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Spartansburg County Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves

This is a discussion on Spartansburg County Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Pity the current 3% in that poll....

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Thread: Spartansburg County Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves

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    Pity the current 3% in that poll.

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    I saw this on a FoxNews talk show ("The Five") today and they were making fun of it.

    One woman said she would carry but lives in NY and can't. How sad is that?

    I obviously believe in our rights to own and carry given that I'm a licensed carrier. I'm always, however at the same time, hesitant to say that EVERYONE should carry because I don't believe that EVERYONE has the competence to do so, etc. There's some people I know and to think that they have access to a gun scares me to death.

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    i like this guy!! i mean, so many people seem to have it in their heads that it's going to be the old wild wild west with poeple having ccw and guns in general! all i ever hope to ever have to shoot are targets!! (i soo love that!!) but i can't believe that there are cops that would say that you dont need a gun. when i went, i went to "Commence Fire" and they were all officers. very nice and very happy/proud that we were going for our license.

    oh, and
    "I aready Carry one" 16,853 63%
    "I am going to get a CWP" 9,080 34%
    "I would'nt carry a weapon" 796 3%

    LoL i like whats winning!!

    oh, i thought i saw on the news that somewhere there was a mayor or something that was making people have guns in thier house....

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    I am so proud to have Chuck Wright as our Sheriff here in Spartanburg. He's a good man with a strong moral compass. His comments have created a lot of buzz around here. Even some of the nurses I work with are talking about getting their CWP and has opened a good dialogue about guns. The conversations have lead to my fellow nurses asking me about guns, if I have a permit, etc, and I have been honest with them and have encouraged them to pursue their permits. It sounds like three of them are going to get together to take a class together. Just to clarify, I'm a male nurse, and the nurses asking me are females...not that it really matters, but it does pertain to the situation that Sheriff Wright was speaking of.

    Sherriff Wright's brand of straight-talk works well with me, and has struck a chord here in Spartanburg. I like it. I like it a lot.
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    Just a good commom sense approach minus a political agenda........Nice.

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    Right now it stands what 96% of the 32,000 voters do or intend to carry.

    There may be hope for this country yet!

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    As a deputy I get to interact with some of the best folks you'd ever want to meet, and some of the hinkiest maggots you'd never want to meet. Having said this, I cannot imagine why decent citizens wouldn't want to ccw! Our Sheriff is also very pro second amendment, I've never understood the mindset of other cops that are not in favor of an armed citizenry. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Anyone else see the wonderful irony of this guy being the sheriff of SPARTANsburg county?
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