Another one for the good guys

Another one for the good guys

This is a discussion on Another one for the good guys within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Police: Robber killed in SC Waffle House shooting | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper A much better article: Highlights: - A customer, who ...

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Thread: Another one for the good guys

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    Another one for the good guys

    Police: Robber killed in SC Waffle House shooting | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

    A much better article:

    - A customer, who is a concealed weapons permit holder, thwarted the robbery by pulling his gun and attempting to hold the men until deputies arrived. When one of the men pointed his gun at the customer, the patron fired, killing the teenager.

    - During a news conference Saturday night, Wright said even after the masked men entered the restaurant, the concealed weapons holder waited until the robbers began ordering customers to the floor and employees into the back - while waving a gun - to act. After pulling his .45-caliber Glock, the customer ordered the men to stay put until deputies arrived. Only after Williams pointed his Hi-Point 9mm at the man, did the customer fire, Wright said.
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    From article;

    Spartanburg County Coroner Charles Clevenger identified the dead man as Dante Lamont Williams of Roebuck, who turned 19 years old on Saturday.

    Too young & dumb to realize a life of crime is a dead end.
    Just turned 19. Oh well, just waiting for kinfolk to start coming out of the woodwork, saying malarkey like, "but he was a good boy really", Drivel, drivel, drivel,,,,,,,,

    I'm shocked his pal didn't hang around to give his eyewitness account to the police, of what went down.
    Puzzling , really.
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    I have no sympathy for dirtbags robbing and endangering others who work for a living...good riddance!
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    Poor Dante was just about to turn his life around. All he needed was a couple of bucks for school books for a course in social studies at the local community college he planned to enroll in.


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    Good shoot.
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    How dare the customer defend himself. Doesn't he know Waffle House is suppose to be a safe place to rob?
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    Thanks to the OP for posting the article.

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    Well, at least he got to live to the ripe old age of 19! He's lucky he made it that far!
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    You didn't have to kill him...Why didn't you just shoot him in the leg??? or shoot his arm...blahh blahh..blah..
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    Guess he won't see 20. Too bad, so sad. And he was just starting to turn his life around. That, obviously, would have been his last robbery before he would find Jesus. Ironically, it was.
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    That was some good shootin'! In the head and in the chest. Taking out the garbage. Dirt bag made the wrong career choice!
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    Seems like a lot of bloodlust here. It is a tragedy on both sides.
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    Once again it's proven that there is a cure for stupid.
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    Gee, isn't that a shame?

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