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Most preferred carry pistol/size?

This is a discussion on Most preferred carry pistol/size? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by taseal LOL! I forgot not everyone lives in FL :) I was wondering if you were wearing a kilt the rest of ...

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Thread: Most preferred carry pistol/size?

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    Quote Originally Posted by taseal View Post
    LOL! I forgot not everyone lives in FL :)
    I was wondering if you were wearing a kilt the rest of the time....
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    Killadelphia, PA.
    If ammo was more available in full power loads it would be a 10mm constantly. Either a Glock 20 or 29 or a Colt Delta Elite !
    Since it's not I have a few.....
    Glock 17 and 26, 9mm
    Glock 21, 45acp,
    Springfield XD, 45 acp 4 inch BBL
    Springfield XDM, 40 S&W 3.8
    Ruger GP-100, 357 Mag 4 inch BBL.
    Depending on weather and where im going is how I choose. If I had to pick only one for all purposes, it would probably be my GP-100 !
    Reason being I could hunt with it if needed. If no hunting was involved then it would be the Glock 21 .

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    My EDC is a Kimber Pro Raptor or Colt Goverment Model.

    Sometimes my Kahr K9 or when hunting my 3" .357 SP 101.

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    My G26 has been my CCW, lately. Really like my 5.11 holster shirts, btw. Bought a PF9 yesterday & fired off a few rounds at the Shooting Range. Very pleased with my PF9, which may change over to it for a CCW.
    USMC/Army Ret, NRA/TSRA/TxCCA/USCCA/TX CHL; CA .40 Pitbull Revolver, XD40sc, PPQ40, Stoeger Cougar 8040F, Taurus PT745 Pro/PT140 Pro/TCP738FS, EMP9, M&P9c, G4G30 & G4G19 both w/TruGlo TFOs, Bersa BP9cc, KelTec PF9, 12 ga Mossberg 500 JIC Cruiser

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    You don't need to know
    I carry full size service pistols
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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    My personal critera is being able to hit a paper plate at 50 yards, if i can't do that with it, it's just a paper weight.
    Might be really hard to justify to a grand jury why you felt the need to pelt someone from 50 yards away in a SD scenario.

    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    Thats not true. Depends on the circumstances. In your latest VA Tech shooting for instance, there is alot of ground on campus. To stop a shooter on the rampage, and in the absence of a rifle on hand, the ability to hit that shooter at a distance provides you with an advantage. Like I said, you may not have a choice in how far the distance is.
    A lot of innocents can get hit by stray rounds from a pistol at 50 yards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolck View Post
    Might be really hard to justify to a grand jury why you felt the need to pelt someone from 50 yards away in a SD scenario.

    A lot of innocents can get hit by stray rounds from a pistol at 50 yards.
    I was shooting my CCW last night - Beretta 92FS - at 30 yds for a bit - (God that gun is accurate) + regular defensive shooting. I don't expect the need to be shooting at BGs at 30 yds, but it's a great way to check accuracy ability: mine and the gun. I hit 5 out 7, bit smaller than paper plate, no gun rest, just standing and shooting. Increases confidence in myself too.
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    Great responses guys. thanks!

    as far as 50 yard thing...

    I don't really go off on the "how accurate can I shoot this thing at 50 yards" thing.

    if you've ever been involved in a shooting situation in civilian, police or military, you'll know in the heat of the moment that 50 yard target becomes pretty hard to hit.

    I honestly wouldn't pull the trigger at 50 yards if I was being shot at and the target was moving, because I will miss. and so will most others too.

    this actually brings up another thing that was posted here. I'm looking to get a replica 1911 airsoft pistol to start practicing 7 yard shooting scenarios from the draw.

    with off hand shooting and given time, I can hit at 100 yards with a P220 and a 1911.

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    I carry an LCR, occasionally SR9c and soon my new LCP once I am ready.

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    I carry either a G19 with mounted TLR-1s or a G17 with mounted TLR-1s. They are both setup exactly the same and have seen about the same amount of rounds. I carry 98% of the time in the same exact holster in the same exact location. The remaining 2% is only for those needed deep concealment times and even then, the holster is in the same position.

    I personally do not recommend changing between different platforms of firearms. It is my opinion that one should carry what they train with with rare exception. Pretty much all my GLOCKs are setup identically so going from one to the the other isn't very different but going from a G19 to a Revolver, or LCP, etc.. is completely different. Size, weight, triggers, manipulation, reloads etc.. If I ever need to use it when things go badly, I don't need to be thinking about which one I chose to put on that day, what holster is it in, where did I put it, etc..
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    Quote Originally Posted by taseal View Post
    My carry pistols -

    M&P9c - Not carried too often
    Taurus 1911 - Love this pistol and carry it when wearing pants
    Keltec PF9 - By far the most carried pistol. Pretty much goes where I go. (Also BUG for work)
    First I must ask about the text in I to infer from this that you either wear no pants sometimes or that you are female? Just curious...

    Now to the question. My most often carried gun these days is my Kahr CW9. It is so flat and light that it carries like nothing is strapped to my hip at all. I love this little gun. It is only a single stack though so that leaves me with just 8 rounds in the gun with an 8 round spare mag most times though, I do sometimes carry 2 spare mags.

    Next most carried gun is the Glock 23 and after that is the XD40 4 inch.

    My wife and I are in the process of changing our carry caliber to 9mm across the board so the G23 and XD40 will most likely leave the carry rotation at some point in the next year. We will keep the guns but we are shifting to 9mm after reading many studies that show the terminal wounding data between 9mm and 40 with modern bullet technology is almost identical. So why not carry something that has a higher capacity in the same size gun, has reduced recoil for quicker follow up shots and aids in well aimed strings of fire? Plus 9mm is cheaper so more money for more practice.
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    maybe 10% of the time G19
    40% if the time G26
    30% SIG P238
    20% Ruger LCP

    I'm about to leave for the Dr's office with the P238 in an IWB. When I get home I'll change it for the G26. I carry the 26 even when I could carry the 19 because I shoot it better for some reason, especially double taps.

    I prefer the P238 to the LCP because it has much better sights and trigger.

    All that said, I'm looking for a Micro 9 I like. So far I haven't found one. Sure wish Glock would make a Glock 36 equivelant in 9mm only with as skinny a slide and grip as they can possibly make in a design dedicated to 9mm only with out changing the trigger pull or compromising reliability. Slim is good.

    I like the LCP because I can always hide it someplace - it's the gun for when no other gun will work.

    Last edited by Fitch; December 12th, 2011 at 10:09 AM. Reason: Addec paragraph about Micro 9's.
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    99% of the time I carry either a Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 26, Glock 23, Glock 33, Glock 36, or some other Polymer pistol derivitave by other manufacturers.

    1% of the time, I just carry a bad attitude and a nasty look, a sharp stick and my LCP. While the sharp stick is more effective, the LCP makes more noise.
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    I have 4 guns I carry normally. This my typical routine here in Wisconsin for Winter. In Summer I will be tending to carry smaller lighter easier to conceal guns.

    * XD9 SC 60%
    * P89 10%
    * LCP 10%
    * S&W 637 20%

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    I carry either a smith 642 (Airweight 38) or my Colt Mustang 380 in either IWB (most of the time) or pocket carry.
    The most like scenario for having to use the gun would be a mugging, or other in-your-face altercation. I don't care to have a weapon capible of target shooting at 50 yards, but want one which is very concealible for the purpose of suprize, easy to get into action, and have enough firepower to stop someone with one or 2 shots.
    I am a smaller guy (5-7) and concealing a 45 or other large gun is out of the question.

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