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Erie County Permit Upgrade DENIED!!

This is a discussion on Erie County Permit Upgrade DENIED!! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by mprp I was referring to the OP and I believe I even mentioned that. And here you have your answer in bold. ...

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Thread: Erie County Permit Upgrade DENIED!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mprp View Post
    I was referring to the OP and I believe I even mentioned that. And here you have your answer in bold. I would say that age and time would have quite a bit to do with the topic, which is what we usually refer to as whatever the OP tries to get across in their first post which is what this is below.
    Not unless the law has changed since OP. Otherwise there's no point.

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    Like I said, these are County Ordinances, the State Permit is for Unrestricted Carry.

    It's hard to say why upgrade was denied without knowing time the OP had a permit, (usually it's a year, could be more depending on specifics) or knowing his background, his present situation. If you've had experience with weapons, a vet, something like that, or a compelling reason for no restrictions, then you'd have it unrestricted to start in the county the OP and I live in. If you go one county away, they use no restrictions at all. I guess the rationale behind giving Counties some influence if they wanted it on the State Carry Permit was to allow community desires. Don't know exactly how many counties use restrictions, even for a time, I'd guess less than half. It was easy for me, Business Carry for a year, one day after the year ended a letter requesting an upgrade, had it in 4 days. Two friends of mine, same county, never had restrictions, one did for a year then they were gone.

    My own sense of NY State is it's very thorough in checking applicants and therefore takes a long time but it's not that difficult to get a Carry permit outside of New York City - and the State is very different than the City which most outsiders don't take into account. It couldn't be that hard to get a regular Permit: we are in the middle in list of states by numbers of permits per population.

    Anyway, i don't mind thorough background checks - you can't say that is needless interference on gun rights and at the same time want the non-criminal, not-insane person to be the one with the gun. Well, you need the checks to determine which is which. You'll never get it 100% sure, but even one guy like that theater-shooter picked out and flagged in a pre-permit check and you'd saved a lot of lives. (IF there is a flag anywhere, he may not have had one, but some like him do).

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    PA is a great State for CC. Only problem here is that none of the surrounding States honor my permit. I'm in Philly, and could throw a stone across the river into NJ, and drive to DE in 20 min. In my line of work it is not uncommon to have to travel into, out of, back into, and out of again from either of these states. Unfortunately for me I guess the state requires me to drive my firearm home before I can complete a full day of work. Something has to change here.
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    Just to close the loop on the thread that I 're-started' a little bit over a year ago. I will be getting my permit this evening. It only took 1 year and 2 weeks (=/- a day or two) to get my permit! To be honest, I was expecting it to take a bit longer after our governor pushed the SAFE Act through.

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    Sorry to hear about your denial. I finally received my permit in a shade under 16 months at the end of September. While waiting in the PPO to pick up my permit, there were several folks that came in asking about upgrading to unrestricted. The clerk told them each the same thing. 5 years minimum on a restricted permit without "compelling circumstances".

    They are seriously understaffed there. I feel for the people working as they are constantly answering phones and have an unbroken stream of people coming into the office. You would think with the revenue stream these permits provide, they would staff accordingly. They are way behind in processing and since the Safe Act was passed they have had a huge influx of applications. I would be willing to bet people will be waiting close to 2 years now if they are just submitting. Hopefully they will get some help. I know SCOPE is trying to help with process improvement, etc... maybe they will have an impact.

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    Mike What do you mean only bama and del are the only ones that honor your permit. 27 honor your CC permit.

    NY ?? Well it is NY. Not sure how much can be expected there.

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