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If Technology Had a Disabling Device As Effective as Guns: Would You Give Yours Up?

This is a discussion on If Technology Had a Disabling Device As Effective as Guns: Would You Give Yours Up? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would be concerned about the disabling and failure of any electronic device. While I may use such a device, the ability for someone to ...

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Thread: If Technology Had a Disabling Device As Effective as Guns: Would You Give Yours Up?

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    I would be concerned about the disabling and failure of any electronic device. While I may use such a device, the ability for someone to remotely disable such a device would be a no brainer to keep the devices that are simple and effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walleye View Post
    So, say we had that: would you give up your Defensive guns and Carry this Device instead?

    Reason for the question: at heart, how many defend themselves with guns because they are attached to guns, as opposed to actually feeling the need to defend themselves with the most sure, current defensive-tool?
    Curiosity....not accusing anyone.

    Hmmm...I think you've got me figured here.
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    From op

    Some really good points here about the inherent problems of such a Device - that i hadn't though of before posting.

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    No way.

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    If any new device still made repeat offenders, dead offenders, I might consider it.
    For now, I like .45 holes.
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    I don't think firearms will ever be obsolete, at least in my lifetime. I wouldn't give up my guns. Would I mind carrying this new form of a non-lethal weapon, yeah sure. But god forbid, there are instances where true lethal force is needed. But then again, lethal force isn't always immediately lethal. So there are many instances where non-lethal but immediately incapacitating weapons are a great tool. I'll take both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NC Bullseye View Post
    I'm keeping the gun for the bad guys that wrap themselves in aluminum foil.
    Would make them easier to target at night....

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    Anything that is going to be as effective or have the potential to wreak havoc, such as this hypothetical device is going to make elitists nervous. Don't be surprised if a device like this comes out, it wouldn't also have a tracking device in it. Once it has been set off, it alerts the police and they come to the scene so as to investigate. Given that its probably going to be registered in your name, this will most likely be but yet another way for big brother to keep track of you, etc. If the given proposed scenario is an accompanying contingency, then would you still carry said device? If it came down to big brother tracking you with said device and remaining "off the grid" with a handgun, would you still carry the techno device over the gun? With technological advancement, it often carries with it un-foreseen problems and circumstances that deliver a whole new set of dilemmas, etc.

    I'll grant that registration isn't something that would certainly happen but at the same time, it could very well be a part of the mixture of the proposed scenario. At the very least, I submit that it should be a consideration when thinking this scenario through to its fullest conclusion.

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    Never give up your guns. The way to loss of freedom is loss of guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walleye View Post
    What's the Microwave thing?- never heard of that one
    The military has this device that uses directed microwaves (similar to your microwave oven or radar, but on a different frequency) that excites the pain receptors on the skin. So when you fire it at a crowd of people, they all feel like you just poured gasoline on them and lit them on fire. The purpose of the weapon is to be a non lethal means of repelling crowds or enemy forces. As soon as you let off the trigger, the pain stops.

    In theory, somebody might make a handheld version of this device someday. It would have similar uses as one of those shock wands, with the benefit that you don't have to get close enough to the person to touch them.

    My biggest fear, though, is that these devices could be used to torture a person for hours while leaving no signs of injury on their body.
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    I think people are getting hung up on the OP's example and not the question.

    I carry because I feel the need to protect myself, my wife, and other loved ones. I will accept whatever tool this comes in. If I can't carry a gun, I will carry a knife. If I can't carry a knife I will carry my martial arts skills (poor example...).

    If the best thing for me to protect my family is a chemical gun or a iphone app or a Phaser set to stun. Ill carry it. I enjoy shooting so i wont get rid of my guns, but i would be completely open to replacing a carry method for a better approach.

    Its almost unfortunate something does not exist now. If someone breaks into my home truth be told I don't want them to die. Unfortunately, there is nothing available to a homeowner to protect himself as effectively as a firearm, I look forward to such a thing existing.

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    What I will say is, I will use the best tool for defense. But, I will keep my guns. And, I want to be able to own what ever the Military is using to fight with as far a weapons go. The 2nd Amendment isn't about self defense when it comes right down to it, it is about having the same weaponry available to the citizens that the standing Army uses so we may be on equal footing when the time comes to rise up and over throw a tyrannical government.
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    As long as it has range.

    And as long as it can kill somebody. A bandit might not think twice about something that won't actually kill them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walleye View Post
    Some really good points here about the inherent problems of such a Device - that i hadn't though of before posting.
    More problems than misfires or bad ammo? Not having one chambered? Accidentally having the safety on?

    I'm all for new technology *for self-defense* that stops a threat immediately. As our handguns of any caliber often do not.

    And one that doesnt kill is a bonus (IMO).
    Fortune favors the bold.

    Freedom doesn't mean safe, it means free.

    The thing about "defense" is that it has practically nothing to do with guns. (As passed on by CCW9MM)

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    No thank you.

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