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22 lr conceal carry and home defense

This is a discussion on 22 lr conceal carry and home defense within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; However, as has been discussed before, not all BG's are equal. Some don't care about getting shot, and some are so intoxicated with drugs that ...

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Thread: 22 lr conceal carry and home defense

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    However, as has been discussed before, not all BG's are equal. Some don't care about getting shot, and some are so intoxicated with drugs that they don't even feel being shot.

    What have you done with adric22? You have replaced him tell us where he has gone. In all seriousness you have come a long way.

    As has been stated a .22 is better than no gun at all but also realize a hi cap .22, rifle for an example, holding 18-30 rounds can do a lot of damage when fired at the upper chest, neck and head/face. One of my HD guns for the wife was a GSG-5 loaded with 30 rounds of .22 stingers. She had other firearms available but if she had to go to hold up and wait for the po po she grabbed the GSG.

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    I got rid of my .22s so I wouldn't be tempted to use them for SD. I didn't see the point of plinking with them either since they worked differently from my .380,9mm and .45 and I don't want to get too confused.
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    a very often asked question is the 22 lr a effective round
    Its all relative.

    Do cops carry them? No.
    Do most people that conceal carry them? No.
    Will they stop a threat quicky? Usually not.
    Do most CHL Instructors or those in the know reccomend them for defense? No.
    Does the Military carry them? No.
    In that sense, NO it is not effective.

    In another world...
    Do squirrels and other small critters fear them? Yes.
    Do deer at night with spot lights shining in their eyes fear them? Yes.
    Are they effective for shooting small game that does not shoot back? Yes.
    Are they cheap to shoot? Yes.

    You see, its all relative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oakchas View Post
    For home defense... .22 cal... I wouldn't mind having one of these in the bedroom... pointed at the door.

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    Where would you put the bed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by glock42 View Post
    a very often asked question is the 22 lr a effective round
    get this...

    American 180 - YouTube

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    To: OP::

    The idea of a defense gun is: Someone is doing something which is a right-now threat to your life (or someone elses).
    When the point is reached where you are in fear for your life, and have to use the gun, you want it to stop his life threat right now. The chances of a 22LR doing that are very slim. Yes, a 22 will kill an elephant, if you shoot him thru the ear. Same with a BG. Thru the eye also works. However, in a life and death situation, I would not havew to depend on having to put it thru someones eye, while he ist trying to kill you.
    Better to get a pocket-sized 380, and with modern high performance ammo, it should stop someones move at you.

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