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How Much Money to You Spend on Hanguns and Related Items Yearly?

This is a discussion on How Much Money to You Spend on Hanguns and Related Items Yearly? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The amount varies "year to year" but over 3 this year....

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  • Under $1000 Yearly

    40 32.00%
  • Between $1000 and $2000 Yearly

    46 36.80%
  • Between $2000 and $3000 Yearly

    24 19.20%
  • Over $3000

    15 12.00%
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Thread: How Much Money to You Spend on Hanguns and Related Items Yearly?

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    The amount varies "year to year" but over 3 this year.

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    In 16 months have purchased LCR, LCP, GP 100, SR9c and CT laser, 22/45, 10/22, about 6 holsters, speed loaders, ammo, sights, accessories, books, ccl, magazines, gun clubs, etc. I would say about $4000. I also discovered Spyderco and already have 4 with one on the way.

    I also sent one of three kids to college with other two in Catholic school. This has been an expensive year.

    Don't ask me about my Apple purchases this year!

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    I havent bought much this year for myself.

    I think I have added two pistols.

    If you count rifles, barrels, trigger assemblies, stocks, scopes,mounts,suppressors,parts and tools relating to such, I'm well into 5 figures.

    Its only money though. Its not good for much if you dont use it.
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    So far this year I've purchased 6 firearms and have arrangement's to purchase two in thousands of rounds of ammo.
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    My answer to my wife is, this old gun, I have had it forever
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    I asked my stock broker the other day, what I should be investing in ....his reply, canned goods n ammo !!!

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    OK, so my firearms and ammo purchases force me to live in a hovel, eat roadkill, and do my shopping from the dumpster behind WalMart, my hovel is well protected and I'm enjoying the hell out of all the shooting I get to do

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    I said between $1000 and $2000
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    More than I should, less than my wife thinks...
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    Thankfully, I don't have to keep up.

    Besides, quality time shooting can't be measured by spending. I get to shoot more because I handload. If I acquire a fairly expensive handgun or two per year and only feed my shooting hobby with factory ammunition I'm not doing much shooting at all.

    As it is I may add a handgun or so in any given year but I consume a lot of handloads and .22 ammunition.
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    I had quite a year. A 380 turned into a 229, a 226, an XDm, an M&P, a Kimber, and within the next two weeks, a J-frame will join them. Alessi, Sparks, TT Gunleather, AG Gunleather, and Kramer all got a slice of a pie that I got carried away with. This is not accounting for ammo, either hardball or carry. I spent a little money this year.

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    erie PA

    From op

    I'm starting to feel like a tightwad as I read these. Keep it up. Soon I'll feel required to start shopping.

    (Speaking of money, by the way, did you see that new Dan Wesson 10mm Titan? $4500!)

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    Right now, under $1K....

    However, if you asked how much I've spent so far in guns, ammo, and equipment--that number would be much higher. Not to mention if you throw in money for training, you're talking $10K plus
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    This has been a lean year so it's less than $1000. Most years it's between $1000 and $2000. It's amazing how quickly you can spend a ton of money.

    I did go through a couple of years where I worked a part time job just to support my gun habit. I can't even begin to calculate what I spent during that span of time.
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    I spend between 2-3 per year.. I got a 12 and 14 year old son.. They can shoot up $40 in .22 ammo a weekend!! This is a cheap hobby compared to my son's motocross racing though! We spend about 8-10K a year on that for a just a trophy! The gun hobby could save our life and that my friends is priceless!

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