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New to forum.. need help with a response to an anti CCW poster

This is a discussion on New to forum.. need help with a response to an anti CCW poster within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Your gonna have to keep generating your own urine in a urination contest you will never win...

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Thread: New to forum.. need help with a response to an anti CCW poster

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    Your gonna have to keep generating your own urine in a urination contest you will never win
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    Perhaps I am wrong. But it seems to me that your tormentor is highly skilled in slick sophistry. You could produce a towering stack of irrefutable logic that proves your point but the mindset of such opponents would just have them dance away listing another pile of foolish perspectives that question the validity of your points.

    Sometimes, I am also deceived by folks like that when they pose as genuinely interested people who are just seeking clarification. But once they are unmasked, it really is best to disengage and move on to more productive pursuits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCSlumlord View Post

    You have a point there.. I will put that question into my response. I wonder if this guy is a local cop?
    That was what popped into my mind as I read your first post. He is raising realistic issues, but intending to use them to promote an anti-gun owner's agenda.

    Maybe answer him along these lines: A handgun is a lousy weapon. There are plenty of other things one can and should do
    to protect themselves. But, there are times when nothing else will do. When being attacked by a knife wielder there is nothing else that will get the job done probably even if you are an experienced martial artist. If a handgun is carried properly with one in the pipe, and in an accessible position, it is the only realistic option for stopping such an attack. Of course there are lots of imponderables. Timing, space, speed, agility, but nothing else will do.

    After saying something like that to your "tormentor" put it on him. What do you think would work better? Do you really think she should go hand to hand with a knife wielding attacker? Do you think she should use pepper? Do you think she should just stand there and plead for her life? What do you suggest?

    You are playing a game you won't win, but you can maybe make him think. How else might a woman in that position even begin to protect herself; or a man for that matter?

    Turn it around on him. He won't have an answer because there aren't any. When only a gun will do, only a gun will do; and that is just the way it is. The defender might fail and get hurt, but at least the defender had a chance. No gun, no chance.
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    Never argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.
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    There are people out there that would rather see one be killed than to carry a gun for protection and they will attempt to articulate a response, when there is but one correct response.

    All other responses fail.

    The only correct and proper response to force is greater force.Its a simple thing really, you either PASS or you FAIL.

    Until they understand that, any other response it to be delusional, and arguing with them is a waste of time.
    It dosent matter if you are a Judge, a cop, a Senator, Congressman,Preacher or the President of the Free World if one cant graps that simple concept, then they are living a lie.
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    Never get in a pissin' match with a skunk.
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