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Gun Advertisments on TV

This is a discussion on Gun Advertisments on TV within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Timmy Jimmy Is there a law against gun advertisements on TV like there is on Cigarettes? Why doesn't Kimber run an ad ...

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Thread: Gun Advertisments on TV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy Jimmy View Post
    Is there a law against gun advertisements on TV like there is on Cigarettes?

    Why doesn't Kimber run an ad during the Superbowl?
    Someone probably mentioned this in the 3 pages of the thread, but on Saturdays, there are hunting shows on cable and ESPN; they have firearms commercials. Thompson Center comes to mind.

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    the NRA does not seem to care about changing the hearts and minds of the general public
    Seems like an unfair statement.

    The NRA has advertised on network TV, although the ads weren't aired in primetime. The last one I saw aired on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

    The NRA doesn't have an unlimited advertising budget. They have to place their ads where they get "the most bang for the buck".

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    ESPN 2 does have gun advertising during some shows(mostly early in the morning). I am sure Outdoor network does at some point.

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    I work for a company of national scope that's in the hunting industry, but not a gun company. Gun companies, like other companies, are in business to make a profit. That purpose requires the efficient use of advertizing dollars. Efficiency comes from targeting advertizing dollars where they'll have the biggest chance of producing results in sales - the old cost/benefit thing.

    If I were a gun seller, I'd choose to put my limited advertizing dollars where I can get my message out to shooters and hunters. Sure, those folks are probably watching the Super Bowl. But they - and other non-football-oriented shooters and hunters - also watch hunting- and shooting-related programs on the Outdoor Channel, Men's Channell, Outdoor Life Network, etc. That being the case, you can guess where I'd put my ad dollars.

    That decision is separate from the additional responsibility our company pursues (and that all companies in a shooting-related industry should pursue) to financially support to the extent possible other important endeavors, such as those that are charitable, educational or rights-protective. I'm just talkling about the issue of ad dollars. - you put 'em where they'll produce the best sales results.

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    There are lots of gun commercials during American Rifleman, Guns & Ammo TV, Shooting USA, and Shooting Gallery. Commercials from Kimber, Springfield, Thompson, Crimson Trace, Midway USA just to name a few. They are going to advertise where they have the audience, so you are only likely to see them on the outdoor sports channels.
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    If advretising for guns ever came to TV, it would not be in the form of handgns for self defense, or rifles for citizen defense if the government ever gets too uppity.

    Only ads you'd ever see would be hunting related, father and son walking down the path with their matching Ruger 30-06s, or the lone man in a blind taking down an eider with a $1500 Beretta over-under. Both ads would involve the sunset or sunrise.

    Advertising just wants to bring in the money.

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