Officer Goes Berserk / Threatens - YouTube
    At the 1:24 point in the video, the motorist should have been turning the porch light on and rolling down his window. At 1:36, the motorist's hands should have been clearly displayed outside the driver's side window (since the officer had not moved close enough to see them on the wheel) while he was loudly but calmly making the "must inform" proclamation required by law. Yes, the officer was being a overbearing jerk, but the requirement to inform remains. The officer's subsequent actions went from overbearing to arguably incompetent (what if the motorist really had been a BG with a gun while the officer was rooting around in the back seat, totally oblivious to anything else?) and criminal, but the motorist will be prosecuted nonetheless.

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    All the jurisdictions in Washington State budget off Municipal and District Court revenues, in Skagit County, a Commercial wieght Station was moved onto I-5 and generated 600k. The revenues from the court rooms is allocatted, when it fades, the "enforcement" effort increases. Dont think its reasonable for LEO's to earn thier keep ?? then drive carefully my friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    We do not have to inform in FL, but my first response is/was..."Good morning/evening officier, I'd like you to know that I am a legally armed Floridian."
    The problem is, you don't know if you just were pulled over by Officer Friendly, or Officer Harless.

    I'll follow the law, and no more.
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    Was pulled over tonight, had a headlight out I didn't know about. -Hwy 36 in Roseville for those who know the area- I handed the trooper my permit and license together. He gave me the permit back with a nod and checked the license. Overall was a non-issue.
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    Boy howdy.....looks like I came a bit late to the party on this one...but like many..I've been pulled over at nite also..
    we were coming back from a restaurant and all those glasses of tea hit ..I kinda blew a light...what's called a calif. stop....
    instantly (and to this day I can't figure out where this guy was since there wasn't anyone behind me before I made the turn)....I get lights behind me...I put my flashers on...pull over and stop...hands on the steering wheel and I tell my wife don't do anything until he asks...
    we talk...he asks if I knew why I pulled him over and I said yeah...blew the light but to be honest...we're coming back from dinner and I gotta pee....hit fast ya know??...he chuckles and said that's fine Mr. Steve...let me see your lic. and regs....I tell him before I do...I have a cwp ....and he says...and your carrying.....
    and it's on the same side as your wallet.... how do you want to handle this...

    step on out and let me get your wallet....

    ok...but no fondling....!!!..
    I step out...faced the truck
    he gets my wallet...flips my lic. over...asks where the the cwp is...I reach over and pull it up out of the money part..
    he reads it and says thank you mr steve...have a nice nite....

    off I go...
    my wife of course is now livid cuz every time she got pulled over..she'd get a ticket.....I keep trying to tell her that all he wanted to do was get her address and phone number!!!...
    they don't want to deal with a nut like me!!!


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    Seems like alot of you guys get pulled over. hmm.

    Being a newbie, I have not been pulled over. I have decided to have my wallet ready and my hands in plain view when he arrives and inform him of my weapon. I do not have to say anything if I am not carrying at the time.

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