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Another accident and how my gun was handled

This is a discussion on Another accident and how my gun was handled within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hope you get better soon, keep in mind people do ride bikes, harleys, no ones perfect but with some patience and flat out paying attention ...

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Thread: Another accident and how my gun was handled

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    Hope you get better soon, keep in mind people do ride bikes, harleys, no ones perfect but with some patience and flat out paying attention this wouldn't have happened...had a couple buddys nearly killed in similar situations, and I've been halfway under a car...not fun
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    Hope you recover quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom Doc View Post
    No, 2 miles north of that : 15th and Broadway (164th and Broadway in OKC terms).
    I was gonna guess Broadway and 33rd. Memorial to 164th on Broadway is a bad stretch for sure. I live off 150th between Penn & Western...

    To the post about sirens... a few years ago they implemented new "low frequency" sirens. Not sure what their technical name is, but the idea was to be more audible to people with cranked up stereo's, etc. Problem is, it seems they are rarely used. Occasionally I'll hear an ambulance kick it on as they pass through a busy intersection, but that's about it (and I work at a hospital, so I hear them constantly).

    Glad everyone is OK!!!
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    Glad everyone is OK.

    As far as sirens go....just assume if you hear a siren, someone around you will do something stupid.
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    I have seen more than enough "special" driving like this from the front seat of emergency vehicles.

    Please tell us why you thought going through an intersection that you were not yet in was going to help the ambulance clear the intersection. Grrr...

    On another note, I was on my way to work one day, had just changed lanes when the car in front of me, that had been zipping past, suddenly slammed brakes and stopped at an intersection from 45 mph. I banged it, the truck behind me, banged me in to her again. It was only after I stopped rolling into a driveway that I heard the distant sound of a siren. The lady in front of me must have had her window down and been in possession of superhuman hearing, the ambulance was almost a half mile away when the crash happened.

    Note to all drivers: When you hear a siren, take your foot off the accelerator and look around. Slowly apply the brake and pull off to the right side of the road until the emergency vehicle passes. Sometimes you may have to pull to the left depending on the type of road, traffic conditions, and position of the emergency vehicle. Beware of what other cars are doing. Watch your rear for speedy followers. Some will leapfrog around you or not see you stopping. NEVER stop on the top of a hill or in a blind curve. If you cannot pull over or otherwise let the emergency vehicle pass, keep going the speed limit until you can. Stopping and blocking the emergency vehicle is counterproductive. If you are the lead car at a red light, once all other traffic has stopped, pull forward and move over to let them through. If an intersection has an open lane of travel, do not pull over and block it. If you are following an ambulance that is carrying your friend or family member to the hospital, DON'T! You will most likely be involved in a crash. If I am driving, I will turn off the red lights or pull over to tell you to back off, which doesn't get anybody to the hospital quickly.
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    Sounds like good advice, thanks. Wish I had been thinking about those issues more at the time :)
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