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This is a discussion on Skill Set to Carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by limatunes Personally, I think the most important skill is the realization that a gun is not the begin all and end all ...

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Thread: Skill Set to Carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    Personally, I think the most important skill is the realization that a gun is not the begin all and end all of self defense.

    Sometimes you will have to be without your gun. Another time you might be taken totally by surprise and not be able to get to your gun.

    Perhaps you will come accross a situation wherein your gun will not work... you shoot the guy 7 times and he's still fighting. Then what?

    As the saying goes, when all you carry is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail and when it's clearly not a nail you stand there thinking, "Now what?" instead of doing anything... you freeze.

    Hand-to-hand skills that allow you to respond immediately with nothing but your own verociousness and emty hands can NEVER be underestimated.

    Weapon defense skills!!!! I just posted a knife-defense scenario on a FB page that I copied from the instructor of the defensive knife class I took last Dec... I've gotten six responses so far and all six of them have indicated that they don't know what they'd do or that "that's why they carry." A gun will do you almost no good when someone is already on top of you with a knife. You MUST MUST MUST take care of the weapon in play before you can bring your own weapon into the equation. You will NEVER be able to react as fast as they can act and if you are taking time to get to your weapon instead of defending against the weapon already in play you are going to get shot, stabbed, etc, in that time.

    Learn to be able to fight with WHATEVER is available and USE a gun when applicable, not RELY on a gun.

    As posted above, you don't NEEEEED these skills to carry. You have a right to carry. But, in my humble opinion, those should be the kind of skills you strive to obtain.
    Having watched those video's I would also like to interject that you should expect to get cut, possibly badly, regardless of your empty hand skills. Accept it and endeavor to keep any wounds in non-lethal areas.

    Imelda Marcos defended herself from a machete wielding assassin by falling on her back and absorbing his blows with her arms and legs until her body guards were able to neutralize him.

    If you are cut there will be a lot of blood. Expect it. Don't give up if you are hurt. Find a way to win. Above all else, find a way to win. And don't forget, find a way to win.


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    Thank you for all of the well thought out replies. I got far more out of this thread than I ever expected! I already had the idea that I am the weapon, and the gun is just a tool, but it was good to hear that stressed by so many of you. I will check out the suggested reading and the tip about using the same holster for IDPA was a good one. I was just practicing getting off the "X" while shooting today at the range. I was doing this first with two hands, then strong hand, then weak hand. That was FAR more of a challenge than I expected. There are so many good ideas in here that I bookmarked this and will make sure I keep coming back and refer to this thread as I move through my training. Thank you very much to everyone that replied so far.
    Fear the man with one gun. Especially if that gun is a Glock 19.

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    In addition to all the excellent points made above, I would also like to add, be in good physical shape, to the best of your ability. Fighting is fighting, and after the mind the body is your next most important tool. Also, it's amazing the trouble that will just pass you by because you look in good shape (and project physical confidence). Especially if you are a smaller/lighter person.
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    Don't know if this is a skill set but its first on my list when discussing self defense with others.
    When my friends ask me about carrying I point out the need to be able to walk away from encounters. The ability to swallow your pride.
    I tell them that if they carry a weapon they must give up their right to retaliate in anything but life threatening situations.

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