Didn't expect this response…. and how to answer/counter it.

This is a discussion on Didn't expect this response…. and how to answer/counter it. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by pfries It is technically in the adjacent dining room I hope that is oK… Beats the heck out of being left in ...

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Thread: Didn't expect this response…. and how to answer/counter it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfries View Post
    It is technically in the adjacent dining room I hope that is oK…
    Beats the heck out of being left in the store on the shelf.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Got the solution for the guys when a woman makes that kind of statement about guns and movies.

    When the significant other asks or says something like that, ask her if she has ever seen a movie where a man has a meaningful, passionate conversation with a woman about his feelings..... then remind her, "Yeah, like THAT is ever gonna happen in real life!'

    She may get the idea or at least a good laugh...... or she may smack you upside the punkin head as we use to say
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    If they base it off the movies then everyone knows that bad guys are the worst shots ever. Often shooting over 10 rounds and missing every time! Plus their magazines are usually endless, never having to reload!
    Family first, that's why I carry.

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    My wife is about the same as my friends when it comes to being nervous around guns. The main reason I get from people is about guns going off accidently. I can understand that as many newspaper and TV news stories will say that a gun went off accidentlaly. So much so that although I explan why that cannot happen, I am often not believed due to the shear number of stories claiming that they do. As far as TV and movies go there are numerous examples of people dropping guns that go off or someone who never shot before picking up a full automatic rifle and have it empty the mag. Remember Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies. She dropped the sub machine gun which shot all the bad guys as it fell down the steps with no one touching it. The last Mission Impossible had a similiar scene where the female lead was given a machine gun and for some reason she was unable to remove her finger from the trigger once she pressed it and emptied the mag screaming all the time. Many other examples of guns just having a mind of their own.

    I have been shooting for 40+ years and taught many how to use a gun and have run into this mindset very often. I think that most people actually believe that guns can just go off by themselves because they are told that in print and visual media and as we know, most people do not do their own research and get their facts from newspapers and TV. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fragman View Post
    Often, they rack it more than once!
    Yep, I noticed an episode of Flashpoint where a bad cop was going to kill a serial killer and the flashpoint team was supposed to pick the killer up at the airport and protect him to the court house. The bad cop was assigned to the crowd control at the airport becasue of all the people protesting the serial killers arrival. The bad cop is suiting up in the locker room of the airport and another officer says "Let's go". The cop racks the slide on his duty weapon, then he seperates from his team and heads down a hallway to intercept the flashpoint team. When he gets close he draws his gun and racks the slide again! I remember thinking, "Why didn't the director include a camera shot of the unfired round landing on the tile by his foot?"

    Classic hollywood!

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    That is so he has two bullets in the chamber to get two people with one shot. How else do you explain killing 15 bad guys with a 7 round 1911 and no reload.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tokerblue View Post
    If movies are to be believed, no one carries with a round chambered. They have to rack the slide before you know they mean business.
    Oh god I hate that so so much. Almost as much as I hate those wheel guns that can shoot 15 rounds
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    Show her Limatunes movies! :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doubledown View Post
    By the way, now that she knows you carry are you telling her your moving south soon?
    Quote Originally Posted by jerp View Post
    ... yes actually i have told her, and she is all for it, she wants to go down that way as well. She wants to go back to school, ....
    Nice! getting better...

    oh wait no.... one of us misunderstood doubledown.

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    What Lima said.

    My oft-repeated refrain to beginning shooters (of all genders) is, "Everything you learned about guns from Hollywood is *WRONG*".

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    I like it when they make the hammer cock sound for the Glocks.
    Don't Glocks have external hammers? I think they do, as I just watched Justified the other night. Could have sworn Raylan hand cocked his. So they must. That settles it.

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    The great unwashed masses believe Hollywood is where the center of the universe is located, so sure if the movie stars say its so it has to be true. Only bad guys and cops carry guns........right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcclarke View Post
    What Lima said.

    My oft-repeated refrain to beginning shooters (of all genders) is, "Everything you learned about guns from Hollywood is *WRONG*".
    Unless it's from this: Act of Valor - Extended Trailer - YouTube
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    Several years ago when I got back from overseas and started keeping a gun(s) in the house, my wife was very uncomfortable. It has taken years of confidence building, time at the range, and the continued exposure to the news of home invasions, car jackings, etc. for her to change her mind. Now she wants to carry and doesn't like to travel without knowing that we have our Glock in the truck.

    Time and education are key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by multistage View Post
    Don't Glocks have external hammers? I think they do, as I just watched Justified the other night. Could have sworn Raylan hand cocked his. So they must. That settles it.
    I would expect Raylan to fan it. That model must be on back order.
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