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Is nine enough??

This is a discussion on Is nine enough?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; the 9mm will work. come to think about it a 22lr will also work. no matter the size, go to the range and shoot the ...

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Thread: Is nine enough??

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    the 9mm will work. come to think about it a 22lr will also work. no matter the size, go to the range and shoot the gun. learn all you can about the gun and shoot it as much as you can. the best gun is the gun that you have in your hand at the time when you need it. go big go small, just have one and shoot it offen.

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    The 870 12 ga 18" cyl bore is the primary safe room defense tool. A recoil damper in the stock can help the petite shooter, a light can aid identification and aim, and 00 buck won't overpenetrate. If there's time to get to the safe room, there'll be time to charge it, so I'd keep the chamber empty. Even a small dog can give her that time.

    A 9mm will work when there's no time to run and hide, but only if it's carried or at arms length. Even the 380 in skilled hands will serve, but we prefer the low pressure 45 with its heavier bullet. Personally, I think the blast and recoil is less than the high pressure 40.

    Something is better than nothing, and like her shoes, she may change her mind after her initial selection. Did you buy one gun for life? Introduce her to articles by women, let her try the different styles at the gun counter or range, and support her decision. Make it easy and fun at the range, and any skills acquired there will translate to future picks.

    Something rather light and of medium size will make it easier to carry or keep near. The 239 Sig with night sights is a great start, and so is the Bersa Thunder 380. If she would like to try a revolver, 38's in a light 357 snubbie DAO or shrouded hammer might be a good choice. Look at the Taurus 651 CIA titanium with night sights.
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