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This is a discussion on wow check this guy out.. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I could watch this guy all day long... He actually seems like a pretty decent guy. He could just use a bit of... correction here ...

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Thread: wow check this guy out..

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    I could watch this guy all day long...

    He actually seems like a pretty decent guy. He could just use a bit of... correction here and there.

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    He is even worse in the video Okemo posted. Hiram's signature line, "You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid" say's it all here. If this guy can't understand why habitually putting your finger on the trigger of an "empty" gun is a bad idea, I don't think there is any help for him. Sooner or later he almost certainly will have a negligent discharge. He will call it an accident, but it will be negligence.

    And the CC badges? What is their purpose other than making the wearer feel cool? If it is displayed, it totally negates the concept of "concealed". If you ever need to prove you are licensed, a badge won't do it. I saw a guy about 70 years old at a restaurant the other day with a concealed carry badge attached prominently to his belt. To me, this has two messages: To the bad guy, it says "Shoot me first". To the police, it says "I'm so insecure with myself that I have to show my badge to let people know I'm really cool". Sorry if I offend any CC badge carriers reading this, but I think I'm expressing the majority opinion. If there is a good reason to display a concealed carry badge (other than to provide a bright shiny target) I'm willing to admit my ignorance. Let me know and I'll apologize. But not to the guy in the video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    Gecko Jr.

    You mean they are multiplying?????????^^^^^^^^^^

    Guy in video is a Doofus.

    Wouldn't be surprised if we see his mugg in a news article down the road, about him having an ND
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    I personally think those ccw badges are for morons. They think it makes them look cool or important. It's ridiculous. The guy in the vid, with his little fake badge, looks like he's seen way too many re-runs of Miami Vice and watched Bad Boys and Bad Boys II way too many times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaboomkaboom View Post
    "Oh you want my Wallet? Surprise!!... You dn't have to shoot me cause I'll shoot myself!" lol ..

    Quote Originally Posted by Naufragia View Post
    I could watch this guy all day long...

    He actually seems like a pretty decent guy. He could just use a bit of... correction here and there.
    From the other thread/video, people tried to correct him and he deleted their comments. He also says in one of the videos he doesn't need all that training.
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    Let's hope law enforcement sees the badge and then they give him a pair of handcuffs to wear to match his badge to get him off the street before he hurts somebody

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    Some observations about this guy:
    1. He must sleep with his CCW badge under his pillow hoping it turns into a real LE badge.
    2. He has a clip. I guess he thinks magazines are for reading.
    3. His favorite movie quote. "Are you talking to me?" (Taxi Driver Travis Bickle)
    4. Weight Watchers would not be inappropriate.
    5. I'm sure sometimes he packs all 4 guns.
    6. Stay away from him. Mobile distaster zone.
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    There is something seriously wrong with this guy; he cannot be sane.
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    I love this guy! He's like watching a train wreck. I just can't stop looking.
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    *swyped from the evo so excuse any typos*
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    This is the same retard from a previous thread. He's a hazard to himself, and unfortunately, his kids...stupid breeds. As I said in the previous thread--goes to prove you can't get "training" from stupids on YouTube. Seek out vetted instructors.

    He's so stupid, he doesn't even realize that he is a hazard, and deletes comments with constructive how the badge makes him look like a wanna-be cop...and don't get me started on his idiot instructions...
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    Let's see, now. Badge, clip, rock the slide, finger on the trigger, point a loaded gun at the camera, and that's just for starters. Wonder if his badge says, "Brains Ain't Us."
    "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups"

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    The 'badge' thing is really moronic. Because the badges aren't official, what LEO in his right mind would pay any attention to it? If the badge did have 'clout' and I was a BG, the first thing I'd do is get me one of them there badges. It would tell an LEO, hands off man! I'm official!
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    I am learning things on this site; one being the existence of these CC "badges". I honestly had no idea they existed.
    Now that I do, I find it amusing on some level, but creepy on another.
    Maybe it is a testament to my character that I don't knowingly associate with those of his ilk.
    Like a poisonous snake, I don't prefer to be in their presence, but it's helpful to know if some may be in my yard.

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    repost, this one is closed.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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