Where is your balance on carry vs. life?

Where is your balance on carry vs. life?

This is a discussion on Where is your balance on carry vs. life? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Life is all about Balance, everything you do or have typically has an up and a down side, and we are constantly trying to balance ...

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  • My gun canít go, I donít go, Period.

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  • I go where ever and carry when I can

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Thread: Where is your balance on carry vs. life?

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    Where is your balance on carry vs. life?

    Life is all about Balance, everything you do or have typically has an up and a down side, and we are constantly trying to balance the good with the bad, the give and the take. Not trying to imply anything about anyone here. Just curious about where the balance is for most people when carrying in their day to day lives, and how much they skip out on because they canít carry somewhere. The list of off-limits places varies widely between states, Iím just referring to places in general according to the laws of your state and states you travel to.

    Me personally, In my day to day life, there arenít many places I canít carry now. Vacations are different, usually out of state, but I donít change my travel plans because I canít carry. SA is always turned on, I still carry a folder or two when thatís not prohibited. Iím not going to miss out on life and the chance to experience things because I canít carry. I know the odds are against anything happening to me and my family, but that is where my balance is found. We all must address safety vs. risk, enjoyment of experience vs. vigilance of defensibility.
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    I carry everywhere possible and will usually err on the side of "life" over "carry" except when it's things that bring me in to areas where the likelihood increased of something bad happening (realizing I'm not a clairvoyant).

    Example: my wife, kids and I will never attend a Wisconsin State Fair.

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    I'm the same way as the OP: in my daily life I carry everywhere I'm legally able to, but not being able to carry doesn't stop me from going anywhere I want to go. If that was my prerequisite, i'd never travel anywhere! I believe carrying and taking the steps to defend oneself and one's family are affirmations of life and a love for it, not of fear and paranoia. Being prepared, ready and alert solve most safety problems: our defensive tools are there to cover the overflow if necessary.

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    I carry wherever it is legal and I do tend to stay away from non carry areas.

    I visit in hospitals and nursing homes quite a lot and pay attention to the sighs at the door.
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    I travel for work and can't take a gun with me.

    Other than that when I am home I don't go unless the gun goes with the exception of government buildings I have to visit for business such as getting a license.

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    Life is full of compromise. Having more than one tool in your tool box helps out with not having to compromise as much as the feller with only one tool. I live my life as I see fit. If I need to go to the court house, I go to the court house. I might have to use one of my other tools for a bit... who cares. That is why I have them.
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    I travel to other states and other countries that I wish to visit and obey all the local laws. Eliminating an interesting place to visit because carrying my gun there isn't possible would seem a narrow way for me to live and would have me missing out on too many things that I'm not willing to miss out on.

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    no to my gun is a no to me,we always plan around our protection,because in the end Me and my Wife are responsible for our families well-being,not any Law Enforcement,Security Guard or "Its a Safe Place attitude".
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    my gun aways goes with me where ever i go if i cant take it into someplace like the VA or other Gov. bldg. i leave it in the car
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    Quote Originally Posted by searcher 45 View Post
    I carry wherever it is legal and I do tend to stay away from non carry areas.

    I visit in hospitals and nursing homes quite a lot and pay attention to the sighs at the door.
    Hospitals and US Government buildings,If were talking about having a choice there is a couple of times I went to see the Killer Bees hockey team play,Professional Sporting events are no weapons allowed,I actually asked a Cop if it was considered a Professional sport,he said ,"you bet your sweet bippy lambchop" or something like that
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    I'm going to a college that just decided they would post. I spend most of my day at school, so I voted for "I go where ever and carry when I can". I do avoid businesses that post no-gun signs though - regardless of if I'm carrying or not.
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    There are places I go, like restaurants, that I can't carry, don't like it, but that's how it is.
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    Being a retired LEO I carry most places under HR-218.

    The places I am restricted from carrying a firearm usually restrict bladed instruments and defensive sprays also.

    Improvised weapons are everywhere and knowing how to use them can be quite beneficial.

    As others have stated the mind is the true weapon and everything else is just tools.

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    Im here for the ride just like others. I will live my life by my own standards...I will not let anything take an experience away from me...If Im armed all the better, if not, I have other tools to use...
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    I pretty much stay out of a place if I can't carry there. The only exception that I can think of is our local police station (we could carry in there, but it's also housed in the same building as the county jail, so I can't have my gun in there), post office & court house. I rarely go to any of those places, so it's not a big issue. I did just find out that our local mall prohibits weapons - they lost my business, but there are other shopping options so that's not a big deal.

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