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What do you tell skeptic's why you carry?

This is a discussion on What do you tell skeptic's why you carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Almost never comes up. Have managed to convert a couple people at work though. They aren't hardcore liberals, but they used to be very against ...

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Thread: What do you tell skeptic's why you carry?

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    Almost never comes up. Have managed to convert a couple people at work though. They aren't hardcore liberals, but they used to be very against the carry aspect. Both had the same point of view, "What's the point?". First just told them that I was too young to die and too old to take an ass whoopin'. Then continued to talk to them about the four times that I have been at the wrong end of a gun. Both are now planning on taking the class and strapping up after that. People have no idea what is out there and how quickly bad things can happen.

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    How would they know? Always carry, NEVER tell.
    I carry to protect myself and my loved ones from the BG's. Not to solve societies problems. That said: if more carried the deterrent would only have a positive overall effect on those problems.

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    Chaos doesn't make appointments.
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    ...for the same reason I have fire extinguishers, spare tires, flashlights, and bottled water and canned foods in the pantry: Just in case...

    And I read the news!

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    Same reason I vote, exercise free speech...it is my Constitutional Right.
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    I hope for the best while preparing for the worse.
    Shall not be infringed means - shall not be infringed.
    Member - NRA

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    I've learned over the years not to tell them anything...including the fact I carry.
    Know Guns, Know Safety, Know Peace.
    No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

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    I don't say a word and if for some weird reason they find out I still don't care because it is none of their business.
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    "Same reason I vote"

    I like this approach!

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    Ask them if they use a seat belt, life jacket, have insurance on the house, lock the doors, are they expecting trouble?

    When seconds count the police are only minutes away!

    Life is short protect it!
    Life threatening crime happens everywhere and at any time, it knows no boundaries.
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    Few people ask me if I carry,but when one does I simply say "dog".

    I get this weird look every time. "Dog"? They say. "What do you mean by that"?.

    So I tell them what it means.

    I ask "Do you know why a dog licks itself?"

    "No,why?" They'll ask.

    "Because it can".

    So,I simply cut to the chase and say "dog".
    If they already understand that, I'll know that they are worth knowing.
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    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    If it's not family or friend, I say because I can.

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    Don't ask, don't tell.

    Actually, this has never come up. I guess how I would respond would depend upon the tone the person took with me. Now, if my brother asked, I love a good dust up!!
    "The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." Thomas Jefferson

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    Quote Originally Posted by bandrich View Post
    I run into a few people that in general think concealed carry is foolish and dangerous. What would you tell some lefty why you in fact carry daily.
    If a friend asks:

    I say I carry ( I carry part of the time, another post for why) - so I just say, "it's like your Smoke Alarm or home Fire Extinguisher - not that you expect a daily catastrophic fire - but there ARE catastrophic fires, so it's same with me carrying a gun and an attack."

    Sometimes I just quote Winston Churchill's famous:

    "A gentlemen will seldom, if ever, need a pistol. However, if he does, he needs it very badly!"

    Sir Winston Churchill

    That about says it all...

    If it's not a friend but just someone I meet, he won't know I carry a gun.
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    First why do I carry a gun you ask? why wouldn't you want to. Do you read the first few pages of the newspapers or do you skip right to the sports section? Do you think anyone woke up this morning and said" Today is going to be my last day !!"

    You would agree with that I am a nice person, your a nice person and bad things happen to nice people? Well, I do not want that bad thing to happen to me.

    If you can me when the once time in my whole life I am going to need it. I will promise I will not be in that one spot.

    My wife and kids, brothers and sister,cousins,bil's and few friends and a few anti's.

    All 3 of my uncles and my father all had NYC carry permits (non-leo's). Yes, you read that correctly.

    2 out of the 3 uncles would carry everyday. So growing up in was not a big deal to see my uncle with a gun on his hip.

    Several anti friends know that I carry and I am sssllllooowwwlllyyy trying to bring them around.

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