Cops on planes

Cops on planes

This is a discussion on Cops on planes within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm no LEO, but was asked a question today that I just know you have the answer to. I looked it up and got conflicting ...

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Thread: Cops on planes

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    Cops on planes

    I'm no LEO, but was asked a question today that I just know you have the answer to. I looked it up and got conflicting answers: what does it take for a LEO to carry on a plane? I assume feds are above any regs. I also see that LE can carry after filing "proper paperwork" with the airline ("your papers are in order" makes me realize how draconian we've become). Is there a distinction between state/county/city cops? What about transporting fugitives? What about detention deputies? What about off-duty? What about mall ninjas? Thanks in advance.

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    I've seen a cop carry on a plane one time and he was transporting a prisoner. I've read that LEOs have to take a course regarding the Laws and regs of carrying a firearm on a plane. I'm pretty sure you have to have a legit reason to need to carry a firearm on your person while flying. Not sure what would be a good reason to. I have had a few friends who are county LEOs who were doing an investigation that took them out of state. They had to lock up their weapons and carrying them in the checked baggage because there was no reason to have them on their person when flying. I've taken all the requirements for a military person to fly on a plane however I have never had to do it. I had a 2 day course on the law and concealed carry and such, along with how to submit all the paperwork for authorization to fly armed. On the military side it is such a huge pain I don't ever want to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skysoldier29 View Post
    Not sure what would be a good reason to.
    I can think of 3,000 reasons. Imagine armed passengers on 9/11.

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    You have to go through the LEO Flying Armed class and be traveling on official business. Your dept has to arrange clearance for you ahead of time. Federal LE is exempt from the hoops.
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    Having gone through some of the process to apply as a Federal LEO, I did a little research.

    Basically, there are two reasons you can carry on a plane.

    1) you have a reason to be armed on the flight. This can include things like prisoner transport, security (service like Air Marshals), etc.

    2) you have a reason to be armed immediately on de-boarding the plane. Presumably this would entail not having time to get to your checked baggage, or not bringing any. Federal LEOs who are on duty at their destination, or will be conducting official business during the flight fall into this category.

    You have to be certified, I don't remember what that includes, if I ever knew it. Obviously you must present verifiable identification as an LEO, and have the proper orders and paperwork.

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    A friend of mine is USSS, and when flying with family on personal business, he can carry on commercial flights....he files paperwork through his office, but it generally is a non-issue.
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