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WI ccw road kill use

This is a discussion on WI ccw road kill use within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Back when I lived in MI ( a lot of years ago), I hit a possum just outside a town called Walled Lake, When I ...

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Thread: WI ccw road kill use

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    Back when I lived in MI ( a lot of years ago), I hit a possum just outside a town called Walled Lake, When I saw it in the mirror it was trying to drag itself by the front legs. I went back a LEO pulled up a moment latter and I

    told him what had happened and asked if he could dispatch of it, his response “I cannot discharge my weapon in the city limit for something like this”. So I proceeded to ask if he had something to crush it’s skull with. Not

    that he would let me use. So I finally walked up to it kicked it in the head with my boot and then crushed its head with the heel (I was wearing cowboy boots). The Officer started vomiting…

    Where I am at in TN now unless I was near town I would dispatch it and then I might call, in or near town I would call first.
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    All this talk about roadkill is upsetting me!! Seriously, I agree with the posts about not wanting an animal to suffer but shooting for any reason inside a city limits or near houses in the country is a no-no in most places. Inside the city I'd call animal control or the non-emergincy number. I n the country I'd be taking care about wheremy bullet might ultimately wind up. Shooting into an animal on the pavement or ground may result in a richocet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear4570 View Post
    Play it safe and call the local LEO and have them dispatch it. Once they do, they will tag it for you if you wish to keep the hide or meat in case of a deer kill.
    I did that in the City of Brookfield,Wi. (12/2005 @ 4:30pm) at Barker Road near North Avenue. The Cop showed up used a 9mm and it did not do the job in the side of the head? I told him to shot it again, he refused, I even offered to shield the sight of him shooting the deer in the visual field of on comming trafic. Finally the animal died, but it took a long time. So my comment based on that experience is "do what ever your comfort level of risk is". Sometimes being humane may or may not be worth it. I would be interested to see a LE chime in here?
    By the way RoadKill, the attempt was made over soft ground, and are you sure this is a place/topic, or a correct name you chose?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefjason View Post
    Out of city limits, go for it in NC. Inside city limits, I'm waiting for LE to give me the OK or let them do it. I hate seeing an animal suffer. But My family does not need to suffer either.
    +1. Here in Ohio I would do the same.
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    Some years ago a man used a rifle from his car to shoot a deer that had been hit.
    LOE charged him with discharging a firearm on on a public road. He Got it dropped but cost him big time.

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    Unless I thought there was vehicle damage, I wouldn't stop for a hit coyote.
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